Locked Gate Soul Cutter
Locked Gate Soul Cutter Stance
Romanized Geum-Mun-Dan-Hon
Arts Restraining Arts
Classification Offensive
Type External
Execution Instantaneous
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 115

Locked Gate Soul Cutter is a wrist movement technique used by Jung Lae Won.



The Locked Gate Soul Cutter is a unique martial arts technique. It is a restraining art technique that focuses on overwhelming and twisting the opponents attack. By overwhelming and twisting the opponents attack the user is capable of countering any attack and even going as far as cutting whole limbs. If taken to extremes, this art can be considered as the ultimate amputation technique.[1]


In its execution this technique appears to take the form of a whirlwind surrounding the opponents limb with enough force to rip clothing and cut the limb. If the opponent has good reflexes it is possible to avoid losing the limb if one withdraws fast enough. Even then, there are still signs of a whirlwind on the targets limb.[1] Although this technique seems to have a high level of difficulty it does not have any requirements for its usage. It can be used in any situation or position the user is in although the result might not be the same and the damage on the target might be less.[2] Regardless, this gives a great advantage over offensive techniques that require certain preparation.

Known UsersEdit


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