The following is a list of martial art techniques, combinations and styles used by the martial artists in the The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves so far in alphabetical order.

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  • All Counter Origins Strike: It is a technique that uses all of the user's inner energy upon execution. It is possible that the user of this technique will die after using this technique.[1]
  • Ascending Blue Dragon Strike: A Ki attack used by Gyu-Bum Yi.



  • Cry of the Phoenix (Bong Hwang Hu): A sound technique. Used by Goomoonryong during the final fight on the roof of Koa tower and by Shi-Woon Yi chapter 191 part 2 of the New Waves.
  • Calm Ignition Ki Center Techniques:As the name implied, it is a Ki-center related technique that is needed to be mastered for twelve years for anyone to use Jae-Kyu Kwon's personal technique. It is most likely a type of distribution technique.


  • Double Dragon Chain Dance (Yeon-Hwan Ssang-Yong-Moo): The practitioner kicks the target in the air and the deals the opponent a multitude of devastating punches from multiple angles.
  • Dragon Ki (Kijiryong): It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.
  • Dragon Stealth (Tujiryong): It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.
  • Dragon Step (Dabjiryong):  It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.
  • Dragon Claw Punch (Kwonjiryong): Traditionally belonging to the Iron Fist School. It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.
  • Dragon Staff Strike (Bongjiryong): Traditionally belonging to the Hogi Clan. It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.


  • Energy Absorption Great Technique (Huep Jeong Dae Gong): This technique allows the user to absorb the Ki and life force from the opposite sex, leaving them in a mummy-like state, in order to increase ones own Ki.
  • External Technique: Nothing is known about this technique. Its name was mentioned in The Breaker when Shi-Woon Yi was almost surrounded by people of the Martial Arts Alliance. The mentioned user is Kang Oong-San, one of the martial artists of the organisation. He is said by So-Chun Hyuk to be an expert in this technique.[3]


  • Fence-High Kick (Bun Won Gak): The user lifts the leg high and then kicks the opponent from above. It can also be used directly without lifting it first.
  • Fierce Tiger Strike: A technique of some long-lost martial arts. An inner Ki strike using a heavier Ki while pulling back the fist.
  • Finger Sword: The user of this technique uses his/her finger as a sword. It is also called the swordless style and is considered the true swordsmanship but only if it is fully mastered. In contrast, the only known user, Ji-Gun Yoo, can only use it for a few minutes which shows that he has not fully mastered it, yet.
  • Five Phases Acupuncture Art (Oh Heng Jeom Hyeol Sool): This is a secret forbidden technique in the Heung-In Hospital. It’s an art where the user has to press five points on the opponent's body and the opponent will feel pain like he has never felt before. Each of these points are located on the center of chest just below the ribs, one point each on the back of the hand, and one point each at the end of the waist. When four out of five phases are activated the opponent the will feel some pain. When all five phases are activated the pain will be so great that the opponent will pass out from it.[4]
  • Thousand Needle Restriction: This technique makes use of the Lifeblood Silver Needles through the Acupuncture art to attack and restrain opponent. The effects of this technique include rendering someone unconscious or restraining him with the great pain the Needles cause.[5]
  • Focus Stomp (Jin-won-gak): The practitioner uses one leg to stomp the ground. The technique is capable of crushing concrete and literally cut flesh and bone.
  • Foot Techniques / Walking Techniques / Lightning Steps (Hwan Hwan Shin Bo): Inner power techniques utilised by circulating Ki to the ankle and synchronizing the flow of Ki with the physical movement of stepping, to initiate a foot technique. They consist of five different basic moves:
    • Jin (Advance): Draws the user close to his opponent.
    • Tweh (Retreat): A technique which allows rapid movement to retreat or create distance between user and opponent.
    • Hweh (Evade): Allows the user to avoid the opponents attack and gaze.
    • Gyuk (Attack): Attacks the opponent, however this skill cannot be employed in any way the user desires, Kyuk allows the user to read or analyse an opponents foot technique and to change its movement to neutralise the opponent.
    • Hwan: A secret technique which affects an opponents mind and willpower, creating the effect of the user being in multiple places at once to distract the opponent.
  • Full Body Barrier: A defensive-offensive technique where the back, turned toward the opponent, is protected by a large circular distribution of Ki resembling a shield. Opponents who come in contact with the Ki are forcefully sent flying backwards. Chun-Woo used it as an offensive maneuver against an Alliance martial artist, while Kang-Sung used it defensively against Chun-Woo.[6]


  • Gale Wind Destruction Strike: It is a Ki-strike with the whirling like effect that sends the receiver of this technique flying while whirling around like a spiral. A direct Ki is supposed to make the internal organs explode ensuring the death of the target. According to Ryuji it is the strongest Ki-strike.[7]
  • Gravity Pressure Sphere: The user becomes a body slam with great force able to drop himself on the ground and cause a great impact without an visible after-effect on him/herself. The only user so far was a burly peson from the S.U.C. called Fattie also it is not confirmed that this technique requires the user to be fat.
  • Great Secret Sunshine Sword: Apparently it is used by members of Sera Kang's clan and is considered strong. Nothing is known about this technique because Gang Ha-ill defeated the user before he got to actually use it.


  • Heavenly Way Punch: The technique which is a specialty (Gwongyuk) of the Heavenly Way School. The force of this attack is so great it can send an opponent flying and embed them into any physical structure the opponent crashes into. It is said that it is almost impossible to take the blow and survive.
  • High Speed Rotating Dislocator: By grabbing hold of one's arm and quickly twisting his body around it, the user has the ability to dislocate it.


  • Iron Body Technique (Cheol-Dong-Gong): When using this technique the body becomes as "hard as forged steel". However, hardening the body also slows down the user's movements. In addition, although the users body is hard as steel, the eyes are not, thus they are the weak point of the user.
  • Inner Energy Healing: The user transfers his/her own Ki to another person in order to enhance the healing of that person.[8]


  • Jumhyul: Is more of a fighting style than a technique that refers to Hyuldo (pressure-point fighting). By attacking the pressure points of the opponents body one can make the opponent feel great pain for specific amounts of time.


  • Ki Absorption/Transference: A skill that allows the user to absorb and transfer Ki from one person to another. The user can also promote a form of internal healing by massaging the body of another and absorbing their internal energy, if he/she reaches a high level of mastery. The higher the level of mastery is the shorter the amount of time it takes to perform the skill.
  • Ki Body Shield (Ho Shin Gang Ki): A technique that can protect the user from shock waves and impacts. The extent of the protection was never shown but they cannot help him defend from the impact of explosions.[8]
  • Ki Whirlwind Technique / Ki-Mind Revolution Technique (Kishim Hwe-Ryu-Gong): Artists' Society's arts using the external force to defeat the enemy. [9]


  • Lightning Sword: The user relies on a foothold from above to deliver a fast vertical sword strike.[10]
  • Locked Gate Soul Cutter (Geum-Mun-Dan-Hon): A restraining art based on overwhelming and twisting the opponents attack. In other words, it creates the ultimate amputation technique. It seems to create a rotating like effect forming a whirlwind, probably, from Ki, which can easily cut of a limb if it happens to be in that "whirlwind".[11]



  • Night Vision (Yah Myung Ah): It is a skill developed from the secret arts of the Blood & Bone School. It enhances the user's eyes to the point of being able to see clearly even in complete darkness. Although the way the user sees a little differently than normally under light. Further explanation has not been given.


  • Outer Body Training Method (Hyun Hwan Shim Yun Gong): Practiced in the Artist's Society. The basis for this technique is meditation. The technique then involves creating a mental image of ones own body in the second phase. The user imagines Ki flowing through this body and fights with previous opponents in this deep mental meditation in order to train. According to Sera Kang it normally takes around ten years to reach the level of meditation. Despite that Shi-Woon Yi reached the second stage of meditation training within days.[13]
    • Abyssal Insight: A technique of the Outer Body Training Method. It allows Shi-Woon to memorize any technique that he has seen even once, regardless of the martial arts style, and make it his own.[14]
    • Triple Blossom Meditation: a form of the Outer Body Training Method. During its use the user is in a state of mind that causes three flower blossoms to appear on top of his/her head.[15]


  • Phoenix Wing Whip: A technique that uses the arm much like a whip going at high speeds. The attack was powerful enough to easily snap a solid cane in half.
  • Pseudo Walking Techniques: As the name implies these are false walking techniques that imitate the ones used by Goomoonryong.  They are impressive to non-murim-in but noticeably weaker than the true technique.  This is shown when Shi-Woon is easily able to overwhelm Chang-Ho who is know for his pseudo walking techniques.  The pseudo walking techniques, used by S.U.C. members, include three basic techniques as shown so far:
    • Pseudo Jin: Looks the same as the Jin and its use is the same but the techniques is different.
    • Pseudo Tweh: Looks the same as the Tweh and its use is the same but the techniques is different.
    • Pseudo Hweh (Ghost Step): Looks the same as the Hweh and its use is the same but the techniques is different.


  • Reflection Technique: one of the greatest techniques of the Tai-Chi Arts. It is known to be able to defend against any attack and return it back to the attacker, thus the name reflective. The only known user is Kang-Sung.[16]
  • Rising Sage Leg (Yong-Hyun-Gak): traditionally belonging to the Te-Ul. It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon. It refers to a kick that creates a whirlwind kind of effect as it sends the opponent flying.[9]


  • Silver Dragon Strike: A strike with throwing characteristics that sends the opponents flying upwards.[17]
  • Soul-Crushing Strike: An Inner Power technique in which the practitioner circulates Ki through his body, and releases it through his fist at the same time he extends his hand. Requires large reserves of Ki for extended use and the ability to synchronize the release of Ki with the movement of the body. In a translation error it is called Lightning Strike.
    • Lightning Strike: It is the variation of Soul-Crushing Strike that is executed without the use of Ki.
    • Pseudo Soul-Crushing Strike: It is a technique very similar to the Soul-Crushing Strike but it is an imitation used by the S.U.C. to fool the public of the Murim.
  • Spinning Dragon Exploding Strike (Hweh Ryong Bal Gyek): An Inner Power technique in which the practitioner circulates Ki through his body and releases it through his fist at the same time he extends his hand while twisting the fist into position.
  • Split Heaven Kick (Pachungak): An overhead axe-kick that releases Ki, similar to Soul-Crushing Strike. It has been shown to cut several feet straight through a metal platform when performed by Kang-Sung out of anger against Chun-Woo for degrading Shi-Woon.[18]
  • Strong Metal Hand: A technique in which a practitioner trains his hands and fingers to be able to rip flesh, bones and even steel. The technique has ten ranks, and it takes years of training to master the necessary hardening. One can still temporarily use the technique at rank ten without hardening, but only for a few minutes after which the hand would be left crippled.
    • Strong Metal Binding: A variation of the Strong Metal Hand in which the practitioner grabs his opponent with his hand(s) and does not let go even after death.
  • Strong Dragon Sudden Outburst (Gun Ryong Chool Dong): It belongs to the Strong Dragon School. Apparently, it includes a barrage of fast sword attacks. During the attack the sword seems to move like a whip.[19]
  • Sun technique (Tae-Yang-Gong): A technique where the user emits steam from their body or weapon.[9]
  • Sword-Drawing Technique (Bal Do Sool): It seems to be a technique where the user draws a sword, attacks and re-sheathes it. However, there is no specific explanation.


  • Tae-Geuk Ascending Strike: A strike that is executed with (apparently) the index and middle fingers of the user that are able to slice through wood.
  • Thousand Flower Strike: The user uses a finger technique to attack an opponent with great speed from multiple directions rapidly. This technique is a pressure-point attack that leaves the opponent defeated on the floor as his body is filled with pain so great that it is considered feeling the pain of death without dying.
  • Three-Walled Trap Formation (Sam-Byuk Gyul-Geum): Not exactly a technique but a number of techniques combined in a strategic formation. It is one of the strategic deployment skills of the Heavenly Way School that are used for either offence or defence. Three martial artists drive their target in the center of a triangle they form between them. This formation is of offensive nature.
  • Thunder Fist or Thunder Smashing Strike: is a striking technique from the Sun-Woo Clan's Martial Arts. it seems to center around the ability to gather and concentrate a large portion of ones Ki into the fist. With the Ki gathered the user then strikes the target.
    • Ascending Thunder Fist: The users press themselves against the ground and deliver the technique in the form of an uppercut. It is a variation of the Thunder Fist Technique.
    • Thunderbolt Strike or Descending Thunder Fist (Nak Rwe Gwon ): is a technique in which the practitioner jumps in the air and uses the ceiling to launch himself towards his opponent. It is a variation of the Thunder Fist Technique.
    • Earth Shattering Lightning Strike: A technique that concentrates an immense amount of Ki into the fist of the user and then releases it at the moment of impact, though the strike itself is much faster than the Soul-Crushing Strike. It is a variation of the Thunder Fist Technique.


  • Wall Tiger Skill: Is a walking technique that allows the user to climb fast on walls. This skill is the White Rock school's special technique. Although, stronger martial artists can outrun this technique and reach the roof of buildings faster as displayed by Chun-Woo.
  • Wind Swallow Kick (Poong Yeon Gak): a devastating flying kick to the head of the opponent that will send them flying.


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