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A list of romantic relationships between characters from The Breaker series Parts I & II.

Shi-Woon Yi & Jin-Ie KwonEdit

Jin-Ie Kwon and Shi-Woon Yi originally had a rocky relationship. Jin-Ie begrudgingly protected him, but she has since developed feelings for him. Shi-Woon, on the other hand, does not show many romantic feelings for Jin-Ie, but has always been kind to her.

Shi-Woon Yi & Sae-HeeEdit

Sae-Hee and Shi-Woon Yi are childhood friends. While they may have romantic feelings for each other, they have not expressed these feelings to each other and remain just friends.

Shi-Woon Yi & Sera KangEdit

Sera Kang originally just wanted to use Shi-Woon Yi to get to Chun-Woo Han so she could take revenge for her grandfather's death. Later, though, she began protecting him from the Sun-Woo Clan and has developed a bit of a crush on Shi-Woon.

Shi-Woon Yi & Jang So-SulEdit

So-sul had crush on Shi-Woon when Shi-woon saves her from Ma Mun-gi

Shi-Ho Lee & Chun-Woo HanEdit

Shi-Ho Lee and Chun-Woo Han started as tentative allies at best, with Chun-Woo being distrustful of Shi-Ho and Shi-Ho constantly interfering with Chun-Woo's love-life. However, they eventually fell in love and later expressed their feelings for each other. Shi-Ho's death is the driving force behind Chun-Woo's use of the Black Origin Threshold.

Shi-Ho Lee & Hyun Won-JaeEdit

Both Shi-ho and Won-Jae used to date each other but they broke up. Won-Jae still loves her, wants her back and jealous of Chun-Woo.

Chun-Woo Han & Bae YoonjiEdit

Shi-Ho Lee & Kaizer Edit

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