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Breaker: Edit

(Winner in bold)

  • Goomoonryoung vs Shiho- ch 7
  • Goomoonryoung vs various Song- ch 12
  • Goomoonryoung vs head of Song- ch 12-14
  • Chang-so vs Shi-woon (stopped by Goomoonryoung's interference)- ch 17
  • Shi-woon vs various (flashback)- ch 19
  • Shi-woon, Alex, Goooonryoung vs Martial Arts Alliance- ch 22- 25
  • Shi-ho vs Martial Arts Alliance- c 27-28
  • Shi-woon vs Chang-so (stopped by So-Chun Hyuk)- ch 30
  • Shi-woon vs So-Chun Hyuk- ch 32- 34
  • Goomoonryoung vs So-Chun Hyuk (retreat)- ch 34
  • Goomoonryoung vs Hyuntae- ch 35-36
  • Shi-woon vs Chang-so and Martial Arts Alliance- ch 41-43
  • Goomoonryoung vs Martial Arts Alliance- ch 46- 48, 51-52,
  • Shi-woon + Mun-gi ma vs Gyu-bum- ch 54- 57
  • Goomoonryoung + Shi-ho vs Martial Arts Alliance- ch 56- 63, 64-72

Breaker New WavesEdit

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