Lee Kim-soon
Lee Kim-soon
Korean 리 김 곧
Romanized Lee Kim-curând
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Murim Special Ops
Occupation Special Ops Agent
Personal Status
Status Active
Martial Arts
Fighting Style Fence-High Kick
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 131 (NW)

Lee Kim-soon is Martial Artist who is working with Jung Lae Won in the Murim Special Ops.


She is a beautiful young woman in her with having long hair going to her hips with showing leftside of her hair over the leftside. Seen wearing a miniskirt with thigh-high socks with high heels with a front sipper.


She is reckless and temperamental. She wants to be recognized for her skill although she acts on impulse. Because of her complex with her large bust cause her to learned only one technique because other techniqes causes her bust to bounce too much. She hates men who talk about her large bust size as her size are bigger then C-Cup.

Side StoryEdit

Part 1Edit

Lee Kim-soon is first introduced walking around in a night club, making her way to the bar. As she gets to the bar, she orders a martini. A man then appears behind her referring to her as young miss. He tells her he is her waiter for the night and she has beautiful breasts, he then claims he meant face. He informs her the man in the VIP room asks for her, so please come with him. She then tells him to shut and go away. The man then grabs her hand and tells her, he promises she'll enjoy it. Lee Kim-soon then strikes him with the palm of her hand, rendering the man unconscious. She tells him how dare he touch a lady's hand like that, and does he want to die. Outside the club Jung Lae Won lecture's Lee Kim-soon about her actions. As he claims that's why he didn't want her on the mission. Then she questions him about if he doesn't like her. She then tells him she only made one mistake so how can he judge like that. Jung Lae questions if she listened to the misson statement. She then laughs about having a late night with friends drinking. As Jung Lae puts her in a headlock, she claims uncle. Jung Lae then shows her a photo, telling her to look at it. As she the photo of a corpse, she asks what's with the mummy. Jung Lae tells her that is a victim of the target their after. He then explains about his technique against the opposite sex, killing them for his own greed, and that even the murim special forces are having a hard time with him. He then informs her they've set up a plan were they'll use bait to lure him and they'll attack. Excited she tells him it's cool, and asks what's the bait. He tells her the similarities of the victims are in their 20's with 165cm, under 50 kg and have around a C cup. She claims that's just like her. She then realizes she is the bait and begins to panic. As Jung Lae tells her she's just a kid with huge racks. She becomes embarrassed, she claims she is skilled in fighting too. Jung Lae claims her leg technique is useless in real life. She questions him, too find out. He tells her their done for the day so she should go home. Becoming annoyed she raises her leg and prepares to attack. Jung Lae then grabs her leg and tosses her around. After driving off and leaving her behind, she wonders were she is. Becoming annoyed she claims she outta bend his nose. She then remembers her master teachings, and claims she will be a skilled murim-in one day with her skill. She then notices a man, and questions who he is. He tells her it was amusing seeing her underwear. She calls him a pervert, and claims she'll beat him down. He introduces himself as Kim Tae-Gwan, he asks her to let him apologize over dinner and wine, as he owns a french restaurant and the food is good. As she claims she isn't hungry, her stomach then rumbles, she claims then she'll have dinner.[1]


The Breaker New WavesEdit

After going though a steel fance getting her dress catch asking help for Jung Lae Won. As telling him at missing item was C4 was stoling from a military storage facility. As a massage for HQ by sending them files from the CIA inforning Chun-Woo Han has departed from Bali and was suspected to be heading Seoul.

She was contect by Jung Lae Won for asking for help but was infored that he has became of the most wanted men but needed to tell her that goomoonryong is at Seoul Tower but the intels has been squashed. As needed if the Special Ops can provide support with request ASAP. As she wanted to need why he contect her thinking that she is dependable as he said yes that she is dependable that put her in a good mood tell him that she will put in the request for back up with that done sign off.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Due to her complex with her bust she does not want to learn techniques that cause it to shake around thus she only learned one technique:

  • Fence-High Kick (Bun Won Gak): The user lifts the leg high and then kicks the opponent from above. It can also be used directly without lifting it first.
  • Palm Strike: She was seen using basic movements of the palm strike. She used against the waiter of the night club.


  • Since she appeared in the two special chapters with a character from the main series. It is possible, the extra chapters could be considered a side story of the original storyline thus Lee Kim-soon is also a canon character.


  1. The Breaker New Waves Chapter 9.5

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