Nickname Blood Stream
Western White Star
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, S.U.C, Four Supernovas
Occupation Captain of S.U.C
Personal Status
Status Alive
Martial Arts
School Unknown
Fighting Style Swordsmanship
Rank Advanced Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 61 (NW) (Shadowed)

Chapter 89 (NW) (Full Appearance)

Kwon-Young is a member and one of the five captains of the S.U.C. and his nickname is "Blood Stream". He is also known as the Western White Star the one of the Four Supernovas.


He is wearing a sport-uniform, probably to be more comfortable when fighting. He has black hair and just like Cool Guy he wears glasses that do not appear to be sunglasses.


He is shown to be serious and even calm during fights. He provokes his opponents in order to make them attack with more strength. He also shows confidence in his skill going as far as complimenting and provoking the opponent during the fight. He has also shown that despite his power he will resort to dirty tricks and taking hostages to achieve his goals. [1]


The Breaker New WavesEdit

He is shown with the rest of the S.U.C. captains discussing about the Nine Arts Dragon and his request to give him Seoul if they want him to join them. They conclude on agreeing on these terms.[2]

Kwon-Young was sent to Nine Dragons High School to assist Ji-Woo Li and Ha-ru in their plan to capture or kill Shi-Woon Yi. During the attack on Nine Dragons High School Kwon took the responsibility of preventing Ha-Ill Gang from interfering with S.U.C's operation, while it was in action. After a short while of fighting against Kwon, Ha-Ill recognized his fighting style and was able to figure out his identity as one of the Four Supernovas. Kwon Young praised him for his "good eye". As they continued to fight, Kwon started chasing Ha-Ill, who would run towards Jin-Ie's location near the school to check her situation. After Ha-Ill saved Jin-Ie Kwon, Young proceeded to continue the fight and became surprised to see a different fighting style from Ha-Ill who apparently showed his true skill. After the attacks stopped he recognized Ha-Ill's fighting style as Sun-Woo Clan's Martial Arts". After fighting a while against Ha-Ill he comments on the characteristics of Sun-Woo Clan's martial arts and states that Gyu-Bum Yi probably uses the same martial arts. After Ha-ru activates the explosives Ha-Ill seems surprised. Kwon then strikes Ha-Ill's leg with the knife and proceeds to explain that his real purpose is to fight the Sun-Woo Clan.

At this point Jin-Ie Kwon barges into their fight, supporting Ha-Ill. Ha-Ill then sends her off towards Shi-Woon and continues fighting Kwon, using the knife which was stuck in his leg and injuring Kwon's leg. In the mean time of Kwon's fight with Ha-Ill, Ryuji started a fight with an enraged Shi-Woon. As the fight between Kwon and Ha-Ill progresses, Kwon who is being pushed back, comes to note, how he underestimated the Sun-Woo Clan. Right then, Shi-Woon crashes through the wall behind Kwon, and Kwon, seeing an opportunity, decides to take Shi-Woon hostage. Ryuji appears and warns Kwon to stay away from Shi-Woon. Kwon therefore mocks Ryuji, but is suddenly struck thrice by the enraged Shi-Woon, sending him crashing into a wall, critically injured.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Advanced Master Martial Artist (Swordsmanship): Although it's unknown which school he came from, Kwon-Young is a powerful martial artist with a variety of formidable techniques. He possesses the title of Western White Star, one of the Four Supernovas, as well as the position of captain within the S.U.C. During his fight with Ha-Ill Gang, he was seen using a long knife indicating his knowledge on swordsmanship. The extend of his abilities in that area is unknown but is enough to fight on equal terms with Ha-Ill Gang (one of the top fighters of the Sun-Woo Clan).


  • Tae-Geuk Ascending Strike:A strike that is executed with (apparently) the index and middle fingers of the user that are able to slice through wood. It is a well known technique of Kwon-Young that Ha-Ill Gang recognized him only because of this technique.


  • He told Ha-Il that his enemy was the Sun-Woo clan itself.


  1. The Breaker New Waves Chapter 103
  2. The Breaker New Waves Chapter 61


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