Kim Taw-Gwan
Kim Tae-Gwan
Nickname Playboy
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Personal Status
Status Alive
Martial Arts
Fighting Style Energy Absorption Great Technique
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut The Breaker New Waves
Chapter 9.5 Extra Story

Kim Tae-Gwan is a Murim criminal that appears in The Breaker New Waves Extra Story 1 and 2. He is nicknamed "Playboy" because all of his victims are all females, which he seduced and killed.


He is a handsome young man with a well built body. He is seen wearing basically suits. He wears an earing in his right ear.


He seems to be gentleman and romantic whilst he is a serial murderer of young beautiful women. He is over confident of his appearance and martial arts and a lot more of his skills in sexual intercourse.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

Extra StoryEdit

He sees a young woman in the bar that he likes and sends a waiter to invite her to his spot in the bar's VIP room. She declines showing that she is a murim in the process. He approaches her later complimenting her and inviting her to dinner. He then acts drunk making her take him home herself. When she turns around to leave he attacks her. Seeing her act calm he takes his time to take a bath while informing her that escaping or contacting anyone is impossible from that room (although she had a device hidden in her clothes that helped her contact the Special Ops). Before they got to start a team from the Special Ops breaks in but is defeated by him. He realizes that she is one of them but calmly proceed to rape her by getting naked. Because of his confidence he failed to predict the impulsive kick that Kim-soon did on him due to her shock after seeing him naked. After kicking him further and scolding him for his actions in front of a lady the second team breaks in only to find the "Playboy" defeated.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

  • Energy Absorption Great Technique (Huep Jeong Dae Gong): This technique allows the user to absorb the Ki and life force from the opposite sex, living them in a mummy-like state, in order to increase his own Ki.
  • Unnamed Skin Technique: He uses a technique similar to Iron Body Technique but he refers to it as being impervious to steel. The only weakness are the genitals.


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