Gender Male and Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Mil-Yang Clan
Occupation Captain
Personal Status
Master Sera Kang
Status Active
Martial Arts
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 8 (NW)

Unnamed Killers is the term used for the members of the Mil-Yang Clan which envied the position of Sera Kang as the next clan head and came to find a weakness to force her into refusing this position. This was done by giving her the task of killing Shi-Woon Yi.


The Killers were seen wearing as similar type of mask. The man who appeared to be the leader, had long slick black hair and wore a black suit.


The Killers had to be patient enough to wait for Sera to show a weakness. This would have been reached, if they would have been able to succeed in killing Shi-Woon where Sera could not.


The Killers are first seen along side Ji-Gun Yoo when the latter told them to take Shi-Woon Yi up the tower. When Shi-Woon questions Ji-Gun, one of the Killers told him to get going. After Shi-Woon asked Ji-Gun for his friends cell phone Ji-Gun gave it to him. The Killer prepared to escort Shi-Woon to the tower, but was hit by a surprise attack from Jin-Ie Kwon. As he looked to strike back, Ji-Gun told him to take Shi-Woon away. He and his accompany escorted Shi-Woon to the top of the tower, where Sera Kang was waiting for them. The two Killers would watch over the conversation between Sera Kang and Shi-Woon.

A weeks time later, after Ji-Gun fought Shi-Woon, Ji-Gun left the fight admitting defeat on the way out. An unnamed Killer in turn entered the room. He throws a dagger towards Sera, telling her to take care of Shi-Woon. After Sera asked about her position in the clan, if she refused to kill him, the leader responds she wouldn't be recognized as part of the clan since she also neglected her duties. He explains as the task of killing Shi-Woon was given to Ji-Gun, but he bailed out, it had to be handed down to her. Sera continues to explain killing in the normal world would be a sin, but the world of Murim sees it as revenge. Asked about whether all of them had come to see if she could be a true Jangmun, the leader replies. The seat can't be given just because of inheritance, they had to prove whether she's worthy. Worthy of becoming a Jangmun and before that whether she is a Murim.

Sera responded that she is, and holds on to the dagger, which she picked up before. Jin-Ie Kwon would then attack her. As one of the killer went to strike her, she kicked him directly in the face. The Killer would ask Jin-Ie whether she could handle all of them. He stated to take care of Jin-Ie would be added to the task given to Sera. Sera refused, stating she can not just come and defeat Jin-Ie. Throwing the dagger back to the leader of the unnamed killer she adds, he should take it on the man himself and not a little kid. The Killer unhappy with Sera's decision claims they will take care of it themselves. Sera points out that the whole fight was simply set up because they were envious of her position. To save face, the Killer then picks up the dagger, stating he takes over the task. As Sera asked whether he really wants to do that, he replies she should wait outside, if she is afraid. Sera tells him she is afraid, because he is claiming to kill a member of the Sun-Woo Clan. These words affect most of the unnamed killer. She reveals that she recognized Shi-Woon's stance during his fight earlier. She recognized his technique as the Sun-Woo Clan's Iron Wall Stance and noticed Sun-Woo Clan's spirit. This left even the Killer unsure how to proceed. After Jin-Ie tells them that Sera's words are true, she reveals Shi-Woon as the Sun-Woo Clan's Ganju. Seeing as the Ganju is this weak, the leader regains confidence and laughs. He then draws out his sword, claiming not to care, since they would both die. 

They were then interrupted by Ha-Ill Gang. The Killer, at this point, was convinced he had heard this name before. Ignoring that thought, he told them, one man wouldn't make a difference. As he continued to warn them, Ha-Ill made jokes about him. As the Killer raised his sword and performed the stance of "The Great Secret Sunshine Sword", Ha-Ill jumped up in mid-air and kicked back downwards in front of his face. The Killer therefore bragged about how easy it was to evade. The real target however were his feet. Ha-Ill set him up for a next attack, hitting him with a knee in the face, shattering his mask. Ha-Ill then performed another strike towards his feet and kicking him in the face for a final attack rendering him unconscious.

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