Internal Energy Transfer

Goomoonryong finishing several hours of Internal Energy Transfer

These are a class of techniques that focus on Ki absorption and redistribution.  As of yet there are three cases of these techniques being used. 


The techniques that relate with absorbing and transferring Ki have many uses. One is to help an individual replenish his/her Ki by taking some from another or to take the Ki of individual to increase ones own Ki and overall strength in martial arts.


  • Ki Absorption/Transference: A technique that allows Shi-Ho to absorb and transfer Ki from one person to another. Shi-Ho can promote a form of internal healing by massaging the body of another and absorbing their internal energy. Her skill in this technique is great enough for her to use it in a matter of minutes. She can take Ki that she has taken from someone and transfer it into another individual.
  • Energy Absorption Great Technique (Huep Jeong Dae Gong): This technique allows the user to absorb Ki and life force from the opposite sex, leaving them in a mummy-like state, and increasing his own Ki.
  • Goomoonryong's Internal Energy Transference: The specifics of this technique are never explained but Goomoonryong comments that even a good practitioner could only maintain it for a few minutes while he could do so for several hours. 
  • Yae-won's Ki Transference Technique: While training Shi-Woon, Yae-Won showed to be able to transfer Ki from herself to another individual (in this case, Shi-Woon).

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