Korean 강성
Romanized Gang Seong
Nickname Sammoonryong (Three Arts Dragon)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Martial Arts Alliance
Song Clan
Previous Occupation Danju of the Martial Arts Alliance
Personal Status
Master Hak Jang Song
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Song Clan
Fighting Style Song Style
Tai Chi Arts
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 7 (The Breaker)

Chapter 6 (NW)

Kang-Sung, also known as Sammoonryong (lit.Three Arts Dragon), is the former Chief of the Martial Arts Alliance. He is an extremely powerful martial artist, one of the few able to challenge Goomoonryong.


Kang-Sung is a tall and physically imposing man. His white/grey hair is combed back, revealing a calm and stoic face. He's always seen wearing a traditional Chinese-style martial arts uniform.


Kang-Sung is a calm and righteous man with a strong sense of justice who has his own beliefs that differ from Gijoo Song, Hyuntae, and the previous Alliance Chief. Though Goomoonryong killed his master and Gijoo, he doesn't believe in revenge. He initially admires Goomoonryong and tries his best to understand him, despite the fact that the Chief and his own master deemed him as their enemy. He is loyal to the Alliance and greatly values the traditions of the Murim, so when Goomoonryong mocks the relationship between master and student, he considers it as the last straw and is ready to fight him. He was shown to be willing to die if it meant to stop Chun-Woo when he was in the state of the Black Origin Threshold as his master told him he must be willing to sacrifice his own life when he battle him in that state. Also, he is prepared to die in order to preserve the peace in the Murim. The Former Chief stated that Kang-Sung always tries to do things and solve problems justly which put him at odd with other clans and their leaders.



Kang-Sung fought in Shinmujengpe conquering three seats of power and gaining the name of Sammoonryong. During the meeting with his master Hak Jang Song talking about Chun-Woo Han and his Master Un-Wol with the history of both of them and the secret behind Black Origin Threshold. Hak Jang Song tell him he must give up his own life to win against Chun-Woo Han.

The BreakerEdit

Man... a New Mise-en-scene of Fighting which They have Created!Edit

Throughout The Breaker, Kang-Sung takes part in the Martial Arts Alliance's search for Goomoonryong. After the alliance learns of Shi-Woon Yi's identity as Goomoonryong's disciple, Kang-Sung corners and engages Shi-Woon. Proving no match for the Three Arts Dragon, Shi-Woon became exhausted and captured by Kang-Sung shortly thereafter. However, the alliance officials that Kang-Sung delivers Shi-Woon to prove to be imposters (secretly Mun-Gi Ma's men), and Shi-Woon escapes. Later, he listens to Goomoonryong's promise that he would destroy the Martial Arts Alliance no matter what, and comments that he went too far.

Kang-Sung later arrives to the top of the Koa Tower to do battle with Goomoonryong who has entered the Black Origin Threshold. Shi-Woon manages to talk his master down before being taken hostage by the Alliance Chief. The Chief orders Kang-Sung to kill Goomoonryong, but he refuses to obey, believing that the Alliance had no justification any more. Once Goomoonryong defeats the Chief and destroys Shi-Woon's Ki-center, Kang-Sung was shocked and angry (a behaviour he rarely shown) at Nine-Arts's action because the relationship between a master and a student is stronger than that of a father and a son. In demand for an explanation of Goomoonryong's actions, he prepared to battle again. But the battle can started, Goomoonryong was forced to retreat, swearing that he would return to kill all Murim's. Kang-Sung later visits Shi-Woon in the hospital to explain what happened to his master and his Ki-center. He then left Shi-Woon to wonder about his situation, believing that Chun-Woo does not deserved to be called teacher.

After became Chief of Martial Arts Alliance informed the Alliance that Shi-Woon Yi no long an Murim

The Breaker New WavesEdit

The Beginning of a New Legend in the Murim!Edit

Kang-Sung has become the Chief of the Martial Arts Alliance, and has a meeting with a member of one of four Supernova Gyu-Bum Yi asking aid from the Sun-Woo Clan, and to discuss the growing threat of the S.U.C.. The Sun-Woo Clan refuses. During a meeting with members of Alliance discussing that more graffiti have been increasing to every point within the city and a lot of commoners have taking noticed of them. Kang-Sung still in the dark about who's the true leader of S.U.C with no solid leads have yet came to light. With the news of young Murim-Ins have left their school and have became independent. Some of them, up-and-coming masters but, all of them are now missing. As of now it has became difficult to pinpoint their whereabouts and they should be considered them completely outside the control of their schools and the Alliance as well. As they are the "New Waves" of the Murim.

As a meeting between Heavenly Way School, assistant leader So-Chun Hyuk, answered the requested aid. Seeing a helicopter in the sky during the night even though in a flight restricted zone. So-Chun will give the Alliance the help that they need. As So-Chun even the main house is worried about the state of things in Murim's. And the main house is looking forward of a decisive action. The related of Kang-Sung young brother disciple by using a gun during a fight was an action that forsake the very bases of the Murim way. If Kang-Sung realized the current danger that Murim is currently in, then the Danju must be the first to make bold decisions. Sensing that the atmosphere around So-Chun has change since meeting Goomoonryong has changed a lot of things in the world.

Few days later Kang-Sung calling So-Chun that they have officially gained the reinforcements from Heavenly Way School So-Chun told him that he doesn't need to thank him. For the situation, it was the right request and strengthened his resolve.

During an meeting with a member of Heavenly Way School, So Jung Chan talked about how things have quieted down in the past few days, feeling that things have become more unsettled.Much like the calm before the storm, but thinks that he is over-thinking things and that the invincible Alliance has nothing to fear. So Jung has a previous engagement awaiting and left. A moment later Kang-Sung gets a call from Rae-Won informs him of Goomoonryong is on his way to the M.M.A HQ and to summon all of the factions. As Goomoonryong team attacking M.M.A HQ, killing most of the people of the Alliance. Kang joins the battle catching the notice of Goomoonryong, asking his name. As members ask him to wait for back up to arrive, he orders them to take care of the injured and he will handle everything. Kang-Sung, unfettered, walked to the middle of the room releasing large Ki blast forcing every member of Goomoonryong team to jump back. As a one of Goomoonryong men asked if it is okay to "throw down" with Kang-Sung, Goomoonryong informed if they attack him they are going to die. Not being dissuaded by Goomoonryong warning, three of them attack Kang. Kang dispatches them effortlessly; defeating three of them by breaking a leg, jaw, and eye. Immediately two more attacked and were defeated quickly. A third attacker, ambushing from behind in order to surprise, tried to throw a chained sai at him but it was countered back to him with such force as to pin him to a wall across the room. The final attacker tried to pin him but Kang-Sung dispatched him by using Focus Stomp, killing him. The battered Alliance members stood in awe of what just occurred. Kang-Sung took out Goomoonryong's team in an instant and they weren't weak.

Goomoonryong stepped forward telling him that today is the day that the Alliance and the rest of the murim is finished, However told him that his fate and he will accept it without refusal. Goomoonryong is getting bored using Walking Techniques to try getting behind Kang-Sung to hit him but missed every attack. Goomoonryong pushed him to a pillar launching a flying knee but was stopped by Impact Rebound Technique, sending Goomoonryong flying backwards yelling that his can not defeat him since his attack won't even touch him. Goomoonryong attacking again and again using outrageously destructive attacks without stopping lauching a back kick but was sent back to Goomoonryong sending him flying again to the third floor of the building. Goomoongryong attacks once again but was counted again with Full Body Barrier Technique. Goomoongryong tells Kang-Sung that his techinques are nothing special. Goomoonryong using Mirage God Steps mixing real and fakes of himself but Goomoongryong graps Kang and throws him into the air goomoongryong jumps into the air kicking him Kang counters it again with Tai Chi sending both of them crashing into the walls. Kang and Goomoonryong fighting on the second floor pushing Kang against the wall. Kang asked if he is going into Black Origin Threshold. Sensing that he has used up a lot of energy and should be faltering but the attacks are getting stronger to the point of having a hard time counting properly. Goomoonryong thinking that its nonsense in the middle of a fight. Kang yelling at him if he even known that Black Origin Threshold means and how can he be so irresponsible and his followers are there as well. Goomoonryong not caring, only thinking of the fight uses Focus Step on the ground causing Kang to lose his footing giving Goomoonyrong a change to attack sending Kang flying and landing a kick causing Kang to the ground seeing Goomoonryong coming down for a second attack, but it hits the ground instead launching metal plance only to be counted and covering the men of the Alliance. Kang noticed that he is going into Black Origin Threshold. As he attacks again sending Kang back sliding backwards thinking back to his master words about how to face Goomoonryong. Changes his aura releasing more Ki and Goomoonryong releasing his Ki as well ready for the second round but was stopped by Shi-Woon and the members of the Sunwoo Clan.

As Goomoonryong and he's team leave, Kang thanks the Sunwoo clan's help even tho The Allanice didn't get to contact the Sunwoo clan. Shi-Woon asked if possible to ask of something urgent favor. As Kang tries to contect Rae-Won asking him to let Goomoonryong going seeing that he is a difficult man, As things are going Kang thinks that he should go  out and convine him, Shi-Woon tells him that he can't do that and the police are outside with gun drawn and only add fuel to the fire. Kang asked if there is alternative Shi-Woon not sure if the plan will work but sheaching for a way. Kang and the Sunwoo Clan shocked it see the signs of Gooomoonryong is God and the guessed Mil-Yang Heads words would come true.

Later on Kang sitting with Rae-Won and the members of Sun-Woo Clan. Rae-Won tell them that he is just a civel servant repesenting the government and the rules and processes. As the Government acknowledges the alliance chief is the representing the Murim. Rae-Won believes the communtcation line between them needs to be unified. Kang understands it full but reality that but the murim is normal right and these no more loyalty or cooperation left in Murim the only thing left is to follow the strong are left. If they want to overcome the crisis they need a person who can bring together all of Murim's strengths and believes the ony person only can to that is the Sunwoo clan head Shi-Woon Yi. Rae-Won if he insist on that and then asking if Goomoonryong is the source of the problem is the master of the Sunwoo Head can he give the order to shoot that man to death. Kang seeing that Shi-Woon is having a hard time thinking of his awenser, asking them to take a 10 minute break. Telling Shi-Woon that everything happened so suddenly it is going to be a hard decisions regarding of the situation but have to be critical juncture so like to have him steel himself for what's to come. Kang and one of him men walking in to wallway telling him not to make a fuss about the fight early after Kang was coughing up blood. As he tells him that he has suffered serious internal injuries from the fight, Kang tells him to cut it out or he will get angry. Jae-Kyu tells them that it to llate since that he has heard everything already and asked to him if he can examine his pulse Jae-Kyu as he has expecting it but he is crazier than Jae-Kyu thought. Kang asked if he don't speak of it to anyone else as he is the Alliance Chief must be a master who can take on Goomoonryong without any problems and it will shatter the fear of Goomoonryong even losing life. If its leads to peace and solidarity within the murim to pay with his life alone.

As the Alliance has get word for the Iron Fist school and three other factions have contacted them with all north has decided to join hands with the Martial Arts Alliance. Kang notices his body has started to tremble stopping it by clenching his fist. And more factions in Seoul metro area are sending more reinforcements with around 50% but will increase. One of Alliance infromed him of the news of his fighting on equal terms have spread like wildfire. And when they heard that the Sunwoo clan is with them and areas are likey to join. Kang sees Shi-Woon walking in asking why would he hide the fact that he is hurt and should have gotten treated in his condition. Kang asked what is he talking about. And asking everyone to leave the room. As everyone leaves the room Shi-Woon why would he do that and should have getten treatment right away. Kang asked know why he didn't is beacuse he and Shi-Woon are cut from the same cloth. As he still remember the fight in the rain with Shi-Woon and the boy who fought in order to protect someting. Kang tells him that it too late since he is having a hard time handful of the little ki his has left in his body and his figt against Goomoonryong is beyond his imagination.

Shi-Woon asked why would he give him the seat of Chief of the Alliance since he was the disciple of Goomoonryong and he is deserve nothing but hatered him. Kang tells him the he don't hate Goomoonryong but rather it's beacuse he likes him and that why he wants to stop him and he believes that shi-woon shares that sentiment. Kang thanks him for crying for him and will not forget him not even in the afterlife.

10 Minutes later during the meeting Sera of the Mil-Yand School shows respect. Kang tells her that is an honor to meet her. Seeing Shi-Woon has made up his mind. As the meeting begins Sera infroms everyone why she is there and Goomoonryong reappearance, Cult Members who follow him in various parts of the Socitey. From her own investigation. it seems like the source of all of the S.U.C Ma-Hwan. Kang shocked from hearing Ma-Hwan is being used that was created by the Blood & Bone School and alot has to do with S.U.C gathering so much power so quickly. And showing the records of S.U.C activities so far.


Friends & AlliesEdit

  • Shi-Woon Yi: Despite that Shi-Woon was the Disciple of Chun-Woo, Kang-Sung respected and trusted him. He is glad that Shi-Woon regain the Martial Arts even giving him command of the Martial Arts Alliance. When Shi-Woon learned of how Kang-Sung was gravely injured from his recent fight with Chun-Woo Han, he actually cried in anguish for Kang-Sung something that the alliance chief greatly appreciated.
  • Hyuntae: He is a brother disciple and care deeply and see what for him.
  • Gijoo Song: Just like Hyuntae he cares
  • Jung Lae Won: They have a Master Disciple Relationships as Jang Lae told him to be careful with fighting Chun-Woo putting great faith in himself.


  • Chun-Woo Han: Despite being an enemy for the whole Murim and the one who killed his master and Gijoo, Kang-Sang admitted that he doesn't hate Chun-Woo and the reason that he want to stop his rampage is that because he still admire him.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Real Master Martial Artist (Song Style and Tai Chi Arts): Kang-Sung is a powerful martial artist who received the Three-Arts Dragon title, a very rare feat in the Murim society. However, many others believe that he could have easily achieved the Nine-Arts Dragon title but declined to preserve the dignity of the Murim.[1] As proof of his skills, Kang-Sung is one of two people to ever stand against a user of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique and the only one against a real master level fighter.[2] He was capable of evading the attacks of Goomoonryoung with relative ease.[3][4] As such, it should be noted that Kang-Sung is the only person so far in the series to fight on equal footing against Chun-Woo, at times even making it seem incredibly one-sided (albeit Chun-Woo was not in the least affected by his strikes). As a testament to Kang-Sung's fighting abilities, he eliminated seven of Goomoonryong's minions single handedly with incredible ease, while they were an overwhelming challenge for the Martial Arts Alliance forces.[5]


Song Style Edit

  • All Counter Origins Strike: It is a technique that uses all of the users inner energy upon execution. It is possible that the user of this technique will die after using this technique.[6]
  • Focus Stomp: The practitioner uses one leg to stomp the ground. The technique is capable of literally crushing concrete and cutting through flesh and bone.[7] Kang-Sung diverted Chun-Woo's killing-intended Focus Stomp away from the Alliance Chief's head. Currently the only two martial artists who can perform Focus Stomp at the highest level are Chun-Woo and Kang-Sung.
  • Full Body Barrier: A defensive-offensive technique whereby the practitioner's back, turned toward the opponent, is protected by a large circular distribution of Ki resembling a body-sized disk shield. Opponents who come in contact with the Ki are forcefully sent flying backwards.
  • Split Heaven Kick: An overhead axe-kick that releases Ki, similar to Soul-Crushing Strike. It has been shown to cut several feet through a metal platform when performed by Kang-Sung out of anger against Chun-Woo for degrading Shi-Woon Yi.[8]

Tai Chi ArtsEdit

Main article: Tai Chi
  • Reflection Technique: One of the greatest techniques of the Tai-Chi Arts. It is known to be able to defend against any attack and return it back to the attacker, thus the name. The only known practitioner is Kang-Sung.[9]


  • I won't allow him ... or any others to be sacrificed.”
  • I don't know how it got to this. But, if this is destiny, I will not run away from it.[10]
  • Goomoonryong... until now, I have tried my best to understand you. However, in the end I can conclude that you're a totally incomprehensible existence. Let us do it. I shall fight you with everything I have.[11]


  • The stance Kang-Sung used during the first part of The Breaker look just like the Iron Wall stance, a basic stance that belongs to the Sun-Woo Clan.


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