Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional Info
Affiliation Murim
Black Forest Defence
Ex-Affiliation Murim Special Ops
Occupation B.F.D. Leader
Operates in Murim
Normal Society
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 3 (Shadowed)
Part II Chapter 85 (Shadowed)

Kaiser is the leader of the Black Forest Defence. His main objective is to oppose the Murim world and its laws. He is seen playing around and using Chun-Woo Han. As such, he should be in a very powerful position. He is often shown to speak German. Given that Kaiser is the one that started the conflict over the separation of Murim and normal society by leading the Black Forest Defence along with causing Chun-Woo Han to descend further into darkness by instigating Shi-Ho's coma whom he once considered to be one of his most prized "toys", he can be considered the true main antagonist of both series.


Kaiser is a tall man with spikey black hair. He wears a dark coat over a black suit, along with black gloves. Since all of his appearance so far is shadowed, it's unknown what his facial appearance is other than that he is possibly middle-aged.


He has great love  of chaos and destruction with no qualms with killing people, including his own affiliates, if this helps him fulfilling his objectives. He is confident in his skills. He is the only person so far, who risked making Chun-Woo Han his enemy without any apparent reason other than his own personal amusement. He also can be polite and gentle if the situation calls for it. He is willing to order Jung Lae Won to kill Shi-Ho Lee, a member of the Black Forest Defence itself, to bring Chun-Woo Han to use the Black Origin Threshold. He has great love for fighting wishing to see the battle between Shi-Woon Yi and So Jung Chan to see what kind of egg Shi-Woon Yi is. After seeing Shi-Woon was another "demon king" he was very impressed thereafter wanting Shi-Woon Yi to join the Black Forest Defence Group and become another one of his toys.

Kaiser believes that only the strong survives as he had no problem when Chun-Woo killed so many of the masters who were leading their forces saying that it all about the survival of the strongest. He was also shown to prefer The Murim ways of fighting with swords and hand to hands rather than using guns or missiles, saying that they have no need for it.


The BreakerEdit

He calls Chun-Woo to ask how the situation is and he advises him to remain concealed for at least a month due to movement of some people due to Chun-Woo's actions causing the collapse of Yunhapmudan.[1]He later appeared as Chun-Woo, Shi-Ho and Shi-Woon was fighting Alliance Chief ordering Jung Lae Won to kill Shi-Ho to bring out Black Origin Threshold smiling and welcoming the Demon King.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Kaiser was seen with Chun-Woo watching the result of the S.U.C work in Seoul. He ask the Nine Arts Dragon what does he think of the S.U.C work only for Chun-Woo to say that if they can offer him Seoul he might consider them, much to the delight of Kaiser.

Kaiser was seen escorting So-Sul to meet the Group of Five, where Black tried to kill him and her. However, Kaiser wasn't worried at all and he was right as So-Sul killed Black and his subordinates killed Black subordinates. When Blue seemed to be impress and asked him if what he intended to say to them is as impressive as what he showed them, resulting in Kaiser smiling.

Later, while eating dinner with the Group of Five where he revealed the treason of Blue and his head. Kaiser reveal that Chun-Woo is in is way to take over Seoul for them.

After Chun-Woo attack on the Martial Arts Alliance Kaiser and the Group of Five were seen observing from a screen. Later, at that night during the Silence of Seoul Kaiser was equally surprised by the appearance of Shi-Woon like the Group of Five. However, Kaiser intended to observe and determinate what kind of treasure Shi-Woon was as he fight Jung Chan as he state that the world is full of surprises.

Later, when Elder Kwon arrived and told Chun-Woo that the switch he holds will also detente the place they are in, Kaiser expression change giving a hint that it might be true. Kaiser contact the group in the tower and order them to attack the Elder. However, they all fail. After the death of Elder Kwon and Shi-Woon entering the Black Origin Threshold state Kaiser was shown to be surprised as he declare Shi-Woon to a greater demon king than the Nine Arts Dragon. As the battle between the former master and disciple goes on Kaiser realize that Chun-Woo was hiding the existence of Shi-Woon from him and wonder what will Chun-Woo do now that the hidden treasure revealed it self to the world.


As the leader of the Black Forest Defence Kaiser has complete command and control over the entire organization, from ordering all soldiers and officers as he sees fit to ordering member to execute other members. Other Abilities include:

  • Scouting: Kaiser has an eye for great potential people.
  • Expert Manipulator: Kasier has proven himself very crafty and a cunning man since his framing of Shi-Oh death on the Martial Arts Alliance. He can deceive and manipulate others around him in different ways for a variety of purposes as shown with his manipulation of Chun-Woo Han.


  • Kaiser means "Emperor" in German.
  • Due to his constant shadowed appearance in all of the appearances he made so far in both series, Kaiser can be considered the reference to the manipulative shadowy behind-the-scenes villains in many other fiction.
    • This is furthered emphasized by the fact that he manipulated even Goomoonryong by having a member of his own organization (Shi-Ho Lee) assassinated without the former even realizing it to fulfill his own agenda and amusement.


  1. The Breaker Chapter 3

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