Jung Lae Won
Jung Lae Won
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional Info
Affiliation Murim Special Ops
Ex-Affiliation Black Forest Defence
Occupation M.S.O. Team Leader
Operates in Murim
Normal Society
Martial Arts
Master Murim Police Chief
Rank Advanced Master
Manhwa Debut
Part 1 Chapter 7
Part 2 Chapter 86

Jung Lae Won is mysterious figure. Despite regular appearances in The Breaker series, his personal life and history remain unknown. He is a member of the Murim Special Ops which in the past cooperated with organizations such as the Black Forest Defence.


Jung Lae Won is a nondescript man of average height with black hair parted on the right. He is never seen without his black horn-rimmed glasses, suit, and necktie. His government-issued sidearm is concealed in a shoulder holster.


He is shown to be intelligent but sticks on the appearances and does not consider the possibility of what he sees not being the actual fact. He is seen manipulating the people around him to accomplish his objectives. He seemed to be highly loyal to the Murim Special group,in fact he is actually a spy implanted by Kaiser himself to monitor the intelligence on him as well as to act on his behalf. He is confident in his skills which is also a reason why he underestimated peoples capabilities. Like in the cases of taking as a joke Shi-Woon's case and abilities and underestimating Chun-Woo Han's level of skill. He hates the world of Murim because of their sense of entitlement and irresponsibility about the world around them. He has great loyalty for the people of Seoul, going as far as opposing his His Boss to protect them.


The BreakerEdit

He first appears reporting the Martial Arts Alliance about master Hak Jang Song's murder by Goomonryong.[1] He meets many martial artists, including Chun Woo. He seems to be proficient in martial arts and extremely knowledgeable about the Murim, even knowing about the true existence of Goomoonryong, when many ordinary Murim members do not.[2]

Lae-Won visits Hyuntae in the hospital and purposely leaves his gun and jacket behind in order to bait Hyuntae into using it against Goomoonryong, the object of his revenge.

He is later seen shooting Shi-Ho with a sniper rifle, under the order of the Black Forest Defence's leader, in order to ensure Shi-Ho's death and push Chun-Woo into further anger and desire for vengeance, thus entering the Black Origin Threshold.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

In a discussion with the Murim Police Chief, he learns about Kaiser and his plan to cooperate with the Group of Five in order to use their power for his plans. Also their past cooperation with the Black Forest Defence is mentioned. [3]

Jung Lae is later seen in conversation with a man about the events that unfolded at Nine Dragons High School. After finishing his phone conversation, he talks with a doctor about the condition of a special patient, who is revealed to be Shi-Woon Yi sitting in on a hospital bed.[4] He tries to approach him and make him believe that they are his allies and Sun-Woo Clan his enemy but Shi-Woon seems adamant on his position as the Ganju of the Sun-Woo Clan. He gets intimidated by Shi-Woon's glare while demanding to be addressed politely as befitting a Ganju. Jung Lae Won leaves and reports to his boss that Shi-Woon has the Stockholm Syndrome towards the Sun-Woo Clan to which the Boss replies that it is better that way because the could use him easier. At the same time Jung Lae things to himself how embarrassed he was from being swept by Shi-Woon's glare. When he checked on Shi-Woon again he sees the windows broken and Shi-Woon missing. His boss informs him that their medical expert is heading there to which Jung Lae replies that he will be needed cause Shi-Woon's condition might worsen. After hearing the report of Shi-Woon's whereabouts he gives the order to capture him alive and that they could hurt him a little. When the doctors protested on such behavior towards a patient, he, sarcastically, commented that a person that goes 5 kilometers in 30 minutes is definitely a critical patient and proceeds to head towards Shi-Woon intending to discipline him.[5]

As he keeps loosing one team after the other and realizes Shi-Woon's plan he proceeds to find and confront him himself. While Shi-Woon is in hiding he pretends to not notice him and as soon as Shi-Woon considers the place clear and moves he appears before him and starts fighting him.[6] Trying to intimidate him with his techniques he is surprised to see Shi-Woon getting more and more offensive instead.[7]. Ju Sang-Sik stopped them leaving Shi-woon escape and making Jung Lae realize that his fingers were broken from Shi-Woon leaving him surprised.[8]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Advanced Master Martial Artist: Being a higher up of the Special Forces shows his level of skill since standard agents are capable of dealing with the must "seasoned pro" martial artists. Also, his martial arts style so far has been confirmed to be based on being able to fight stronger opponents, like Shi-Woon and the Chun-Woo Han for a little while. He is a good sniper that he was able to take a shot from five blocks away.


  • High Speed Rotating Dislocator: By grabbing hold of one's arm and quickly twisting his body around it, Lae Won has the ability to dislocate one's arm. He tried this ability on Goomoonryong, but it was quickly deflected, much to his dismay.[9]
  • Movement Restricting Technique: A basic technique of the Murim Special Ops that restricts the targets movements. The level of this technique is high enough to restrict even the movements of "seasoned pro" martial artists without the hope of escape. Since it is one of the basic techniques taught to Special Ops agents it is assuped that Jung Lae Won can also execute it. [10]
  • Locked Gate Soul Cutter (Geum-Mun-Dan-Hon): A restraining art based on overwhelming and twisting the opponents attack. In other words, it creates the ultimate amputation technique. It seems to create a rotating like effect forming a whirlwind, probably, from Ki, which can easily cut of a limb if it happens to be in that "whirlwind".[7]



  • Lee Kim-soon: They are both workmates in the Murim Special Ops, Kim-soon refers to him as "uncle".


  • Shi-Woon Yi: Shi-Woon saved him from his police boss.
  • Chun Woo Han: Jung was responsible for putting Shi-Ho Lee into coma which enraged Chun-Woo driving him to mindlessly enter the Black Origin Threshold during the events at the Koa Tower.
  • Chief: Jung Lae Won turned against his mentor where he learned of his plot to kill Shi-Woon.


  • Although the events during the Volume 10 of the Part 1 of the series showed that he was part of the Black Forest Defence, in the New Waves it is revealed that during that time the Murim Special Ops cooperated with the Black Forest Defence and thus he is not a double agent.


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