Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional Info
Affiliation Murim
Black Forest Defence
Martial Arts
Rank Advanced Master
Manhwa Debut
Part 2 Chapter 130 (back)
Chapter 133 (front)

Julia is a member of the Black Forest Defence and part of the group that joined Chun-Woo Han in the mission of claiming Seoul.[1]


Julia has a well shaped body with well curved and has a big bust. She dresses in jeans and jacket that reveals her cleavage. She has green eyes and curly brown hair that reach the height of her jaws in length. She is usually seen covering her right eye with her hair but not always as having her hair cover two scars on her face.


She usually displays a cunning behaviour and seems to enjoy intense situations filled with suspense and strong emotions. She uses a sarcastic tone towards her opponents but  does have an caring side towards her comrades although she tries to not show it much since she understands the pain that their actions cause to them and those around them. Once, she recognizes someone as "strong" or "amazing" she becomes highly loyal to them. Indicating a desire to be near those deemed "special".


The Breaker New WavesEdit

Julia was shown to be apart of Goomoonryong's team, who went with him to Seoul.[2]After arriving at the Incheon airport but was met with Jung Lae Won and his men. Then as Julia attack him but her attack was stop, falling back telling him "Good Job" after finishing them off leaving the Airport. Was seen in front of the Martial Arts Alliance main building. After entering the building beginning to attack the men saying that they are "You're all so weak you trash". Soon as Kang-Sung arrived to the battle, sentencing how strong he was falling back then attacking with Black Forest Defence men, But was overpowered by Kang-Sung and was shocked after seeing one of comrades being killed. After the order for Goomoonryong to falling back and stay out of the way and watch the match of Goomoonryong and Kang-Sung, but was shocked to see Shi-Woon Yi entered the building and stopping the battle.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


  • Advanced Master Martial Artist: Seeing as she was able to push back Jung Lae Won and be sarcastic with it, she is assumed to be respectively capable and, thus, an Advanced Master. Although she has a sword as a weapon of choice her movements suggest that she is just as strong physically. [3]
  • Swordsmanship: She is a highly capable swords woman as seen from how she fought against Jung-Lae Won on even terms and was able to easily overpower and slaughter members of the Martial Arts Alliance without much effort.[3] She is able to go toe to toe against Ji-Gun Yoo an future Four Supernovas.

Items Edit

Sword: Her blade highly resembles that of a katana as it is a single-edged, curved blade that ends in a thick guard.


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