Ju Sang-Sik
Ju Sang-Sik
Nickname Ghost Hands Divine Healer
Age Elderly
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Heung-In Hospital
Occupation Heung-In Hospital Head Doctor
Personal Status
Status Alive
Martial Arts
Fighting Style Acupuncture Style
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 110 (NW)

Ju Sang-Sik is the head of the Heung-In Hospital.[1] He is also one of the Ten Grand Masters of the Murim.


Overall he looks like an old Korean man complete with a short stature and wrinkled skin.  Like another known Grand Master, Jae-Kyu Kwon, he wears traditional Korean clothing and has been show to occasionally wear a full body cloak.  He wears a western style hat as well as a pair of simple circular glasses. His hair is pulled back and tied in a long ponytail and he has an unkempt beard that is about as long as his pony tail. Although he is know for his medical skills he has a crooked smile with many missing teeth. 


Over all Ju Sang-Sik is an abrasive individual. When dealing with others he completely ignores formalities, even ones afforded to him, and constantly pushes forward to his goals. His speech is very unkind and he is constantly beratting others, he also swears very often. 

When pursuing a goal he has show to be deeply impatient not accepting any excuses for failure of any kind. This was shown when he knew that Shi-Woon Yi went through the Overhaul Rebirth which he researched for years. He frequently threatens others and expresses his displeasure with violence such as slapping people in the back of the head. 

While his personality is hard and he is often mean to others he does not believe in using underhanded methods. Several times he has scolded Jung Lae Won for using underhanded and "Non-Murim" methods.[1] He also seems to miss his time before becoming so well known. When Shi-Woon challenged him to a one on one duel he became deeply excited and began to smile.

He is shown to hold great regret for the incident that made him an enemy for the Sun-Woo Clan thought he admit that regret won't undo what happened and since he and Elder Kwon can't become dear friends he will gladly become his nemesis. His regret was shown to be so deep to the point of letting the only known Overhaul Rebirth subject to go and told Elder Kwon that he will keep the information about the Overhaul Rebirth a secret, and protect it by saying it was a mistake. When was asked why, he state that one life regretting mistake is enough and after he apologized and it wasn't accepted he was shown with a sad look on his face, but after being thank for saving Shi-Woon he smiled.



His name and skills are well known throughout the murim so it can be assumed that he has accomplished many things in his lifetime. In the past 30 years not a single person has challenged him to a duel.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

After searching he finally located Shi-Woon while the latter was fighting Jung Lae Won. After stopping the battle and inadvertently scaring off Shi-Woon he used an acupuncture technique to try and incapacitate him. [2] When it failed and Shi-Woon escaped he revealed to Lae Won Shi-Woon's plan to destroy his fingers and quickly healed him.

After finding Shi-Woon again he watched for a time as Shi-Woon fought off the Special-ops commenting that it was so amusing he didn't want to stop him.[3]

After the news is revealed that the Sun-Woo Clan is close to arriving he stops Jung Lae Won from reverting to Non-Murim methods such as using a tranquilizer gun. He then steps in as a last resort to stop Shi-Woon quickly only to have Shi-Woon surprise him with a duel. He comments that it has been 30 years since someone has challenged him to a duel and excitedly accepts the offer. As the fight began, Ju Sang-Sik mostly observed and blocked Shi-Woon's attacks while making note of the information he received about Shi-Woon's time in the Murim. During the middle part of the battle he decided to end things quickly by using the Five Phases Acupuncture Art while telling Shi-Woon what the technique entailed. However when the former managed to withstand the pain and damaged himself to stay conscious, Ju Sang-Sik questioned why Shi-Woon was determined like that. Later when the Sun-Woo clan's helicopters arrived near the island, Ju Sang-Sik used the distraction to his advantage to trap Shi-Woon with the Thousand Needle Restriction. When Jae-Kyu Kwon arrived to battlefield by jumping down the helicopter he was on, the two Grand Masters then confronted one another with both of them fighting within the forest equally while the Murim Special Ops and Sun-Woo Clan fight against each other. The moment the elders of the Sun-Woo Clan realized that Shi-Woon is paralyzed by the Thousand Needle Restriction technique, Ju Sang-Sik declared his victory since he was the only one at the location to be capable of removing the Lifeblood Silver Needles of the Thousand Needle Restriction safely. Though when Shi-Woon tries to remove the needles himself, Ju Sang-Sik was left in awe and decided to stepped down from the conflict and proceeded to treat Shi-Woon of the damage the forced removal of the needles caused while lamenting about how he regretted making the Sun-Woo Clan his enemies then.

He was later seen gathered along with the other munjus and ganjus affiliated with Martial Arts Alliance, having been called there by Shi-Woon. Shi-Woon then requested that Ju Sang-Sik heal Kang-Sung of the injuries and aftereffects of his recent fight with Goomoonryong though Ju sang-Sik declared the chief to be a walking corpse due to the excessive damage to his body and stated that he was beyond saving. However he was persuaded to try by Shi-Woon and Jae-Kyu Kwon. In Shi-Woon's flashback before setting out to stop the S.U.C., he had discussed with Ju Sang-Sik about becoming stronger which the latter initially misinterpreted that he just want more power, but was corrected when Shi-Woon declared that he needed to become stronger to protect the Alliance. Ju Sang-Sik then proceeded to help him by explaining how the Overhaul Rebirth has affected his body by giving Shi-Woon a much greater physique surpassing the human limits and stated that in order to fully utilize the Overhaul Rebirth to his advantage he needs to forget his former limitations. The grand master furthered elaborated that Shi-Woon now has the potential to become the strongest master in all of Murim including So-Chun Hyuk when Shi-Woon questioned if he can be stronger than him.

Later on Ju Sang-Sik is seen boarding the helicopter along with the other elders, Kang-Sung, Sera Kang, and Jin-Le Kwon to the Seoul Tower where the S.U.C. and Goomoonryoung are gathered at after Sera Kang revealed that elders' disciples have set out to stop the S.U.C. When Jin-Le questioned the outcome where her grandfather, Jae-Kyu Kwon, being involved in the fight, the elder doctor replied that Elder Kwon wouldn't lose to anyone but himself. When the helicopter arrived just above the battleground of Elder Kwon and Goomoonryoung, Ju Sang-Sik immediately demanded that the doors to be opened so he can jump down and heal Elder Kwon when the latter was fatally injured by Goomoonryoung. When denied by Sera Kang as they were hundreds of feet above the ground, the elder doctor destroyed the doors and leaped down as fast as he can. Upon arriving he coughed up blood when asked about his condition by Kang-Sung while noting that he had used too much of his Ki when healing all the others and immediately rushed to Elder Kwon while Shi-Woon cried over the fallen elder.

After reaching Jae-Kyu Kwon and realizing that the man passed away, the doctor attacks Goomoonryong in a fit of rage while being aided by Kang-Sung who was worried about the doctor getting hurt. The fight is stopped when Shi-Woon uses both of the Cry of the Phoenix and the Black Origin Threshold technique to fight against his former master. When Chun-Woo went to his former disciple and warned them about the bombs and that he holds the detonator, the doctor was too angry to care if they would die, but Kang-Sung managed to calm him down. After Shi-Woon started to fight his former master, after losing his faith in him, the elder realized why elder Kwon sacrifice himself.  However, after noticing that the boy missed killing the Nine Arts Dragon six time he was annoyed by this as he also noticed that the Nine Arts Dragon was holding back and knew that wont last.

When the Nine Arts Dragon stopped holding back, easily subdued his former disciple and threatened to kill him if he was not given the helicopter, the doctor agreed, in order to make sure that the sacrifice of his rival doesn't go to waste, on the condition to be given the detonator or he will kill everyone of the enemy.

After the event of Seoul tower, the doctor heard about Shi-Woon's mother and started to treat her which resulted in her regaining her consciousness.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Real Master Martial Artist (Acupuncture Style): As one of the 10 Grand Masters of the entire Murim his skills are some of the highest in the world [4]. His style revolves around precision to match his acupuncture style. Ju Sang-Sik utilizes his acupuncture needles in battle as well along with his extensive knowledge of the human body to his advantage. He has shown to be one of the few individuals capable of holding his own quite easily against Jae-Kyu Kwon of the Sun-Woo Clan. He is capable of putting great power into just his fingertips alone shown when he simultaneously stopped Shi-Woon's and Jung Lae Won's attacks without being damaged by the strength the attacks held. Also he was able fight against Shi-Woon rather easily and repelled most of the latter's attacks with just his fingers. He was shown to be capable of holding his own against the Nine Arts Dragon even in a weakened state.

High Observation Skills: He is very observant as he was able to see through Shi-Woon's plan of destroying Jung Lae Won's fingers while the former was disguising his plan with wild attacks.

Master Acupuncture Healer/Doctor: While his other skills are doubtlessly great Ju Sang-Sik is known for his medical skill.  He has shown a great knowledge of medical lore knowing the specifics of an obscure phenomena such as the Overhaul Rebirth.[5]  He has also shows great knowledge in acupuncture points and the use of acupuncture needle. While initially disbelieving in being able to heal Kang-Sung after his Ki network was ruptured by Goomoonryoung, Ju Sang-Sik managed to bring the Chief back to working condition where he was later seen leaping off a helicopter with the doctor and landed safely on the ground.


Five Phases Acupuncture Art (Oh Heng Jeom Hyeol Sool): This is a secret forbidden technique in the Heung-In Hospital called the Five Phases Acupuncture Art. It’s an art where the user has to press five points on the body and opponent will feel pain like he has never felt before. Each of these points are located on the center of chest just below the ribs, one point each on the on the back of the hand, and one point each at the end of the waist. When four out of five phases are activated opponent the will feel some pain. When all five phases are activated the pain will be so great that the opponent will pass out from it.[6]

Thousand Needle Restriction: This technique makes use of the Lifeblood Silver Needles through the Acupuncture art to attack and restrain opponent. The effects of this technique include rendering someone unconscious or restraining him with the great pain the Needles cause.[7]


Lifeblood Silver Needles: These needles are used as acupuncture needles to stab into an opponent. It is unknown if the power of those needles lies with the needle itself or with its placement on the body, but the effects are great. Being struck feels more like being stabbed with a knife than a needle and when used on a strong opponent it still drove him to his knees. It has been said to normally knock people unconscious. Should the victim remain conscious pulling out the needle can cause great pain and mental stress and will likely knock the person out even if they have managed to remain conscious to this point. 



  • Shi-Woon Yi: At first the doctor want to capture boy because he went through the Overhaul Rebirth which he researched for years and was excited to the point of not accepting any excuses. However, after dueling and losing to him he gave up on capturing him and seem to have developed an interest in Shi-Woon. Later, after being called in order to heal Kang-Sung he mistaking Shi-Woon asking him how to get stronger for desiring power before realizing that he wanted to live up to the responsibility that is on his shoulder right now.
  • Jae-Kyu Kwon: The two seem to have been enemies and rivals for some time now. As what happened to So-Sul which resulted in the clan current situation was partially his fault. However, Ju Sang-Sik regret that mistake as he seem to have wanted to be friends with the Elder, but he stated that if it's too late to be dear friends he will gladly become his nemesis instead. Despite that he seems to care about his rival well being as he was furious when he saw him wounded and after witnessing his death he rushed in a fit of rage against the Nine Arts Dragon.
  • Sun-Woo Clan
  • Martial Arts Alliance


  • How is it boy? Can you finally tell how big the world is? (To Shi-Woon Yi)
  • What are you loafing around for? Get back to work!
  • Kukuku. Your body doesn't share your thoughts. The world isn't as forgiving as you expect my child...



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