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Jung Jip-sa
Ji-Psa Jung
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Sun-Woo Clan, Murim, Martial Arts Alliance
Previous Occupation Retainer for Sun-Woo Clan
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Martial Arts
School Sun-Woo Clan
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 21 (The Breaker)

Jung Jip-sa was a member of the Sun-Woo Clan and retainer of Jang So-Sul. He died at the hands of Mun-Gi Ma and the Torrent Clan. In The Breaker, he agreed to a proposal made by the Black Forest Defence, in which he would give them So-Sul.


He is a short aged man. he keeps his hair short and has a powerful mustache.


He was shown to be a person of great will and loyalty to be given the daunting task of protecting the heir of the Sun-Woo Clan. He is shown to quite determined as he is seen fighting off dozens of people despite sustaining numerous wounds.

Abilities and TechniquesEdit

He seemed to be a capable martial artist as he gave Ma Mun-Gi a hard time and was proficient in fleeing and stealth techniques.


The BreakerEdit

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