Techniques & Abilities


Don't take her lightly.  She's not someone I can just go and defeat.
— Sera Kang about Jin-Ie's skill.

Martial ArtsEdit

  • Expert Martial Artist (Jae-Kyu Kwon's style): According to Elder Min Sa-Oak, Jin-Ie's fighting style is not one widely taught in the Sun-Woo Clan, but was instead taught to her by her grandfather for the express purpose of one day inheriting his techniques. Her style revolves mainly around quick, powerful kicks utilizing her long legs. She has shown herself able to perform acrobatic jumps and flips, but nowhere near the level of many master level artists. She also has impressive reflexes being able to see through the movements of high level fighters. Her attacks are also difficult to read and counter due to her overall flexibility.  Her skills place her in the Top 5 of the Sun-Woo Clan and because of this, the elders give her important assignments like protecting Shi-Woon. After the near death experience she had with the S.U.C. she began to train with new vigor and her martial arts skills have jumped to another level. After the death of her grandfather, Jin-Ie began training in the use of his personal techniques when Elder Min Sa-Oak gave her the book containing Elder Kwon's techniques and martial arts.
  • Calm Ignition Ki Center Techniques: Jin-Ie unknowingly mastered these techniques over the course of her traning with the Sun-Woo Clan. Not much is known about them, only that they are vital for mastering the techniques employed in Jae-Kyu Kwon's style of martial arts. Twelve years of training in Calm Ignition are needed to to be able to learn Kwon's style.
  • Untapped Potential: According to Ha-Il Gang, Jin-Ie possesses a large amount of untapped potential. With access to his techniques and enough time, Jin-Ie may be able to attain a level of skill comparable to her grandfather.
  • Ton-fa Skill: When up against an enemy with a bladed weapon Jin-Ie created a make-shift pair of ton-fa from a broken chair and was able to fight on par with a master level opponent even though she ultimately lost. Her skill with the ton-fa imply that she has had some training with them but it is unknown where, with whom, or what style she is trained in.


  • Enhanced Flexibility: She has displayed impressive flexibility, regularly using kicks that require her to bend forward and kick from above, effortlessly.
  • Superhuman Equilibrium: Jin-Ie's fighting style requires her to use jumps and walls to assist her which displays high level of balance. Her level is such that it seems as though she is flying and lands when and however she wants.


  • Thunder Smashing Strike (Nweh Gyuk Gwon): A technique where the user moves up a shear vertical surface and then dropping from the surface to build up momentum and attacks the opponent with a fist strike, the resulting air pressure from the drop preventing the target from moving. This technique appears to harm her, as she has yet to master it.
  • Phoenix Wing Whip: This is a personal technique from her grandfather's personal martial arts that Jin-Ie inherited upon his death. It involves swinging the user's arm in a whip-like fashion that can either repel or break objects. Instead of swinging her arm in a downward motion like Elder Kwon, Jin-Ie folds her arms in a cross formation and then swings both arms outward. With this technique Jin-Ie was able to repel an attack performed by master-level fighter Jae-gal.

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