Other than her father, it has been seen that her bonds with the others are strong or complicated.

  • Jae-Kyu Kwon: Jin-Ie's grandfather from her mother's side, he is the second-in-command of the Sun-Woo Clan. When left into helpless loneliness, he adopted Jin-Ie and greeted her to the Sun-Woo Clan, and, eventually, making her a relevant member, teaching her martial arts. Later on, she finds out that he was disappointed at her mother, and does not want Jin-Ie to do the same, in which the young girl promises. Later on, though, she has been seen to give a fearful vibe when hearing Elder Kwon disappointed at her. But her loyalty to him is still evident, and is almost unfavorable. Today, though, their bond had truly begun, as Elder Kwon would risk his life and kill all threats opposing her. After her grandfather was killed by Chun-Woo, she recklessly tries to jump out of a helicopter. This shows that she cares for him dearly.
  • Hae-Jin Kwon: Jin-Ie's Mother, she has been shown in the past as a little child to truly care and love her mother to a powerful and immovable extent, since she had always been there for her. Thus, once she had died, Jin-Ie was left alone in loneliness, with nobody to look up to and count on for, since her father is nowhere to be found.

Friends and AlliesEdit

She has had bonds before the series, as well as grown bonds throughout the series.

  • Ha-Ill Gang: The two have seemed to know each other for a long and close extent, probably once she was adopted into the Sun-Woo Clan. The two generally argue at several occasions, with the man teasing, mocking, or joking about her actions in order to push her into scolding at him. It would be without surprise if their bond would seem closer than this. They seem to have a big brother, little sister relationship one that Ha-III transfer to her from her mother.
  • Ji-Gun Yoo: Originally enemies, they eventually grew a bond after Ji-Gun had saved her from Dark Princess. Later on, though, Ji-Gun would act no different than Ha-Ill Gang towards Jin-Ie, teasing her to an extent that would make her yell at him.
  • Gyu-Bum Yi: Seemingly the two have had some connection, as she has been seen to always call him a "sly fox" for his actions, thoughts, and plans towards her.
  • Dae-San Han: The two seem to share a friendship, as he had helped her out with Ha-Ill Gang before.


Females who have feelings for Shi-Woo Yi

  • Sae-Hee: Sae-Hee has been friends with Shi-Woo for years. Started to see her as a rival for his heart and love, being jealous for being to close to him.
  • Sera Kang: Both Sera and Jin-le started to gain feelings for Shi-Woo.


Although there's not any progress so far, she has come to have romantic feelings.

  • Shi-Woon Yi: Though still regarded as friends, it has been shown on more than one occasion that Jin-Ie had begun to grow heart-warming feelings for him. Initially, she did not want any business with him, scolding him for everything he did, even if they were intentionally helpful. As the series progresses, though, through experiences of protecting one another at all costs to the point of risking life, she has begun to fall for him because of his resolve to protect those he loves dearly. She can now be ridiculously worried for his well-being if ever in danger.


In the process of protecting Shi-Woon, as his bodyguard, she has come in various conflicts with the S.U.C.

  • Soldiers Under Command: As enemies of Shi-Woon, it is initial that they are enemies of Jin-Ie. They have eventually tried chasing after her by orders from Dark Princess before, running about in the entire town.
  • Ji-Woo Li: A member of the five S.U.C. Captains, they first crossed roads with each other when Jin-Ie interrupted her battle against Ji-Gun. Angered, she killed the stray cat that followed Jin-Ie, thus enraging her. Dark Princess would chase her later on in order to kill her for revenge, and in at least 5 situations, they would battle.