Jin-le lived with her mother in States. After her mother passed away in a place crash and father's whereabouts are not known. Causing her great turmoil of loneliness. She was taken in by her grandfather and bring her to South Korea to live with him in the Sun-Woo Clan.

After being welcomed and given hope after such a lonely, defenceless experience, she had an promised to her grandfather never to disappoint him and follow all orders that he will give her, as he had given everything back to her. Ha-Ill Gang over see her and protects her from her the past although see seemed to not like it. But making her feel loved and seeing as he protects her like a father, as she would later gives him her father's hat. She points out, it would be better for someone to wear it, than putting it away somewhere. She adds, that he looks like her father sometimes. He then teases her, saying he would have to help her again in fights. Hearing this she gets mad, telling him to give the hat back, to which he replies that he would never return it.[1] Soon as she came to the Sunwoo Clan her grandfather began to train her in the way her grandfather style of fight that will came here 12 years of training to master without her knowning that she was trained for.

The BreakerEdit

She was first seen along with Ha-Ill Gang and Dae-San Han in the closing end of The Breaker when Shi-Woon was slightly conscious. Gyu-Bum brought them to the hospital to introduce Shi-Woon to them as the new head complimenting his spirit. Jin-Ie was then shown doubting Gyu-Bum's words. Among these three only her face was shown when she got closer to Shi-Woon to take a better look. However, the body structure and dressing of the other two made their identities clear.[2]

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Her initial appearance begun in New Waves, as Shi-Woon passed a fainted, blood-and-scarred-over unconscious girl, which the young boy would try to help. Jin-Ie then woke up and demanded to be left alone. Despite this, Shi-Woon later came back with a first-aid kit. On a later day, right before school, she saw Shi-Woon again, telling him that she wouldn't thank him, since she never asked for his help. After school, while following Shi-Woon in order to continue to protect him, as she was ordered to, she stopped a group of people from a clan seeking vengeance against Goomoonryong, thus aiming for Shi-Woon.

After beating the small group, including it's leader, she brought Shi-Woon to a car where Gyu-Bum Yi waited for them. Upon arriving at a villa from the clan, she distanced herself from the group and watched from afar. She was seen again after Shi-Woon declined the elders proposition to become the clan's head, despite his hold of the Phoenix Medallion. Elder Kwon then rudely scolded her, for not listening to his plan: To let Shi-Woon get beaten half to death, before rescuing him, in order for him to be lured in seeking assistance and thus asking the Sun-Woo Clan for help and becoming their leader. She replied that the enemy had a sword and even one strike would have proven fatal. While yelling at her for her excuses he left. He told her, that he is worried, whether she is no different from the disappointment given to him by his daughter.

Some day later, she was seen on her way home, alongside Shi-Woon. Thus it got revealed, that her apartment room is (literally) next door to Shi-Woon's. She entered her room and was left with, once again, stale ramen bowls. The next day, because of "sly fox" Gyu-Bum, she was also assigned to become a new transfer student for Shi-Woon's school homeroom, in order for her to keep watch of his safety. At the same day, she heared from Sae-Hee that another transfer student had arrived for her class, a "pretty boy" named Ji-Gun Yoo.

At night, with only ramen for dinner, like every other day, she was suddenly offered by Shi-Woon to eat dinner with him at his place, since no one was home. Reluctant at first, because she did not want to look helpless, she agreed upon hearing he would be frightened to be home alone. Realizing the amazing variety that Shi-Woon had cooked, she devoured all of it in joy, asking for more. After finishing it, she claimed the food was "all right", probably to simply make her look, like she didn't need it. Before sleeping though, she saw Shi-Woon run off out of nowhere and thus followed him. Shi-Woon finally reached the rendezvous, where he got attacked by Ji-Gun, now revealed to be a part of the Murim world. Jin-Ie reached him in time, but got separated from him again when Ji-Gun attacked her. Ji-Gun told Shi-Woon to enter the building where he would meet someone who wanted him dead. Shi-Woon went ahead, with Jin-Ie trying to stop him, only to be paused by Ji-Gun. The two of them then fight. Though her counters seemed to have worked on first glance she had to witness Ji-Gun's magnificent movement and prowess as a martial artist. She stated to herself, that he was using just one finger for the battle, yet her legs did not seem to reach as far as his finger did. Eventually, Jin-Ie became able to avoid and escape from Ji-Gun, reaching the rooftops. Jin-Ie arrived on the roof of the building, where she saw Shi-Woon fainted. Bringing him home, she had an awkward moment, thinking of Shi-Woon, and possibly thinking of kissing him, but stopped thinking about it believing she had gone crazy.

The next day, right before school, the two crossed with Ji-Gun again. He displayed his skills, and was able to brutally hit Shi-Woon, and left unharmed. After being called, Gyu-Bum arrived to pick the two up, to reach the clan in order to heal him up. Later that day, Shi-Woon revealed his resolve not to look after his former master for the safety of Sae-Hee, but instead wanting to fight Ji-Gun after the promised week's time. She accompanied Shi-Woon on his way to train with Jang-Il Jeong and back home as well as when we went to meet up with Seung-Jae Bae.

After a week, the two met up with Ji-Gun and Sera Kang. She let Shi-Woon battle Ji-Gun one-on-one, and had to watch a match in which Shi-Woon got brutally beaten. Shi-Woon's resolve led him to use the Iron Wall Stance until he got one hit on Ji-Gun, but he passed out afterwards. At this point Ji-Gun left the fight. Though simultaneously after his leave, a group of people from Sera's Clan, the Mil-Yang Clan, arrived to kill the now unconscious Shi-Woon.

She attacked Sera, who in turn countered her. Jin-Ie then defended herself against one of the others running up to attack her. The leader of the small group interfered and Jin-Ie realized, that she would be inferior to him. Surprisingly, Dae-San Han and Ha-Ill Gang arrived then. Helping her, Ha-Ill beats down their leader, stating for the first time to kill them all, with Big Mountain blocking the escape. At this point Jin-Ie was only bothered by the lack of resolve of their opponents. As Ha-Ill stated to kill the group a second time, Shi-Woon regained consciousness and told him not to kill any of them. To Ha-Ill's surprise Jin-Ie agreed with Shi-Woon. Ha-Ill in turn threatened Shi-Woon, but Jin-Ie stopped him. Then Sera ordered her clan to back off, and left as well.

Later at home at night, Ha-Ill teased Jin-Ie that "ones who fall in love are the ones to die first." She scolded him that she did not have such feelings for Shi-Woon, but also thanked him for helping before he left. After putting Shi-Woon in bed, she got a call from her grandfather, elder Kwon. He ordered her to kill Shi-Woon, as such a Head would be unfit for the clan. The situation should be that he died against Ji-Gun. He asked whether she would refuse and disappoint him further, to which she replied: "No, Sir."

She entered Shi-Woon's room again, and thought about how her grandfather saved her from loneliness, and that she had promised to never disappoint him. She then started to strangle Shi-Woon. While choking the fainted boy, she remarked the few, but sincere moments that Shi-Woon had given her, whether it was protection, or thanks, or even just to talk and hang out as friends. She was seen crying and simultaneously saying that she is so sorry for him. Suddenly, Shi-Woon's phone rang, displaying his mother calling. This reminded her of her own mother, and realizing that she could not kill Shi-Woon because of her growing bond with him, and also the fact that this would disappoint her grandfather, she resorted to run away from everybody, crying in loneliness as she did.

Later on, she is on the streets, alone and still crying. A cat suddenly starts to follow her around, thus the two lonely beings begin to look after one another. Entering a sushi shop, she is still unable to buy anything, only to be looking at the food in hunger with the stray cat. She leaves, but is suddenly caught up seeing a battle between Ji-Gun and Ji-Woo Li, revealed to be one of the Five S.U.C. Captains, the Dark Princess. Trying to avoid and leave the scene, she accidentally interrupts Dark Princess' battle, and now being enraged that she had done so, suddenly and quickly kills off Jin-Ie's cat. Realizing that she had not even fed the cat once before dying, an enraged Jin-Ie surprisingly kicks off Dark Princess. Ji-Gun realizes the situation, and is able to save Jin-Ie and the two leave.

After giving her some food and helping her shape her life a bit more, Ji-Gun then brings her to a maid cafe to work there as her job. Jin-Ie thanks Ji-Gun for helping her out this much, in which the latter replies that it's all right, and leaves. The manager then tells her that her bloody attire is not good, and gives her the initial uniform for the cafe, in which is a flirty dress. She then realizes what Ji-Gun was doing, and is enraged at him. Now working as a maid in the cafe, Lee Yang and the other maids begin talking back about her, as they witness Jin-Ie treating a customer, Ji-Gun, rudely. Ji-Gun then leaves after teasing her about how good she looks in the outfit, having her yell at him. Lee Yang then tells Jin-Ie that more sugar is needed, and pushes her out of the cafe to go buy some. Coming back after buying it, she sees the cafe destroyed by Dark Princess, who was in search of Jin-Ie to get revenge. Jin-Ie saves the maids, and runs away, with Dark Princess chasing after her.

Similar to Shi-Woon's incident of running away from several forces, she is able to evade literally numerous S.U.C. by beating them, fooling them, or simply avoiding them with her flexibility through the even the streets. Being crossed by Dark Princess in several occasions, she is able to supposedly fully evade and leave the S.U.C. by reaching the streets, taunting them, only to be remarked by several S.U.C. about how "cute she actually is when she does that." Thought to have evaded Dark Princess, she pops up, and the two fight on a huge truck in the dangerous streets, once almost dying.

She is able to outrun her, only to be stopped again at the park, where she is now helpless, and brutally strangled into exhaustion. She begins to die, thinking about her loneliness, about her failing, and about Shi-Woon. On the brink of death, she hears a voice, and is then released from the strangle, as Shi-Woon arrives to interrupt Dark Princess. Going good on grounds against Dark Princess, Jin-Ie finds the advantage and kicks her face, flying her off. Before killing her, though, Shi-Woon stops her, telling her that killing is not necessary. The two walking down the steps, she asks why Shi-Woon would help her. He replies that she is an amazing friend and that he would do anything to protect and save her. Happy that he would do such a thing, she becomes exhausted, but rudely declines Shi-Woon's offer to help her walk, only to trip and almost fall to the ground, only to be saved by Shi-Woon again. She then feels a bit more comfortable, and lays her chin on Shi-Woon's shoulders, resting.

Suddenly, several S.U.C. arrive who were called by Dark Princess. Gaining conciousness again, Jin-Ie rises and tells Shi-Woon to stay back, wanting to protect Shi-Woon the way Shi-Woon had done for her. Before anyone could attack, though, Ji-Gun arrives with his motorbike, and the three flee off. Now night-time, the three are suddenly crashed by a car. All flying, she is able to hug tightly to Shi-Woon from behind, in order to protect him from the fall. Falling to the ground, Jin-Ie's skull is hit hard, causing ridiculous amounts of blood to be pooling out, making Jin-Ie begin to die. She is saved by Ji-Gun and especially Shi-Woon's efforts from Cool Guy and the other S.U.C. though, even her grandfather, Elder Kwon, who originally wanted Shi-Woon dead, helped, after realizing the past's truth and Shi-Woon's resolve to protect his granddaughter.

She wakes up in the hospital, where she sees Elder Kwon right next to her. Shocked that her grandfather would ever take such actions, her grandfather leaves, telling her that he was truly worried about losing her, and that he would never want her in such a critical situation again. He leaves, telling her that Shi-Woon had risked his life to keep her safe. Later, she asks the nurse if a boy was also here at the hospital (regarding Shi-Woon), with the nurse answering that there was a handsome young man (regarding Ji-Gun), which enrages her as her growing hopes were ruined for "someone like him."

Later in the future, she reaches to where Ji-Gun is, asking if he had seen Shi-Woon anywhere, for not once had he even visited her since then. Ji-Gun then tells her that he had seen him walk around once, but his face was full of rage. Suddenly, some officials of the Sun-Woo arrive, telling the two that Shi-Woon is in dying danger. She calls Sera, demanding what was going on. Sera replies that he may have already died in his situation, in which Jin-Ie responds about how emotionless and "cold-blooded" she is not to try helping her, hanging up the phone, now ridiculously worried about Shi-Woon's well-being. After learning that Shi-Woon is rescued she informs her grandfather, Elder Kwon, who was sitting next to her and she seems confused when he mentions that he now should learn where the Head of the Clan was that he had to find-out from his granddaughter in the hospital. She was later seen training with Elder Jeong.

When Shi-Woon starts going to school again she is placed as her in-school bodyguard since Ha-Ill Gang cannot enter the school. As Ha-Ill hands Shi-Woon to her in the School gate he teases her saying to use this chance (not that Sera Kang is in the hospital) meaning that she had a chance to get close to Shi-Woon to which she shouts at him. As they enter the school Jin-Ie mentions that the reason for Shi-Woon to start school is because of Sae-Hee to which he responds that he also has her that looks so good in school uniform. Late, they meet Sae-Hee and Ji-Gun and Jin-Ie seems annoyed that Shi-Woon talks to them. After, class started she fell asleep on her desk and was woken up by Shi-Woon when the S.U.C. made their move. While going towards the roof she asks Shi-Woon if this was the reason why he started school again to which he responds positively while revealing to her the plan made with Sera. When they reached the roof Jin-Ie was sent to the infirmary to retrieve Sae-Hee but after taking her to the roof it was revealed that it was actually Ha-ru disguised.[3] They started fighting and Jin-Ie was soon overwhelmed by Ha-ru and was thrown of the roof while being hit unconscious but was saved by Ha-Ill. While, he was in a tight spot after the explosion she woke up and intervened by kicking Kwon-Young. She was then asked to get to the explosion point fast and leave it to him.[4]

Jin-Ie run to Shi-Woon's rescue by jumping on the students heads while they were evacuating. Upon getting there she saw Ryuji and proceeded to attack him but he evaded with his unique wind natured movement and attacked Shi-Woon. Jin-Ie runs towards Shi-Woon to ensure that he is still fine while he (unexpectedly) stood up although he should be dead from the attack. She looks surprised witnessing Shi-Woon's reaction to the situation.[5] She barely dodges Shi-Woon's attack on her and she watches surprised the fight between Shi-Woon and Ryuji. Members of the Sun-Woo Clan inform her that Shi-Woon became like this after seeing what happened to Elder Jeong and when she realizes the loss she cries over his body.[6] Jin-Ie would notice that Shi-Woon had been losing a lot of blood and then was surprised to see Elder Jeong, alive, going stop him. When Shi-Woon stops his rampage and faints Elder Jeong proceeds to assist his healing speed by adding he own Ki. Jin-Ie tries to persuade him to stop because if he keeps it up he won't survive. Elder Jeong answers that it was too late for him in the first place. And at the very least he wants to assist Shi-Woon to the very end. After the S.U.C. retreats, Jin-Ie is dragged away by the rest of the Clan members to stop the S.W.A.T. team from reaching the Ganju.

After Jeong-Il's death and Shi-Woon's disappearance, Jin-Ie was seen crying while on the phone to Sera Kang.[7] After Ha-Ill tells her Shi-Woon, she is pleased to hear that Shi-Woon is alive.[8] She, along with Sera Kang and member of Sun-woo Clan later are seen on helicopter, heading to rescue Shi-Woon.[9] She witnesses her grandfather fighting the Murim Special Ops.[10] She jumped out of the helicopter only to be catch in the air press of the helicopter but was saved by Min Sa-Oak and Kim Sul-Joong holding her by both arms then letting her going on top of two MSO hitting both of them on top of the head standing tell MSO to stay away from Shi-Woon calling the MSO small fries and both clan elders joins in the battle. Jin-Ie ran to Shi-Woon asking if he was okay and come to he senses but hears him ask something became shocking.[11] . Min Sa and Kim Sul told her not to touch the Chi needles if she does it can kill him. All three of them was shocked to see her grandfather leave in front of them but was pushed out of the way of Ju Sang-Sik looking down seeing a Needle. Shocked to see Shi-Woon pull out the needle's that binding him calling out to him as he spills out blood of his mouth shock by his will and hearing Hwan Gol Tal Tae and the legend behind it. Become worried as he falls to the ground and spilling even more blood for the needle's and hit. Jin-Ie knes over him calling out to him telling him that he has won the dual against Ju Sang tell everyone that he is awake and began to stand up asking him if he is okay and started walking to the Sun-Woo helicopter, Min Sa tells she to help him walk as he is still weak. On the helicopter still worried that he has been out cold since they been in the air. And heared that he is thank full for the help of the Sun-Woo help cause Jin-Ie to the point of tears.

A few days later Jin-Ie and her grandfather out for a walk around the grounds of the Sun-Woo. While on the phone with Ji-Gun telling her that Shi-Woon is in a sparring match. While walking with her grandfather as he gets a call shock to hear the news. Jin-Ie thinks that he has found out began to tell him that she is sorry that the Heavenly Way are at Headquarters. As he turns asking her about is she talking about, she asked if that was from Headquaters but was shock as he became mad that the Heavenly Way is at Headquarters scaring her. Both Jin-Ie and the Elder arrived deaming what is going on and hearing the him speak of everything that has happen because of the Heavenly Way attacks against Shi-Woon. As Ji-Gun ask her to keep it a secret for the Elder and why did they return so quickly telling him that she don't know.


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