Jin-Ie Kwon
NW Chapter 179
Korean 권지니
Romanized Gwon Jini
Age 16
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Sun-Woo Clan
Occupation Sun-Woo Clan member
Previous Occupation Former Café Jino Maid
Base of Operations Sun-Woo Clans Villa
Personal Status
Relatives Jae-Kyu Kwon (grandfather, deceased)

Hae-Jin Kwon (mother, deceased)
Unnamed father

Master Jae-Kyu Kwon (Former)

Jang-Il Jeong

Status Active
Martial Arts
School Sun-Woo Clan
Fighting Style Sun-Woo Style
Rank Expert
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 69 (The Breaker)
Chapter 1 (NW)
Jin-Ie Kwon is the granddaughter of Jae-Kyu Kwon and a member of the Sun-Woo Clan. She is assigned by Elder Kwon to be Shi-Woon's hidden bodyguard, in order to protect him from martial artists seeking vengeance due to his master's actions or his position in the clan.


Jin-Ie is a young, and quite tall, girl with messy, shoulder-length crimson hair, and mainly dresses in punk fashion. Initially and generally, she would have a neck-belt surrounding her neck, short jeans shorts, and a leather coat/jacket around a white T-Shirt. Although she is seen with other kinds of clothes throughout the series. Many people may regard her hair not to be natural, though in contrary, it actually is. She has been remarked, in more than one occasion, as "quite attractive" and "cute."

Jin-Ie is of mixed lineage (her mother was Korean and her father is American), and she got her unique hair color from her father.[1] While not much is known about Jin-Ie's father, it is hinted that he may be of Jewish descent, as Jin-Ie is constantly seen wearing the Star of David necklace around her neck.

Went training she wears her Sun-Woo Clan aikido she leaves top of it open showing the middle part of her chest open.


Jin-Ie is a short tempered tomboy who seems to be only capable of solving her problems by fighting. Jin-Ie is quite unsociable due to how people treat her because of her hair color. They either ask her if she dyed her hair or avoid her because they think she is trouble even calling her a delinquent. When she talks to Shi-Woon about it, she says it annoys her as her hair color and style is natural. Throughseveral occasions, many types of people would comment that if it wasn't for this sharp personality of hers, she could be seen "cuter and more attractive." Despite such a sharp and independently violent personality, she has been shown to be sincerely thankful if helped enough, first seen with Shi-Woon's actions, and later, when Ji-Gun Yoo saved her life during a turmoil situation in her life-time. At first she was completely annoyed to be Shi-Woon's bodyguard and displayed a hatred for him, even if he would show actions of sincerity, she would see such actions as a sign of pity. However, she later seems to have developed a crush on him. Indeed, it's quite clear that over the short time they have spent together, she has developed feelings for him. This is especially evident when she appears to grow jealous when Shi-Woon's attention is focused to Sae-Hee. Eventually, it would truly show that her feelings towards Shi-Woon have grown to love, as she had realized and witnessed on several occasions that Shi-Woon would "try, in his greatest attempts, to rescue her, if she would ever be in a dire state of trouble." Still to this day, though, she would still threaten Shi-Woon in certain situations if annoyed.

She also has a strange habit of being drawn to him when he is asleep and tries to kiss him, but is interrupted or stops herself before anything happens. She has also developed a very protective nature towards Shi-Woon due to her deep feelings for him. She yells at those who could help him but won't and went so far as to call Sera an "emotionless bitch" when she assumed the latter would not want to help Shi-Woon, who was in danger at the time. Now, whenever Shi-Woon would be caught in trouble, she would always return the feelings Shi-Woon would give to her, as in, not only because it is her duty and job, but as a true friend, to protect and save him at her best of costs. She appeared to be very frightened of her grandfather, who often voiced his utter disgust to her and her late mother, claiming they were both failed to him. At the same time, though, she has shown vigorous loyalty to him. When her mother died, Jin-Ie was taken in by her grandfather, who gave her everything when she thought she had lost everything. The old man reminded her of that, and her fear and loyalty was brought into mind. So when he ordered her to kill Shi-Woon, she was almost able to do it. But Shi-Woon was saved by the call he got from his mother, and Jin-Ie's resolve and growing feelings were blocking her path to kill Shi-Woon. She has two friends within the Sun-Woo Clan: Dae-San Han (Big Mountain) and Ha-Ill Gang, the latter whom she often argues with and scolds. Through the time Ha-Ill and Jin-Ie have had, their arguments would start once Ha-Ill would begin to mock or imitate her actions into jokes, thus having Jin-Ie angered enough to yell and threaten him. Though not yet revealed, it may be possible that the two's connections are much more than that. This flirt-to-scold bond is almost no different between her and Ji-Gun Yoo. After saving her life, Ji-Gun would often tease her in scattered situations. Once, in the hospital, worried about Shi-Woon's whereabouts, she would ask the nurse if a boy was also left at the hospital safely as well. The nurse would answer that there is indeed a "handsome young man with curly hair." This would enrage her.

She also dislikes how Gyu-Bum Yi would have slick plans involving her, and in more than one occasion, would call him a "sly fox."

She is also seen to dislike, and most of all fear, the path and feeling of loneliness. This had probably begun after her mother, who she had been so close and powerfully attached to died. Thus leaving her alone for a long time, without anyone to help her. She had then felt this pain after running away from everyone, as she was unable to follow her grandfather's orders to kill Shi-Woon. Crying every day and staying independent, she was stuck in turmoil, only to be eventually saved by Ji-Gun. This would also reveal how much love she had for her mother, commenting once that she would always be happy because she was there for her, and only needed her.

Because of her personality while fighting in her school uniform she doesn't care if her underwear is seen.

After her grandfather was killed by Nine Arts Dragon the rest of the Sunwoo Clan cries and grieved over the passing of him. And began to questioned if he very loved her. But after gaining the book of his techniques left only to her give him the will to stand and become even stronger then he was.


  • "Nobody's as interesting as her." - Ha-Ill Gang
  • "When people get close to death they change." - Ha-Ill Gang


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