Former AlliesEdit

  • Ha-ru: They have an hate relationship between the two
  • Ryuji: They haven't been seen talking it large is unknown.
  • Kwon-Young: Unknown
  • Yong-Hyun Yan: Even though Yong-Hyun and Ji-Woo aren't members of the same organisations anymore, they still cna be seen as alies. That's because one of the reason he left the S.U.C was to protect her.
  • S.U.C Comrades: Ji-Woo is well known for sadistic behaviour and abused toward her comrades include Chang-Ho who is scarred of her abuse.


  • Ji-Gun Yoo: After previosuly being defeated by him, after interfered with S.U.C She seeks revenge, looking to kill him, How ever means necessary. bur later it revealed that she has feelings for him.
  • Jin-Ie Kwon: After she witnessed the dual between Ji-Woo and Ji-Gun. Ji-Woo threatened to kill her, believing her know JiGun. After both of them denied knowning each another, Ji-Woo would attack Jin-le's cat, killing the cat in the progress. jin-le would then attack her retailation, thus making an enemy out of her.
  • Shi-Woon Yi: As he is the main enemy of S.U.C she has a strong hated towards him.

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