The Breaker New WavesEdit

S.U.C... A New Power That Defies The Murim World's Order Makes It's Appearance!!Edit

Ji-Woo Li is introduced siting beside Yong-Hyun Yan at an bar. While Yong-Hyun Yan stares at his phone, she askes him what is up and is something wrong. Yong-Hyun tells her it's just that the call cut off. She asks him who it was, he tells her it was the Fattie they sent to Nine Dragons High School, also now that he thinks about it he us the that Chang-ho guy or soething and questions how long is shw going to cover for him. Ji-Woo tells him the idiot he has been warned but he still messed uo that match and he's done for if he meets a strong guy. Yong-Hyun tells her to send him back, confused Ji-Woo questions him. He tells her now that the dog is ready, they should send him hunting.

The S.U.C's Next Prey is Shi-Woon Yi?!Edit

Ji-Woo Li Later visits an abandoned school we're S.U.C. members are based. She is given a report, when a man claims he doesn't fit in and the leader had a hard time with him. Wondering how she can't tell his skill, she knows killing intent is the real deal, Later on, when Chang-Ho confronts Shi-Woon Yi, Ji-Woo is seen on the phone to Yong-Hyun Tan, infroming him of the meeting. Yong-Hyun tells don't bother with the little stuff, contact him of something big happens. Ji-Woo asks him why Chang-Ho, she knows he's an idiot but he has started learning martial arts and according to Itel, he used to bully the former disciple. Of course he was blown away in one shot after he was properly trained. But this time is different, this could ne a chance for the fromer disciple to be defeated be a fromer disciple could overcome him.

Watching over from a distance sat in her car. Ji-Woo watches the confronataion between Chang and Shi. Claiming Shi has guts she wonders if that kind of threat will really work on Chang. Thoughout the fight, shw begins to take an interest, wordering what he'll do. Ji-Woo is then surprised to see Shi-Woon evade Chang attack and responded with an attack of his own.

Shocked over what she just saw, she questions if shi used a foot technique or not. Thinking to her sheself she notes that a foot technique can't be done without an inner Ki-Center, not to mention doing that particular foot technique without Ki would break his ankle. She is approached by Chang who questions her over what's that deal as she had said to him she'd make sure he wouldn't run away and asks her what now. Ji-Woo whispers into his ear infroming hm, it's nice to be excited while hunting but don't confuse his master with prey. Chang then starts react, so Ji-Woo puts her chain sickle around his neck and infroms him no matter how skilled he is there's always someone to take his place. After receiving Shi location she tells Chang they have found him in the subway station and it was hard to gain the infromation. Infroming him if he messed up again to be prepare for the worst.

After witnessing Shi fight against SUC soldiers Ji-Woo claims she told him before that he can really use foot tecniques. The SUC soldiers than bow before them and welcoming them. After Chang gets and declares theu aren't done yet, Ji-Woo comments that her can't even finish things right. Ji-Woo asks Shi what's with the surmised look, haven't he seem something like that before. After questions of they're here to fight him. She questions fighting him and brust out with laughter. Ji-Woo infroms him fight is a word used by people with similar fighting levels considering the differences between their own levels, they can't dare to use that word. When Yong remarks about the police arriving slow, Ji-Woo agrees with him, Yong tells her to go head as he want's to discuss things with him. Ji-Woo shw wants to play an little more with him.

Shi-Woo Yi Starts an New Training...!!Edit

Ji-Woo later appears clashing against an mask oppenent at night. She then launches her Chain Sickle towards Ji-Gun but was reflects the attack. Ji-Woo then relaunches her Chain Sickle to guard rail shorty ahead of her and it wraps around and processed to swing forward. After mobing the quard rail ahead of er, she then begins to descends to the platfrom below to attack Ji-Gun. As she reaches the platform Ji-Woo strikes froward, as HiGun evades the attack, Ji-Woo destroys the platform in front of her. She then lands on top of an lamp post, and tells him she had heard that some guys had been recently hindering there actions we're have begining to show up, she tells him that it was the Smiling Blade. After his response she tells himthere an different, because Goomoonrying-nim choose them. Ji-Gun tells her every single one of them belongs in mental institution, rather then prison and belongs in the afterlife. Ji-Woo smirks and carelessly claims and throws her Chain-Sickle towards him. Ji-Gun then dashes begins to break and topple backwards she jumps ito the mid-air to shich Ji-gun lauches a direct attack. after the attack she claims she blocked it with her chain shield, but it still stings. She then notices Ji-Gun's pause, to shich turns around and notices a girl behind her

Ji-Woo wraps Chain sickle around her neck, begins to burst out laughter. she claims it is sure an intersting situation, and asks Ji-gun how about the separated her head from her body. Ji-Gun tells her he has nothing to do with her, Ji-Woo asks him is that so and claims for him to attack her, if the girls means nothing, and then she might as well die. The girl asks for her not to be dragged into their business like so. Ji-Woo launches, her Chain Sickle at the girls cat, killing it in the progress. She tells her if sheruns her mouth one more time, her head will head will be next. Ji-Woo asks Ji-Gun for him to attack her. claiming the girl means noting to him. she tells him he can't afford to dawdle, so c'mon and attack her. as the girl then starts talk out loud, Ji-Woo slowly turned her attention to her, Ji-Woo asks what se saying, the girl threatens to kill her and grabs the chain pulling her towards her kicking her into the air surprised asking her if she was an Mruim-in. Annoyed she claims she dares to dirty her dress and how expensive it is. As she looks around noticing her on the side of an building, building her ki for an attacking, throwing her chain sickle towards her miss the girls attack. Yi-Gun throws an smokescreen bomb, During the smokescreen Jin-le lauches an powerful punch pushing Yi-Woo back. As SUC soldiers approaches asking for more orders as Yi-Woo ordering them to bring both of them back alive.

An few days later, Ji-Woo gathers an group of SUC soldiers and makes her way to Café Jino, after appearing infront of the building she throws her Chain-Sickle though one of the windows and makes her way inside. Once inside the building she remarks about it being a nice place and that she's gotta agree with smiling blades taste.

After looking inside, questioning the Cade stuff where the reed head is at when one of the stuff member questions her doing and threatens to call the police. i-Woo calls her feisty and that she hates that. Throwing her sickle towards her but her attack was knocked aside. Ji-Woo questions the male stuff memeber if he brushed her attack a side, when the man asks if they are from S.U.C. He introduces himself as Ho Do-jin of the Shin-Lim Clan. Laughing, she questions what is he hodling. He asked why are they causing all the ruckus around town, to whick it is to obviosly to be for the great Nine Arts Dragon. After an quick fight Ho Do falls before her but an stuff member runs towards him. Ji-Woo puts her sickle around her neck telling her to quit shining and tell her where the red head is at. Ji-Woo calls her useless, after claiming not to know. J-Woo noticeing an bag coming to her, then proceeds to slice it up but got hit by an drop kick forcing her back. When the S.U.C soldiers attempt to get the red head, Ji-Woo launches her chain towards her, as the girl evades te attack. Ji-Woo tells everyone not to move, as the red head is her's. She then asks her shall they finish it, and proceeds to throw her chain at her she claims that the little twig is her;s, before pulling her chain back. As the red head pulling into the air by Ji-Woo chain she perfroms an over head attack on. Landing on the ground Ji-Woo telling her it wasn't an bad attack but leaved her wide open for an attack, wrapping her chain around her neck.

As she started to talk down to Jinie but was shocked to see that she block it became inreged throwing her i the air but jinie got out of the hold landing a few feet away for her. started for an second around seeing her looking away launching her attack but was block again as Jinie throws of her weapons towards she blocking it to the ground. As she starting to run away order the men to stop her from escaping. Seeing her getting away ording them to go after her.

Seeing Jinie running in the street launching attack against her again, asking her how long does thinks she think she can keep running. As Jinie jumps on top of an moving trunk with she provoking her and her team. Grapping her cell phone asking for more back-up. Few minutes later one of her men infrom her that team Five has been taking out by Ji-Gun. Happy that he has came out of hiding, hoping to catch him by use her as bait. With one her men telling her that they are running out of time with the operational timeline. If they do not not hurry they will be noticed. One of the rules that they must avoid the public notice and not to supposed to move as an group for more then one hour while the sun is ip. Not hearing or caring what he is saying with the chance of catching the Smiling Blade and they can't pass up the chance. And not caring if the other captains get wind of what she is doing. Ordering him to summon the Five Captains. Licking her blade with the chance of killing and wanting to see him go against the Five Captains.

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