Ji-Gun Yoo
Ji-Gun Appearance
Korean 유지건
Romanized Yu Jigeon
Nickname Smiling Sword
Age 15
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Shinhyup Clan
Previous Affiliation Strong Dragon School
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Strong Dragon School
Fighting Style Strong Dragon Style
Jumhyul (Pressure Point)
Rank Advanced Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 4 (NW)

Ji-Gun Yoo is a character introduced in New Waves. He is a mysterious boy who transferred to Nine Dragons High School, and a said prodigy of the Strong Dragon School before getting expelled from his own clan for reasons involving the S.U.C.


Ji-Gun is a somewhat thin boy with medium length wavy blonde hair. He commonly keeps up his hair up in a small ponytail in the back while the front he allows to hang as messy bangs. He commonly dresses in long sleeve shirts and simple pants.

His has a fairly feminine body type and various others have remarked that he is dashingly handsome and a bit of a "pretty boy."  He was even able to attract fan girls on his first day at Nine Dragons High School.


He has a laid-back personality and, for the most part, exibits a lack of interest in what is happening around him. He also seems to have a great amount of self-confidence.  On his first day of school he was already walking around with a group of girls flirting. He even when so far as asking Sae-Hee out on a date, something that even Shi-Woon has yet to accomplish.

He seems to enjoy teasing others and often mocks Jin-Ie and Shi-Woon even after they become allies. He and Jin-Ie have even formed a classic Korean flirting relationship with her retaliating through anger and physical violence.

Contrary to first impressions he has shown a very real drive to accomplish his goals going so far as attempting to murder Shi-Woon to further them. He has shown a more serious side on several occasions. After witnessing Shi-Woon's determination in the face of death he stated that he dislikes those who fight hopeless battles. He has also said that he dislikes people who talk but do not take action. This may speak to the reason he was expelled from his school

Overall, he has shown a kind heart. When Jin-Ie was on the run from the Sun-Woo Clan he defended her from the S.U.C. and found her a job. He later helped Shi-Woon search for her and fought with him against Cool Guy, despite having been injured in a collision. He even took a blow meant for Shi-Woon risking risk his life.

He also shows leadership skills as he created the Shinhyup Clan to counter the S.U.C. It is has also been revealed that during the formation of the S.U.C. he asked to become one of the Five Captains, but declined. This was most likely due to his contrary ideals.


Ji-Gun Yoo was kicked out of his School because of the actions of S.U.C as he was going to be one of the Five Captains but turned them down.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

The Beginning of a New Legend in the Murim!Edit

Ji-Gun is initially introduced as a new transfer student in Nine Dragons High School and is an instant hit with the girls, overpoweringly taking several girls like a legitimate "chick magnet," even giving interest from Sae-Hee. He eventually meets Shi-Woon Yi, Jin-Ie Kwon, and Sae-Hee after school (followed by numerous fan-girls). After greeting them, he asks for a (technically) date for Sae-Hee, in which she agrees, leaving Shi-Woon as well. At night, he uses Sae-Hee's phone, in which the latter had forgot to bring home, in order to lure and bait Shi-Woon into meeting with him alone.

Once Shi-Woon arrives, he tells her to go up the building's roof, only to be interrupted by Jin-Ie. He fights her for awhile in order to have Shi-Woon go ahead. Now battling Jin-Ie, he displays his mastery of Martial Arts from his Clan with magnificence, only using a finger. Noticing the fact that her legs do not reach attacking as far as just his finger, Jin-Ie tries escaping the battle after getting countered numerous times. Eventually, she is able to ditch him to save Shi-Woon.

Into the Depths of the Sun-Woo Clan's Hellish Training, Shi-Woon!!Edit

The next day before school began, he provokes Shi-Woon into a fight and deals him a serious blow, opening his eyes to his own weakness, then leaving Shi-Woon and Jin-Ie. The two agree to have a match in one week.[1] When the time comes the two meet for their battle. Over the course of the match, Ji-Gun dominates Shi-Woon with his skilful techniques. However, Shi-Woon's spirit allows him to continuously stand up against Ji-Gun's attacks. With this, Ji-Gun then shows his thoughts towards such spirit, believing that such things may disgust him. Eventually, Shi-Woon manages to score and hit by using the Iron Wall Stance, but passes out soon after. Rattled by the fact Shi-Woon didn't fear death while fighting, he admits defeat and departs.

Later, Sera Kang explains to Shi-Woon that the S.U.C. attacked Ji-Gun and gravely injured him. In response, he began setting up a group to oppose the S.U.C. and had wanted Sera Kang to join him. It is later revealed that he almost became one of the S.U.C. captains when the organization first formed.

In a battle against Dark Princess Ji-Woo Li, a member of the five S.U.C captains, he runs into Jin-Ie, who had run away from everybody due to indecisive reasons. He and Jin-Ie manage to escape, and he later assists her in getting a job, thus saving her life and helping contribute to rebuilding her stand in life. It is then revealed that the job he gave Jin-Ie was a cafe maid job, thus, he later enters the cafe to get service, with the intention only to tease her in her new outfit before leaving.

He later helps Shi-Woon find Jin-Ie when she is chased by Ji-Woo Li. Unfortunately, they run into trouble when "Cool Guy" Yong-Hyun Yan joins up with Ji-Woo. Realizing that Jin-Ie had fallen unconscious in a pool of blood to protect Shi-Woon, he tries to help Shi-Woon in battling Cool Guy. Eventually, he is knocked out by his Spinning Dragon Exploding Strike while protecting Shi-Woon. Fainting, he leaves the fight to Shi-Woon. Through his fainted state, he is saved by Shi-Woon and Elder Kwon. He, Jin-Ie, and Shi-Woon are sent to Sun-Woo Clan's hospital after escaping from S.U.C

Waking up, he sees Jin-Ie enter the room, asking him where Shi-Woon's whereabouts were. They then get word that he is in a critical state of trouble in death, thus troubling Jin-Ie to high extents.

During the Invasion in Nine Dragons High School Ji-Gun faces Ji-Woo Li. While fighting she reveals that all captains are there which worries Ji-Gun and ups his effort because he wants to go help Shi-Woon. While Shi-Woon is attacked by Ha-ru after provoking them for using people as tools and for using "fake" martial arts Ji-Gun appears and cuts Ha-ru's whip binding Shi-Woon's neck. He advices Shi-Woon to find an escape root. Jang-Il Jeong appears in the school gate and Ji-Gun is attacked by Ryuji, after he realises that there is not much time left, who sends him flying. However, he stands up again and stops Ryuji's next attack towards Shi-Woon. He repeats to Shi-Woon to stand back until Elder Jeong gets there shouting that this all happens for Shi-Woon's sake and he shouldn't get hurt.[2] After Ha-ru witnesses Shi-Woon and Ryuji's encounter. She notices Ji-Gun regaining consciousness and goes to finish him off, only for Ji-Woo to interrupt the attack and save him. After Ji-Woo confronts Ha-ru about wanting him to herself, Ha-ru starts to retreat after she hears the news about the police coming. As Ji-Woo all so starts to retreat, Ji-Gun gets up and starts to ask her about what he had overheard.[3]

After meeting Ji-Woo Li outside his secret base but being unable to recognize her at first. She warned him that the S.U.C. knows about his base. As she stood up to leave Ji-Gun noticed the scar on her face and recognized her. As he ran after her, although he didn't catch up to her, after she entered her car and drove away, he came across Yong-Hyun Yan who had followed Ji-Woo. They then began to fight, throughout the fight Yong Hyun told Ji-Gun about the bomb they set but as he turned to run towards the base the explosion occurred killing everyone inside.[4]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Advanced Master Martial Artist (Strong Dragon Style): He is the most talented child genius of geniuses of the Strong Dragon School, and, if using a sword, is said to be a possible rival to So-Chun Hyuk, if not actually defeat him in battle. He was able to counter Jin-Ie's attacks during their first skirmish with relative ease, one of the top five fighters in the Sun-Woo Clan. His skills have earned him the title "Smiling Blade". His skill can be confused with using Jigong, though people who use Jigong have thick hands that are very large with short fingers. While Ji-Gun's finger are thin and long.[5] Due to his skill in his martial art, his outstretched arms feels much longer then it actually is, witnessed by Jin-Ie to be longer than her legs, despite her flexible reaches using them.[6] He is able to go toe to toe with member of the Black Forest Defense Julia holding his own against her.

Master Swordsman: Ji-Gun is a master swordsman. He is able to fight a Commander of S.U.C with almost no effort while using a sword. When using an actual sword, Ji-Gun moves so fast the sword looks like a whip.[7]

Jumhyul Expert: He has expert-level knowledge of Hyuldo striking (pressure-point fighting) using ones fingers. By hitting a pressure point known as the Hyul (the path of ki flow in the human body, a deadly pressure point) on his opponents forehead with his finger, within 10 minutes the opponent loses control of his/her body. Their body is wrecked with pain and starts convulsing as their entire bodies muscles and nerves are upset. The attacks effects will dissipate within 20 minutes.[8] He is able to strike various pressure points that allow him to cripple his opponents appendages selectively.[9] The Jumhyul can be used on every part of the opponents body.

​Physical Condition: ​According to Ha-ru, Ji-Gun can only fight for a total of 30 minutes at a time. It is implied that this is due to an injury.



  • Finger Sword: He uses the finger sword. It cant be called true swordsmanship. Seeing how he can only use the finger as a sword for a short time, its not the true swordless style. He uses the technique for only a few minutes and then withdraws.[10] His finger techniques are powerful that they can pierce the body of his opponent with ease.[6] His finger attacks are so strong that they can send an opponent flying a great distance and crashing into solid objects with great force.[11] His attacks are so powerful that they fracture and break bones.[9]


  • Thousand Flower Strike: Ji-Gun uses a finger technique to attack an opponent with great speed from multiple directions rapidly. The technique is a pressure-point attack that leaves the opponent defeated on the floor as his body is wrecked with pain so great that it is considered feeling the pain of death without dying.[10]


  • Walking Techniques: His skill speed is so great that he can seamlessly attack his opponents before they can react.[11] His speed is impressive allowing him to attack from multiple angles before his opponent can react.[9]


Retractable Sword: His weapon is a thin short sword that ends in two prongs, and vaguely resembles snake fangs. He keeps it folded up in a leather gauntlet on his left wrist.[12]


Friends and AlliesEdit

He has interacted with a few people in the series, some that have bonded despite being enemies at first.

  • Sera Kang: The two debuted in New Waves as a pair, being together with unknown ambitions. It is later revealed that the two have agreed to help each other in their plots, him helping her take revenge against Goomoonryong, and the other joining his future crew to stop the S.U.C. (and becoming the first true member).
  • Jin-Ie Kwon: In a dire situation, after saving her from not only Dark Princess, but in her lonely moment, the two have seemed to share a comical bond now, with him teasing her every action, and the latter scolding him.
  • Shi-Woon Yi: At first enemies, they later help each other back-to-back in finding Jin-Ie and escaping the S.U.C
  • Sae-Hee: Once entering the school as a transfer student, it has been inclined that the two get along quite well.


He has grown a rigorous hatred towards the S.U.C in general, since unclear, past events.

  • Soldiers Under Command: Ji-Gun created his own force in order to oppose the group's entirety, for the S.U.C have been involved with the incident that had gotten him expelled from his own Clan.
  • Ji-Woo Li: Initially, it may seem that the enemy had seemed to have some type of hatred towards him. Later on, it is implied that she had lost a battle against him in the past.


  • He shares many similarities with So-Chun Hyuk in which the both of them had been able to brutally beat Shi-Woon, only to give up and "admit defeat" in battle after getting hit/touched. They are also both also known to be "genius prodigies" in their respective clans.
  • He refers to Jin-Ie as "Read Head Unnie". This is strange becasue Unnie is the term for a younger lady refering to an older lady. He does not do this will all women as he still refers to Sera Kang as "Noona".


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