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Personal Info
Age 16 (assumed)
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional Info
Occupation Student
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 18

Je-shin is a non-murim person and friend of Jang Joonho from school.




The Breaker New WavesEdit

Into the Depths of the Sun-Woo Clan's Hellish Training, Shi-Woon!!Edit

As Je-shin notices Jang Joonho he asks him if he is heading home, and telling him preparing for finals is. Before he finshes he notices the graffiti on wall next to him. He seems surprised unable to believe it's also at their school. Jang Joonho asks him he if knows what it is. He tells him it's the famous S.U.C. Jang Joonho asks what's that and is it a abbreviation for sucker. He tells him it's a gathering for the schools' big shots, the "in" thing is currently. Is causing quite quite a stir in schools over the country. Jang Joonho questions the gathering of big shots and asks him what the graffiti means. Je-shin asks him hasn't he heard, they are a group of Goomoonryongs disciples. Jang Joonho questions the words of Goomoonryongs disciples. Je-shin tells him well they say Goomoonryong is a real person or maybe he is god, but if you belive in him, they say you'll get real strong. At first he thought it some pseudo-religious cult, but he heard that near schools' big shots are all going to that group.[1]

S.U.C... a New Power That Defies the Murim World's Order Makes Its Appearance!!Edit

Later on, along side Jang Joonho. He attends the upcoming fight in the park. As they arrive Jang Joonho asks why their are so many people out so late. Je-shin remarks this isn't an average fight, as it looks like everyone is here. Jang asks him did the so called disciple of the nine arts dragon really send the changelle letter. Je-shin tells him yes, as that's the neighbourhoods toughest guy Jun Soo-Hyung, came out. Je-shin then questions isn't Jun Soo-Hyung their yet. As the fight begins, Je-shin then cheers on Jun Soo-Hyung. After Jun Soo-Hyung's defeat, so he looks over to towards Jang, seemingly worried.[2]


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