Jang Nam-Doo
Jang Nam-Do
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Professional Info
Affiliation Murim
Martial Arts Alliance
Incheon Shinchun
Operates in Murim
Martial Arts
Manhwa Debut
Part 1 Chapter 7

Jang Nam-Doo is a Murim and member of the affiliates of the Martial Arts Alliance.


He appears to have classic male short haircut and a average build and height.


The BreakerEdit

Man... a New Mise-en-scene of Fighting which They have Created!Edit

He is first seen in the Murim meeting in the Diamond Hall of The Westin Chosun hotel, in front of So-Chun Hyuk as one of the many people who wanted to know the successor of the Heavenly Way School. He interrupted Park Yoon-Sung before he had time to state his training School. Jang Nam-Do called his training centre Incheon Shinchun training school. He asked if it would be possible to talk with So-Chun Hyuk, but the conversation was stopped by Ho Jun's introduction[1].


  1. The Breaker Chapter 7

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