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Jang Joonho
Jang Joonho
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Martial Arts Alliance, White Rock Dojo
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives So-Chun Hyuk (adopted brother)
Status Active
Martial Arts
School White Rock Dojo
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 7 (The Breaker)
Chapter 19 (NW)

Jang Joonho is So-Chun Hyuk's so-called "adopted brother" who discovered Shi-Woon Yi. His sunbae is Sehu.



He has a great sense of respect and honor. He therefore doesn't bow before others, when he is told to, but he bows deep when he expresses his respect for the other person. He is also shown to be the type who would avoid conflicts whenever possible. This however does not apply when he can help others by confronting the danger itself. He is not very interested in the Murim's politics and just follows the orders given to him.


The BreakerEdit

He witnesses some of the major incidents of the first part of the series. In fact, he seems to be some sort of informant, being able to directly reach So-Chun Hyuk, heir of the Heavenly Way School. He was introduced to So-Chun to aid him in his search for Chun-Woo Han.

He also has a debt towards Shi-Woon for saving his older brother, Suho, from Chun-Woo Han's wrathful behavior.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Into the Depths of the Sun-Woo Clan's Hellish Training, Shi-Woon!!Edit

While walking home, he notices graffiti writing on the wall next to him, claiming "Nine Arts Dragon Is A God". Jang Joonho then wonders what is that doing in a place like there and could it be that Nine Arts Dragon as in that Nine Arts Dragon. Je-shin then appears behind him and questions if he heading home. Je-shin then asks him hows the final exam study, before cutting off and noticing the graffiti on the wall. Je-shin amazaed remarks how it came to their school as well. Jang then asks if he does what that is. Je-shin tells him it is quite famous, as it's S.U.C. Jang asks what the heck is that and is a short term for suckers. Je-shin tells him it's a gathering for the schools' big shots, the "in" thing is currently. It's causing quite quite a stir in schools over the country. Jangs begins to drink his cartin and questions the gathering of bigshots, and does the graffiti mean. Je-shin asks hasn't he heard, they are a group of Nine Arts Dragon's disciples. He then chocks on his drink, spits it out and questions what he just said. Je-shin tells him well they say Goomoonryong is a real person or maybe he is god, but if you belive in him, they say you'll get real strong. At first he thought it some pseudo-religious cult, but he heard that near schools' big shots are all going to that group. Jang then wonders what is this, why the name Goomoonryong is being uttered by a commoner, and wonders if it is somehow related to Shi-Woon Yi.[1]

S.U.C... a New Power That Defies the Murim World's Order Makes Its Appearance!!Edit

Later on he along side Je-shin attend the coming fight in the park. As they arrive he asks why their are so many people out so late. Je-shin remarks this isn't an average fight, as it looks like everyone is here. He then starts to think it's not like a murim person like himself coming to see a fight between commoners. He then asks did the so called disciple of the nine arts dragon really send the changeling letter. Je-shin tells him yes, as that's the neighborhoods toughest guy Jun Soo-Hyung, came out. He begins to think that he's sure the nine arts dragon they're talking about isn't the actual nine arts dragon. But something buffers him about this. As Jun Soo-Hyung prepares to fight his opponent, a member of S.U.C. Jang begins to believe that guy is not a match. As the fight begins, he realizes that the S.U.C. use a foot technique, the steel fist, and begins to panic. As the S.U.C. member reveals his identity, Jang begins to recognize him. He then remembers that time in the parking lot, and wonders why he is here. He starts to believe that was a different foot technique and steel spirit fist. He questions what the heck is going on with those guys, and whether they really are disciples of the nine arts dragon.[2]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Martial Arts: Jang has only been seen engaging in a fight briefly in the series. When Chang-ho ambushes Jang and Shi-Woon, Jang intervenes and protects him. He was shown to be able to keep up with a foot technique and he was able to fight Chang-ho equally.



  • So-Chun Hyuk: Starting as an escort for So-Chun he witnesses So-Chun's fighting skills. So-Chun seems to enjoy his presence and uses him as some kind of informant.
  • Shi-Woon Yi: Jang became an ally to Shi-Woon after the latter saved the live of Jang's respected sunbae Sehu. Jang feels indebted to Shi-Woon since then and helped him once in a fight.


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