Jang-Mung Kwon
Jang-Mung Kwon
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Hogi Clan
Martial Arts Alliance
Occupation Hogi Clan Ganju
Personal Status
Student Dueng Un Do
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Hogi Clan
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 43 (The Breaker)

Chapter 153 (NW)

Jang-Mung Kwon is the leader of the Hogi Clan and one of the Munju of the Martial Arts Alliance. His school held the position of Bong-Ji-Ryong (Seat of the Dragon Staff).


Jang-Mung Kwon is an old man with a thick cheakless beard and handel-bar mustache.  He wears a patterened bandana across what appears to be a bald head and a leather jacket with leather pants and matching fingerless gloves. Overall he looks like a biker and similar to a member of the Torrent Clan.  It is unknown if this connection means anything, but likely not. 


He seems to have a high, if incorrect, sense of justice.  This is shown when he feels the need to avenge Jae-Myung Cho and apparently feels it was his fault the he died at all. He has also shown an appreciation and respect for the older generation and disapproves of people ignoring tradition. This is part of the reason he detests Chun-Woo. Despite his sense of justice, Kwon, like almost all the other masters of the alliance, stubbornly refuses to take action and responsibility against the S.U.C. and their plan to bomb Seoul simply because the targets are of the normal society which in turn makes him somewhat hypocritical.


The BreakerEdit

Death Fight...!! A firm commitment for someone special!Edit

He, along with the other Munjus, was prompted into capturing Chun-Woo and his disciple. He along with Te Ul Munju and Yae-Won munju fought and lost to Chun-Woo. Fortunately Chun-Woo had to retreat.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Real Master Martial Artist (Hogi Style): As a head of a clan his level in martial arts is extremely high. Chun-Woo refereed to him as one of the "old monsters" that came to face him so it’s presumed he is one of the strongest masters, within the martial arts alliance. In addition during his fight with Chun-Woo Han he was able to push him back in the beginning.[1]


He excels in staff techniques and uses high level Hogi Clan techniques.

  • Sun technique: A technique where the user emits steam from their body or weapon.
  • Dragon Staff Strike: This is one of the Nine Arts that are competed for in the Shinmujengpe. As the Head of the clan that traditionally held the Seat of Dragon Staff it is assumed that he knows this technique.

Equipment Edit

  • Iron Staff: Jang-Mung Kwon utilizes an long iron staff for the usage of most of his Hogi Style techniques. The staff can penetrate through the windshield of Goomoonryoung's car and withstand an attack from the latter as well. Due to the iron of the staff's composition, it can easily conduct the heat generated by Jang-Mung Kwon's sun technique.


  1. The Breaker Chapter 50


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