Jang-Il Jeong
Jang-Il Jeong
Korean 전장일
Romanized Jeonjangil
Nickname Crazy Tiger
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Sun-Woo Clan
Occupation Elder of the Sun-Woo Clan
Personal Status
Student Shi-Woon Yi

Gyu-Bum Yi (Former)

Status Deceased
Martial Arts
School Sun-Woo Clan
Fighting Style Sun-Woo Style
Rank Advanced Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 4 (NW)

Jang-Il Jeong was a Sun-Woo Clan elder who became Shi-Woon Yi's teacher after Chun-Woo Han. Although his goal was originally to stop the fight between Shi-Woon and Ji-Gun Yoo by exhausting him through an extreme training regime, he later warmed up to Shi-Woon after he reminded him of the previous clan head with his determination.


He was a tall, middle-aged man with moustache and beard. He had black hair, which was stylised to fall in front of his forehead.


He was an energetic and emotional person. He seemed to lack patience, which resulted in him getting agitated quickly. He is a very proud individual and quite hot-blooded.



When he tried to stop the Head of the Sun-Woo Clan from getting himself in danger. The head would tell him that the role of the head is to protect the clan and its pride.[1]

The Breaker New WavesEdit

The Beginning of a New Legend in the Murim!Edit

After Shi-Woon asked to be trained by the Sun Woo Clan to fight Ji-Gun Yoo, Elder Jeong took up the role to train him. Although his real motive was to just exhaust him in order to avoid a "meaningless" fight between a Murim and Non-Murim people like Shi-Woon which could not use martial arts and were sure to lose. After taking Shi-Woon to the Genius Doctor he realized Jang-Il Jeong's true motive and came in conflict with him revealing his resolve. Witnessing this resolve Elder Jeong remembered the previous head's words that were the same and changed his mind. He then sought forgiveness for tricking Shi-Woon and proceeded to serious training. When Shi-Woon was lost he was especially upset and would have gone to search for him if he was not restrained by Jae-Kyu Kwon. When Shi-Woon was found, Elder Jeong run to him and hugged him in relief ignoring the meeting about making him the head. During the life-threatening incident with Bae Seung-Jae he was again anxious and when he learned (the fixed truth) that Shi-Woon asked the One Moon School for assistance he felt ashamed for being unable to help Shi-Woon in his difficult time.

He would learn of S.U.C's attack on the school when Shi-Woon called him. Hence proceeding to get to the school. When Ji-Gun and Shi-Woon were on the roof against Ha-ru and Ryuji, Jang-Il appeared in the school gate with members of the Sun-Woo Clan. After explaining that he came on foot due to the closed roads, he run towards the building.[2]

He then received a call from Shi-Woon telling him to go to a bench in front of the school building where he saw Shi-Woon jump from the roof telling him to catch him. Although shocked he proceeded to catch him with success. As they started walking he noticed that something was not right and the bomb-trap set by the S.U.C. goes off. Trying to protect Shi-Woon he hugged him tight and leaned forward. He managed to save Shi-Woon but his own condition was poor, as clan members mentioned that this heart has stopped beating, as he had fell victim to S.U.C's trap.[3]

As Shi-Woon goes to use the Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike against Ryuji, Jang-Il would get up and proceed to grab Shi-Woon telling him that he has done enough, stopping Shi-Woon from fighting.[4]

Brought back to his senses Shi-Woon faints on his hands. The Elder proceeds to heal him but Jin-Ie tried to stop him saying that in his state he won't survive if he uses more Ki. Elder Jeong responds that his defence couldn't block all the impact of the explosions and although he was healing himself the whole time he is not able to prevent his death. At the very least he wishes to help the Ganju, Shi-Woon, from dying by giving him the little Ki left to his Ki-Center. Then he stops everyone from going after the retreating S.U.C. and asks them to prevent the S.W.A.T. team from getting close to him and the Ganju at all costs. Remembering all the events that took place, the Elder comments on the slightly conscious Shi-Woon, that they didn't have the best start but they did have a good ending.[5]

Abilities & TechniquesEdit


Master Martial Artist (Sun-Woo Style): Although, as an elder, he does not count in the five strongest of the Sun-Woo Clan, his strength is confirmed to be in that level.


His techniques revolved around fast movements such as all Sun-Woo Clan masters.

  • Iron Wall Stance: He used this as his basic stance closing the range of the opponents visibility while increasing his own.
  • Ki Body Shield (Ho Shin Gang Ki): A technique that can protect the user from shock waves and impacts. The extent of the protection was never shown but they cannot help him defend from the impact of explosions.[5]
  • Ki Healing: The user transfers his/her own Ki to another person in order to enhance the healing of that person.[5]


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