Korean 재葛
Nickname Noh-Sa
Elder Master
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Heavenly Way School, S.U.C.
Occupation Elder of Heavenly Way School, Elder of S.U.C.
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Martial Arts
School Heavenly Way School
Fighting Style Heavenly Way Style
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 48 (NW)

Jae-gal is an Elder of Heavenly Way School, often seen in discussion with So-Chun Hyuk. He is second-in-command of the S.U.C. to which, he serves So Jung Chan and passes down his orders to the five captains. Due to his support of So Jung Chan's plans of destroying the barrier separating the normal society and the Murim, Jae-gal is considered one of the main antagonists of the New Waves series. He was eventually defeated by Jae-kyu Kwon in revenge for the slaying of his master Soh and was presumed killed. In reality, he survived the duel and was dispatched by Black Forest Defence to kill Shi-Woon, but was foiled by Jin-Ie Kwon and was killed by the former Alliance Chief.


He is a tall man seemingly middle-aged. He has long hair that reach the height of his shoulders. He has a thin moustache that extends to his cheeks towards his whiskers.


He is a cunning person with an ironic-gentle behavior. He is capable discussion as he can handle So Jung Chan, even when he is furious. Jae-gal is rather arrogant, believing that Shi-Woon wouldn't pose any threat to the S.U.C. despite the fact that he is current ganju of the Sun-Woo Clan and that almost everyone who ever met the latter praises his might. Even when So Jung Chan himself noticed that almost everyone who met Shi-Woon always end up praising him, Jae-gal stills hold firmly on the belief that Shi-Woon isn't worth anything. This shows that Jae-gal is also stubborn and tends underestimates a lot of people without getting to know them. Another hint of his arrogance is the fact he had prematurely declared victory when believing Jae-kyu Kwon would step down from fighting when he announced that Jang So-Sul, the true ganju of Sun-Woo Clan, is affiliated with the Black Forest Defence whom are allied to the S.U.C. During his fight with Jae-Kyu Kwon, Jae-gal eventually became desperate all together and pleaded for the elder to stop while thinking of a countermeasure. His arrogance and premature victory declaration habit in turn became his downfall as Elder Kwon took advantage of this by allowing himself to be hit by the former's finishing technique in order to land his own that knocked him unconscious and took out his right eye.



30 years ago Jae-gal killed the Sun-Woo Clan's leader, Soh. At some point he challenged the former leader to the right to lead the Heavenly Way School but lost and was imprisoned for his loss with everyone forgetting him.

Some years later, Jae-gal is seen talking to Ryuji, telling him his technique is that of the Nine Arts Dragon. Asking him who the Nine Arts Dragon is, Jae-gal seems surprised and mentions to Ryuji about there similar techniques. When he asks about his relation to the Nine Arts Dragon's master, Ryuji asks who it is, to which Jae-gal reveals it was Un-Wol. After telling the events leading to his death, Ryuji become stunned by his news and demands to meet the Nine Arts Dragon, Jae-gal then begins to lead the way towards him.[1]

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Jae-gal is introduced sat down in the back of a car alongside So-Chun Hyuk, were he comments on the noise around the streets.[2]

During Ji-Woo Li's fight against Jae-Kyu Kwon, a disguised Jae-gal appears protecting Ji-Woo, by blocking Jae-Kyu's attack.[3]

After grabbing Ji-Woo Li and separating himself from Jae-Kyu, he claims came after he got the call, but he never imaged it would be this bad. When he asks Ji-Woo Li didn't they receive the heads over, she trys explain herself, until he says he'll listen her excuses later and orders her to leave with the other captain right away. When Jae-Kyu asks if he can get away, Jae-gal begins to swing his cane around and claims he knows it won't be easy, and questions if fighting in a place like this will do any good for the Sun-Woo Clan. When Ji-Woo questions the old man being from the Sun-Woo Clan, he apologizes to Jae-Kyu for her disrespect, and claims he never thought there was anyone who didn't reckonise him. Telling Jae-Kyu they'd normal know a person after the first strike, but kids these days aren't discerning people, he then tells Ji-Woo why she knows why going back is important, Jae-Kyu asks who he is to which he questions who he is. When Jae-Kyu threatens to find out who he is, he takes on his attack until he uses a foot technique, then claims he almost lose his movement. As Jae-Kyu continues to attack him, he tells Ji-Woo to hurry up as he can't last much longer. As she trys to escape, Jae-gal blocks the aimed attack for her, until she gets away. After provoking Jae-Kyu, his power increases as he attempts to kill Jae-gal. When he counters his techniques, with one of his own, he takes the opportunity to escape and tells him they'll meet again one day.[3]

Later he is shown waiting in the car while So-Chun Hyuk to arrive from his meeting with the current chief of the Martial Arts Alliance, Kang-Sung after he agreed that he will support the Alliance. Jae-gal commented that now the Alliance is extremely weak thus any hope must be ensured before further movements.[4]

He is next seen passing the answer of Chun-Woo Han to the 5 Captains when all answer that they accept. The request being to give Seoul to him.[5]

Along with So-Chun Hyuk he visits branches that have recently joined the Heavenly Way School where he heard that there are rumours going around about the main branch. After commenting on the rumours, he becomes delighted in So-Chun's resolve to go against his "older brother" in order to maintain his position.[6]

While entering the room carrying a number files he tells So-Chun Hyuk there is another report for him. He is then surprised to see So Jung, and questions is that really him. When So Jung casually greets him, Jae-gal asks him what he is present without calling. After being told it's orders from the main house, as they wanted him to keep an eye on So-Chun so he doesn't do something unnecessary. Jae-gal then asks him what he means, to which Jo Jung explains he is just kidding and that he is actually there as a representative of the Heavenly Way School for an upcoming union. When he beings to casually leave the room, he says now that he's seen his lovely brothers face, he shall return and tells So-Chun whenever he wants to fight, he needs to throw his fist and that he's still waiting. Jae-gal tells So Jung, he shouldn't say that, to which So Jung claims if he was to fight him and lose, then his place as head of Heavenly Way School might be in danger. Then proceeds to walk out the room laughing. When Jae-gal asks him to wait, he tells So-Chun that he'll see So Jung out. Whne outside he tells So Jung Chan he's surprised by the unannounced visit with him coming from such a long way, with it being good to see him and refers to him as clan head.[7]

After receiving word he about So Jung Chan's encounter against the Sun-Woo Clan, he phones and asks him about how it went. So Jung tells him it was an interesting experience, with them saying Shi-Woon Yi was there new Gaju, to which Jae-gal claims they got themselves a nice mascot. When Jae-gal asks him if it was worth the trouble, he says now that Sun-Woo Clan and the Martial Arts Alliance can never work together, they'll complete their objective when they are fighting each over.[8]

When Jae-gal arrives after So Jung Chan summoned for him, he asks if he called. So Jung asks him his planning something or did he forget when he told him to report every detail big or small about Shi-Woon Yi. Jae-gal tells him S.U.C. is carrying out a truly historic mission currently. When it is over he and S.U.C. will gain the enormous strength of the Nine Arts Dragon and become powerful. Compared to that although that child has the Sun-Woo Clan at his call, he's still only a stupid helpless kid with a broken Ki Centre. So Jung asks if he is worthless then how come everyone who's met him praises him. Jae-gal tells him he might be likable but that's different from fundamental different from him, who has the power to move history. So Jung says he heard that kid is receiving treatment for his Ki Centre. Jae-gal tells him they already know about that. It's also a possibility that if something were to go wrong, his Ki Centre may never recover again. So because of that he doesn't think they see him outside the Sun-Woo Clan for a while. So Jung tells him no, as he is going to school again. He then questions him going to school in that condition. So Jung he tells him yes, as Ha-ru sent him a message. Jae-gal then claims to wait a moment as this doesn't any sense and something. So Jung stands up and slams his coffee cup down on to the table, and asks Jae-gal if he said he the power to move history. Then why, why can't he kill of someone like that when he wants to. Jae-gal claims he understands and he'll give to orders to Ha-ru. So Jung tells him no and says give it to all 5 captains minus cool guy, tell them to stop everything they're doing and focus on killing him. Jae-gal tells him that would create a huge incident. So Jung tells him this is another chance after that initial failure. If they were to fail again he'll really crawl deep into the deepest parts of the Sun-Woo Clan. So while they’ll have the chance to do it and kill him. Jae-gal claims he will do as he wishes.[9]

Meeting Ha-ru to discuss the new information about Shi-Woon Yi, Jae-gal is informed of his weakness, Sae-Hee.[10]

When he finishes talking with So Jung Chan he receives the order to mobilize all the S.U.C. captains except Yong-Hyun Yan to eliminate Shi-Woon Yi, since he has started going back to school.[11]

After S.U.C.'s Invasion of Nine Dragons High School, So Jung Chan and Jae-gal are seen in the back of a car talking. Jae-gal tells So Jung Chan according to witnesses, the injuries and bleeding had gone too far at the time and they were beyond death. He is asked if they still can't verify the body so how can he be so sure about that. Jae-gal tells him they can't discount the possibility that they might be alive, but what would it matter even if they aren't. He used excessive Ki to heal his injuries, so his Ki Centre is probably shattered, plus the Swat Team is over there right now. Since the line between the Government and the Murim is maintained by the Martial Arts Alliance, even if he is alive. He will just cast another shadow over the alliance. Therefore regardless, of his death, the Sun-Woo Clan will be powerless.[12]

When So Jung Chan confirms they have suddenly changed their route from Seoul Airport. A surprised Jae-gal asks is it to Incheon Airport. Frustrated he claims they let him enter secretly using the foreign minister, and wonders why he would intentionally. Jae-gal cuts him off and tells him to seems that the information was leaked, so that is why. So Jung questions him over the government making preparations at Seoul Airport. Jae-gal tells him the agency of national security planning's special force team had been dispatched. So Jung laughs and claims to think of him coming in Incheon Airport that's just like him. Jae-gal claims it really is.[13]

Abilities & TechniquesEdit

Abilities Edit

Real Master Martial Artist (Heavenly Way Style): He is a skilled and powerful martial artist, capable of holding his own for a short while against Jae-Kyu Kwon since all he wanted to do was escape from Kwon's relentlessness wrath. He was able to deflect one of Kwon's strongest techniques with a unnamed move which spun his arm at a high speed.[3]He is very skilled with both armed and unarmed type fighting. Jae-gal seems to specialize in high-speed sword techniques.

Techniques Edit

  • Thousand Slash Impenetrable Wall: A sword technique that involves slashing a thousand times at a very fast speed to create a wall of sword slashes as a defensive barrier.
  • Blue Sky Flashing Strike: A powerful sword thrust technique that Jae-gal points his sword at the opponent and waits for to come at him before thrusting. Given that Jae-gal thought he had killed Jae-Kyu Kwon during the technique's execution means that this technique is perhaps a killing technique that almost nobody is able to survive. Though Elder Kwon managed to resist it long enough to land his own finishing blow and even survived it despite it piercing his arm.


  • Endurance: Jae-gal was able to surive a blow for Jae-Kwon

Equipment Edit

  • Mask: For undergoing operations involving discretion, Jae-gal wears a mask that has a voice alteration microphone to disguise himself. Though at the beginning of his second fight with Jae-Kyu Kwon, it was destroyed by the former and thus he discarded it.
  • Cane Sword: Within his second battle with Jae-Kyu Kwon, Jae-gal wields a sword hidden inside a cane as the cane he originally used to defend against the former's relentless pursuit was destroyed.




  • Jae-Kyu Kwon: there has been a direct confrontation with the two although Jae-gal hid his identity with the mask at that time. Later it's revealed that Jae-gal is the one who killed Soh (Kwon's former master) during the war between the Sun-Woo Clan and Heavenly Way School 30 years ago. During their recent battle Jae-Kyu Kwon eventually killed Jae-gal.


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