Jae-Soo Yoo
Nickname Sergeant Yoo
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Murim Special Ops
Occupation Sergeant
Personal Status
Status Alive
Martial Arts
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 113 (NW)

Jae-Soo Yoo is a sergeant of the Murim Special Ops and the leader of Turtle Rock Team that was taken down by Shi-Woon Yi.[1]


He has short black hair and an average body type.



The Breaker New WavesEdit

He lead the Turtle Rock Team of the Murim Special Ops trying to capture Shi-Woon Yi. The team was defeated by Shi-Woon and he is seen later injured confirming that they were defeated but they couldn't confirm who did it.[1]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Capable Martial Artist: the members of the Murim Special Ops are considered capable martial artists so the higher the rank the higher level of ability they have. As a sergeant Jae-Soo Yoo is assumed to be a capable martial artist.


  • Movement Restricting Technique: A basic technique of the Murim Special Ops thus as a sergeant he can also use it.



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