Jae-Kyu Kwon
Jae-Kyu Kwon
Korean 권재귤
Romanized Gwon Jaegyul
Nickname Grand Master
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Murim
Sun-Woo Clan
Ten Grand Masters
Previous Occupation Jangro of the Sun-Woo Clan
Personal Status
Relatives Hae-Jin Kwon (daughter, deceased)
Jin-Ie Kwon (granddaughter)
Master Soh
Status Deceased
Martial Arts
School Sun-Woo Clan
Fighting Style Sun-Woo Style
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 72 (The Breaker)
Chapter 4 (NW)

Jae-Kyu Kwon was the second-in-command of the Sun-Woo Clan, Head of the Elder Council and grandfather of Jin-Ie Kwon. He was also one of the Ten Grand Masters of the Murim.


He is a short elderly man with slicked back gray hair. He wears a traditional Korean martial artist's attire. He often wears a very stern expression on his face.


Jae-Kyu Kwon is a generally calm and perceptive individual thanks too his vast experience due to skill level and age. He is able to identify his opponent's intentions and find the right way to deal with them. Exception to this calmness are cases where his loyalty or care for people is tested. When people he is loyal to or cares about are in danger he discards his calmness and is ready to avenge them in any way possible.

He is extremely loyal to his ideals and towards people he has acknowledge. His is also open minded enough to acknowledge his mistaken beliefs and change accordingly as seen when he recognized Shi-Woon's qualities and instead of trying to make him a puppet his serves him instead. Loyalty is also the reason why he remains the only one of the Ten Grandmasters who is second in command of the Clan/School they are part of. The rest went on to create their own groups while Jae-Kyu, remaining loyal to the previous Clan Heads, stays as second in command in order to support the Clan.

He also really cares about his family and friends although he hides it under his strict persona of the second in command. Both with the immature elder Jang-Il Jeong and with his granddaughter Jin-Ie Kwon he has shown to be worried and care about them deeply. However, when he speaks directly to them he maintains his strict behaviour making him seem like a person that cares only for the success of every step he makes. After a few blows with Chun-Woo Han wished that he can fight him in a normal state. In his final moments he requested Shi-Woon Yi to protect the Sun-Woon clan and his granddaughter, Jin-le Kwon, showing his dedication and love to his clan and family.



In the past, Jae-Kyu Kwon was a retainer for the Sun-Woo Clan and was believed to be a talented Murim-in which resulted in the master of the Sun-Woo Clan at the time, Master Soh, taking a liking to him and becoming a friend of his. As the years went by Jae-Kyu became more skilled and soon became Master Soh's right hand man at this point helping to expand the clan's influence and to help the former head make the Sun-Woo the strongest clan in the Murim. Years later he would raise Jin-Ie Kwon after his daughter's death.

The BreakerEdit

Vol. 10: Expulsion!! Abandoned by the Master?Edit

Jae-Kyu is seen discussing about the student of Goomoonryong, drawing the decision of making him the new head of the Sun-Woo clan and the ongoing state of Murim with Min Sa-Oak, after Goomoonryong's events at the Koa Businesses Tower. [1]

The Breaker New WavesEdit

The Beginning of a New Legend in the Murim!Edit

When Shi-Woon Yi arrives at the Sun-Woo Clan villa, Jae-Kyu Kwon greets him by telling him they have been waiting for him.[2] As Gyu-Bum Yi introduces Shi-Woon to the Sun-Woo Clan elders, Jae-Kyu bows his head telling it's a pleasure to him, and introduces himself as Jae-Kyu Kwon. After Shi-Woon introduces himself, he tells him they have heard a lot about him already. In any case they welcome him on his arrival and asks him why don't they eat before they start their talk. As Jang-Il Jeong passes his comments to Shi-Woon, Jae-Kyu questions him about his impolite words. After Shi-Woon shows the Phoenix Medallion to Kim Sul-Joong. Jae-Kyu then bows before the headship. After Shi-Woon tells them he is giving back the Phoenix Medallion and walks away. Min Sa-Oak asks him if they should bring him back. He tells him no as it seems he hasn't made up his mind yet, so they'll give him more time. Besides they also have urgent matters all about them don't they. He then thanks the other elders for coming. As he notices the Phoenix Medallion behind, he goes over and picks it up. He then laughs after Shi-Woon said he was returning it, and claims what an interesting person they have now as the head. Jin-Ie Kwon then questions why don't they reject him since he refuses their offer. He asks her if he wanted to hear her opinion. He then becomes curious as to why he doesn't look roughed up. After Jin-Ie asks him why he ordered her to observe Shi-Woon Yi. He then says to leave him alone and not to let him die, because they need only his name.He asks Jinnie to leave him until gets pushed so far into a corner, until he's fallen so deep that he has to beg the Sun-Woo Clan to save his life. He asks can whether she do at least that much for her grandpa. [3]

Into the Depths of the Sun-Woo Clan's Hellish Training, Shi-Woon!!Edit

Jin-Ie later contacts him telling Shi-Woon is ready to come to Sun-Woo after he had experienced saviour suffering. He tells she had done a nice job.[4]

In a meeting between the clan elders, when elder Jeong questions elder Kim's words regarding the new Ganju. Jae-Kyu tells him elder Kim's words are understandable, so in his opinion secretly guarding the new head at the Sun-Woo Clan's villa would be best. The decision is to be made by that person and wherever they go, shouldn't they follow that person's will. When Shi-Woon arrives at the Sun-Woo Clan building, Jae-Kyu with the other elders greet him. Jae-Kyu asks him how much has he suffered during his time and to accept the Sun-Woo Clan's protection. As Shi-Woon tells them he didn't come to say he'll be the head, he wants to learn martial arts. Jae-Kyu tells him not to worry as he can learn that any time, he then asks him to take it slow and come inside for now. Shi-Woon tells them he will fight Ji-Gun Yoo in one week, Jae-Kyu and the other elders become surprised by his announcement. Inside the Sun-Woo Clan building the clan elders discuss Shi-Woon and his vow. While elder Jeong quarries about the situation. Jae-Kyu asks him how much larger does he want to make the problem. He mentions the Sun-Woo Clan's revenge has begun so striking in fear into the factions will make any excuse to unite immediately and confront them in battle. At the moment the main family’s attack power is not even at 1/3. The elders begin to discuss the state of Shi-Woon's Ki Centre. Jae-Kyu claims he’s nobody, that can't even use negong so he won't be able to receive proper training in martial arts of the head family for a week. He mentions that's how it is. Then that would be the best way to solve the problem. Shortly afterwards the Sun-Woo Clan elders confront Shi-Woon in the building's lobby. Shi-Woon questions what he means, Jae-Kyu tells him it's just as he's been told. To not reveal the martial arts of the main house to outsiders is an unwritten law to keep. If he wants to train in the Sun-Woo Clans Martial Arts, he must join the Sun-Woo Clan. It will be difficult to change the fighting style of Shi-Woon who already has a master, as the head he thinks it would be best to brandish the name of the Sun-Woo Clan. Shi-Woon asks is he trying to say he can't learn Martial Arts. Jae-Kyu tells him that is correct. As Shi-Woon agrees, Jae-Kyu tells him whatever the outcome in one week he will be given the high seat of the main family. Shi-Woon asks him in return to teach him martial arts. Jae-Kyu claims him he understands tells him for this elder Jeong is currently in charge of the main family’s martial arts department. Jae-Kyu then asks the clan elders should they also go watch the head training. Jin-Ie asks him if he really teach Shi-Woon Martial Arts. He tells her it is business of the elders group, and don't think about being uselessly involved. More so than that, that loud yelling, what is that. Is that how she properly finishes a job, and like her mother she brings him disappointment.[5]

As the clan elder view Shi-Woon's training Min Sa-Oak asks him will he observe. He tells him, no it's enough. They've entrusted with this, so why don't they tend to their own business. He begins to move on, he notices Jin-Ie on the other side of the building, he claims she never fails to disappoint him like her mother. [6]

As Jin-Ie accompanies Shi-Woon home, before she enters the car. He tells her to look after him. When the car containing Shi-Woon and Jin-Ie leaves Jae-Kyu asks Elder Jeong about Shi-Woon. Elder Jeong then delivers a report of his training, Jae-Kyu then thanks him, and begins to hope that the recent disturbances ends with this. [7]

Jae-Kyu later questions, that he hasn't seen Elder Jeong lately. A clan member then tells he heard that he has taken Shi-Woon into his home in order to assist him in his training. He then questions him about the clan head training. The Clan member then confirms it. Jae-Kyu then dismisses him. As the clan member leaves, he scrunches up his paper, and questions what Elder Jeong is up to.[8]

He orders members of Sun-Woo Clan to bring Elder Jeong over quickly as possible. During his phone coversion he is told they will follow his orders. He tells them good and make sure to hold him down until they find some other way. After finishing his phone coversion, he puts his phone down and claims did he really think he'd let him do as he pleases. Thinking to himself he mentions he brought it on himself and don't hate, before referring to him as a brat.[9]

On the phone to Jin-Ie he questions her over how it went. Jin-Ie mentions they was saved by Dae-San Han and Ha-Ill Gang, they also have dropped the head home were he is recovering. Jae-Kyu questions what nonsense this is and why they was there, referring to them both as idiots. Jin-Ie questions him over if he sent them. Jae-Kyu tells her it's alright they'll leave it at that and asks her is anyone around her. She tells it's only her, he then orders her to destroy him with her own hands, as he never woke up after knocked unconscious and that is how this tale will end. Jin-Ie begins to try and reason with him, but Jae-Kyu tells her don't forget she is his only bloodline does she plan to dissapoint him like her mother did. She tells him no sir, he relpies he'll leave it up to her.[10]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Real Master Martial Artist (Sun-Woo Style): As one of the Ten Grand Masters, Jae-Kyu Kwon is a renowned Real Master in the Murim. He is the strongest member of the Sun-Woo Clan and the only one of the Murim's ten Grandmasters to stay as second-in-command of a clan, even though his status gives him the right to form his own clan [11]. During his fight with Ju Sang-Sik it is commented that even after he was given the titles of one of the Ten Grandmasters he still increased his powers further, becoming a "monster". During that fight he displayed the same spirit that only Chun-Woo Han and Shi-Woon has shown before. Jae-Kyu Kwon later showed the ability to easily block an attack from Goomoonryong and repelled him back a fair distance which greatly surprised the witnesses. In fact, during that instance, Jae-Kyu Kwon even expressed confidence that he would be able to defeat if not outright kill Goomoonryong as well. Later on Elder Kwon was able to defeat Jae-gal in a long battle despite being injured and having his Ki disrupted from the S.U.C.'s bomb yet still had enough strength to take out four of Goomoonryoung's minions in an instant in spite of being heavily injured. In fact he would have killed the fifth one (Julia) during that confrontation as she herself noted had it not been for Goomoonryoung's intervention. He was also able to hold his own against a serious Goomoonryoung with only one arm but would have been killed if Shi-Woon hadn't attack him.


  • Calm Ignition Ki Center Techniques:As the name implied, it is a Ki-center related technique that is needed to be mastered for twelve years for anyone to use Jae-Kyu Kwon's personal technique. It is most likely a type of distribution technique.
  • Ascending Blue Dragon Strike: A technique apparently originating from the Sun-Woo Clan. The most notable user is Gyu-Bum Yi. Elder Jae-Kyu Kwon used this move against Ha-Ill Gang. The way the technique is executed is quite simple: It appears to be just a simple palm-thrust technique against the opponent. However, the affect is powerful enough to leave a silhouette of your palm on your opponent and can knock them a few meters away.
  • Walking Techniques: He is a master at the high speed techniques that the Sun-Woo clan specializes in. His skill is so great that he can take on multiple opponents at once while moving so fast that the movements can't even be followed by master-level combatants. When he engages in combat it doesn't look as if he is moving at all, and he can move at a walking pace without anyone seeing him in combat.[12]
  • Focus Stomp: Jae-Kyu Kwon is shown using a stomping technique that destroyed the car door of Ji-Woo Li's convertible and sent it spiraling into the edge of a tunnel a few seconds after landing on it with one leg during their fight. Though it's unknown whether this is same focus stomp used by Chun-Woo, Kang-Sung, Shi-Woon, and the Former Alliance Chief.
  • Phoenix Wing Whip: A technique that uses the arm much like a whip going at high speeds. The attack was powerful enough to easily snap a solid cane in half [13].
  • Heaven-Shattering Thunder Strike: A technique that concentrates an immense amount of Ki into the fist of the user and then releases it at the moment of impact, though the strike itself is much faster than the soul-smashing strike. Jae-Kyu Kwon used this ability on Jae-gal, but much to his dismay had his attack nullified by an unnamed technique.[13]
  • Double Dragon Chain Dance (Yeon-Hwan Ssang-Yong-Moo): The practitioner kicks the target in the air and then deals the opponent a multitude of devastating punches from multiple angles.[12]
  • Wind Swallow Kick (Poong Yeon Gak): a devastating flying kick to the head of the opponent that will send them flying.[12]


  • "He has destroyed the heart of the Murim. Namely it's pride and dignity, as guarded by the alliance. It will not be easy to recover from those loses."  (In reference to Goomoonryong and Martial Arts Alliance)
  • "Like an idiot... A clan head who would throw away his own life to save his own subordinate... I honestly didn't want to see such a thing again...- To Shi-Woon
  • "I will now teach you who exactly you have dared to touch." - To the S.U.C.
  • "I . . . I cant see through his movements!" - Ji-Woo Li


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