Iron Wall Stance
Iron Wall Stance 1
Clan Sun-Woo Clan
Classification Defensive
Type External
Execution Continuous
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 20

The Iron Wall Stance is a basic fighting stance of the Sun-Woo Clan.


The Iron Wall Stance is a fighting stance that centers around the user's two fists.  The two fists represent a spear and shield, respectively.  To use this stance the user stands with their left shoulder facing their target.  He or she then takes a wide stance with their feet about shoulder length apart and crouches slightly into the stance.  From here the user needs to place the left fist straight out at their target's face.  This fist represents the shield.  Their second fist is held low and cocked against the stomach ready to strike.  This second fist represents the spear. 

Once the proper stance is assumed the user has to keep their shield fist in the way of their opponents line of sight.  The wide, even stance allows the user to easily pivot and move in response to the opponents moves and keep them blinded.  When the opponent presents an opening the user strikes with their spear fist using the opening caused by their shield fist. 


  • When teaching Shi-Woon Yi this technique Jang-Il Jeong was amazed at the former's lack of martial theory.  In disbelief he asked Shi-Woon, "What did your master teach you?"

Known UsersEdit



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