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Unknown Iron Fist Assassin
Iron Fist User
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Martial Arts Alliance
Iron Fist School
Personal Status
Master Jae-Myung Cho (Assumed)
Status Unknown
Martial Arts
School Iron Fist School
Fighting Style Iron Fist Martial Arts
Rank Practitioner
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 68 (The Breaker)

The Iron Fist Assassin is an unnamed member from the Iron Fist School who attempted to assassinate Shi-Woon to avenge Jae-Myung Cho by ignoring the order to leave Shi-Woon be until his fate was decided by the higher ups.


It's unknown what his fall facial appearance is but it's shown that he is at the very least in his mid-to-late twenties sporting spiky hair pointed forward and wearing a pair of squared sunglasses. During his infiltration of the hospital Shi-Woon was in, the assassin donned a doctor's coat along with a business suit underneath.


He seems to be very loyal to the Iron Fist School and its munju (Jae-Myung Cho) by attempting to kill Shi-Woon whom was recognized as Goomoonryoung's disciple as the latter killed the Iron Fist School elder. Given the fact that he snuck into the hospital disguised as a doctor it's safe to assume that he allowed his hatred for Goomoonryoung to cloud his decisions as he was deliberately disobeying the direct orders of the higher ups of the Martial Arts Alliance to leave Shi-Woon be until proper judgement on his fate was decided. Also due to the fact that he went after Shi-Woon shows that he believes the former disciple carries Goomoonryoung's sins and thus hatefully exclaimed him to be Goomoonryoung's disciple when Yu Sa-Ah protected the exiled disciple under orders from the elders. He can also be seen as rather reckless as well since he opted to attack Shi-Woon out in the open hallway of the hospital instead of when the latter was in a secluded location.


The BreakerEdit

This man disguised himself as a doctor and attempted to assassinate Shi-Woon untill he was defeated by Yu Sa-Ah. When he went on to insult her based on age she stomped him into the ground by his junk.


Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Practitioner Martial Artist (Iron Fist Style): While he is defeated by Yu Sa-Ah, the assassin was able to infiltrate a hospital and miss killing Shi-Woon by mere moments thus showing that he is at the least practitioner level.


  • Single Fist of Destructive Lightning: A strong punch that can easily destroy a hospital bed in a downward strike though its unknown how if this can be used in other angles.

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