Iron Fist School
Iron Fist User
Romanji Cheolgyeokmyun
Munju Jae-Myung Cho (Former)
Allied Organization Martial Arts Alliance
Specialty Iron Body
Single Fist of Destructive Lightning
Dragon Claw Punch

Iron Fist School: Not much is known about this school but it is allied with the Martial Arts Alliance.


Not much is known about this school or fighting style that they practice (though it seems that most of the techniques shown revolve around powerful strikes thus favoring power above all else). But this school is the keeper of the holds the Dragon Becoming Fist.



For many years the Iron Fist School has been the keeper of the Dragon Becoming Fist until ousted by Goomoonryong at the last Shinmujengpe.  

The Munju of this school, Jae-Myung Cho, then went with the other Munju's of the Martial Arts Alliance and participated in the Death of Un-Wol Incident.

The BreakerEdit

Years later during the Koa Tower Incident the very same Munju and many of their members would participate in trying to trap Goomoonryong. Jae-Myung Cho lost his life during this incident.

While it is not known who took over for Jae-Myung Cho as head of this school it is clear that they have maintained animosity for Goomoonryong as just a few days later an unnamed member of this school attempted to assassinate Goomoonryong's exiled disciple

The Breaker New WavesEdit

At an undefined point in time Ryuji fought and defeated Sang-Hoon Yi, a member of this school and the man Goomoonryong took the seat of Dragon Becoming Fist from. 

Martial ArtsEdit



  • Iron Body Technique: A continuous offensive and defensive technique that is said to make the body of the user as hard as steel.
  • Single Fist of Destructive Lightning: A striking technique using one fist with the power to break through a hospital bed.
  • Dragon Claw Punch: traditionally belonging to the Iron Fist School. It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon.

Known MembersEdit



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