Image usage

Images are used on this wikia to depict what often is hard to describe in words. To this extent, all images on this site are being used for illustration purposes only. If images are used for anything more, they can be considered going against copyright laws. To keep the wikia healthy, avoid questions of "misuse" of the wikia and to generally avoid sensitive image arguments we have certain guidelines and rules that should be noted. Unacceptable images can be considered vandalism just as text can be considered if it is spam, offensive or flame.

Unsuitable or unused images can be deleted at any point without warning by an admin or a member of the wikia staff.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Images?


  1. Single cell or single pages from the manhwa
  2. Screen shots of a single scene from the games.
  3. Screenshots of a single frame from the anime and Panoramic images.
  4. Animations showing a single event from the anime, such as a single fighting move.
  5. Fan-art showing a single symbol (such as a pirate flag) used with permission of the original maker, used where the manhwa/manga/anime could not or did not provide a decent enough image.
  6. Fan-art art related to the manhwa only when used in User Profiles and for decoration purposes in the Wiki (never use fan-art in articles).
  7. File extensions: .JPG, .GIF or .PNG, this is standard requirement for the wiki system and many file extension types (such as .BMP) are not uploadable (.PNG file extensions are preferred over .JPG file extensions).
  8. Edited images of any form only when text is erased.
  9. Unacceptable 7 can be acceptable if the copyright holder has given permission for the use of the image or video.


  1. Low Quality Images. If you are unable to find an image with good quality request help from the community or a Local Admin.
  2. Fan-art art of any form - for use in wiki articles (see "Acceptable 5, 6").
  3. Doctored images of any form (see "Acceptable 8").
  4. Images unrelated to this wikia, we're not an image host, sites like Flickr exist for this purpose.
  5. Images showing multiple pages from the manhwa.
  6. Animations showing more then one event e.g. showing a full fight scene between two characters.
  7. Images of people with no involvement with the making of The Breaker at all.
  8. Watermarked images, these are claimed by an owner as their property and they may be offended if the image was taken without permission. Note: TV, DVD and sub watermarks are excepted from this rule. However, no image taken from Youtube may be used.
  9. Spoiler images are forbidden.
  10. Images uploaded solely for user page usage. If you upload the image elsewhere (e.g. Flickr) you will be able to freely import it on the wiki, by the "Add Image" button.
  11. Both porn and nudity that comes outside of the official sources (the manhwa), hence no Doujinshi for example.

Uploading Images

Format Advice

There isn't a general rule on which format use, however, the PNG format is strongly preferred over JPGs or JEPGs. Updates to Wikia servers have caused .jpgs to become pixilated when viewed as thumbnails in articles, even when the full size image is high quality. PNGs will not compress or become pixilated when viewed at any size, and are always of higher quality.

Image Information

When you upload an image on this wikia, please provide the necessary information on the file's page by creating different section, such as:

  • Description/Summary: this is an optionally field where users provide information on the image and its meaning or purpose.
  • Source: this information is important and helpful, so specify where the file comes from, for example which Volume/Chapter if a manhwa picture, which episode if an anime screenshot or which sites if you took it from internet.
  • Licensing: please provide the right license for each image, we'll see in the next section which are the licenses more suited.
  • Categorization: after you upload a file add the categories by the button at the bottom, creating a section it isn't necessary. If you don't know which category is right for the image, try to look other similar images. See this page which contains each image category.

NOTE: Due to users uploading images without adding any of these information, a rule will be added regarding this matter: any images missing this information for over 24 hours after being uploaded will be deleted, unless rectified before the admin catches the image and deleting it.


For more information about how to use a template, visit the template page. This page regroups every copyright template. Please add the license in its own section "Licensing". You can also provide more than one license for a file, if necessary. Every image on this wiki is categorized under its correct license.

Note: If the licence is not given within 24 hours after the image was uploaded the images will be deleted.


If you don't know the copyright status of an image then use the template {{No license}}, while if you don't know the source add {{No source}} to the "Source" section. For the images from Wikipedia or another Wikia, you can use the template {{From Wikimedia}} and you can also provide the site link by parameter, but remember that you also have to provide the license of the file, so look for the image's copyright status in the original information page.
You can also tag s file with {{LQ}} if it has a poor quality, or with {{Edit war}} if it is the subject of an edit war. To request the deletion of a file add {{Delete}} to its page.

Uploading New Versions

Frequently, as better images appear in the series, new versions of the images are uploaded. A common example of this would be the changing a manhwa image to an anime version. All licensing should reflect the currently used version of the image, and the source should be listed for all versions of the image. If a source is not provided for the most recent version, the template {{no source}} should be added to the sourcing section.

General Editing Advice

Generally, while images enhance the usefulness of a page, they likewise can lower its quality. The following are examples of past editor mistakes, made by both experienced and inexperienced editors alike.

Image Overload

Overloading a single area of text with multiple images can lead to layering issues. The most common form of layering problem is the rendering of a mass white space due to conflicts with either other images already on the page or page templates. You can Preview all edits using the "Preview" option next to the button "Save page". To avoid this problem please use a Gallery section at the bottom of the page below the References for all times of pages except pages that refer to terms.

Alternatively, if there is no call to use a gallery table, another code to use to avoid page layout problems is the code {{-}}.

This will leave a gap after the code, any previous coding will not effect the page, and any further coding will not conflict with the previous text and images before the code. Please note, if used with too many images close together however, even this code can leave an image not aligned with the text it is intending to support.

Image Replacement

Any image on a page can be replaced by uploading a new image with the same name. Editors do not need permission or explanation to replace an image on a place. However, take note what you consider a better image may not be considered a better image by other editors. Please also take note that replacing an image from the manhwa with its counterpart is acceptable, however you should not replace a manhwa image with another manhwa image of less quality. Likewise, do not replace an anime image with another anime image of less quality.

Image Wars

This is when editors are constantly changing images on a page from one version to another for a variety of reasons. In the event of constant reverting between two revisions of the same image, the most useful or related image to its intended use will be chosen, or in the event of neither image being of satisfaction, both images may be rejected for another image. If you feel the the other editors are making a bad choice, there is a choice to argue the point of the image, backing it up with support from the guidelines listed on this page.

Mass Uploading

Mass uploading is when a editor uploads a number of images within the span of a short amount of time (usually within an hour). Often the intentions of the user are in the right place, however mass uploading cause problems. Other editors cannot keep up or check on what images were uploaded if a mass upload happens too fast. In the case of mass replacement as well as uploading that means other editor may be left with 20+ pages to look and compare the images of. On top of this, if the source of the images is deemed unsuitable (i.e. they were taken from a single site where every image was watermarked), then those images would have to be removed causing time wasted.

It is advisable that, if a mass upload is intended. the uploader should seek out help beforehand, if the images ARE coming from a single site it is important you investigate the site or ask another more experienced editor to check out the site for you.

Images for Deletion

Unused Images

All images are intended for use on the wikia and unused images can be found via the Unused files page. Please note that an image may ALREADY exist on the wikia and one can check using this page if the image isn't already uploaded by this wikia. If you upload an image, but do not add it to a page, or it was deemed unsuitable/unneeded by another editor and removed, then that image can be deleted without question. Images take up memory and space and unused images serve the wikia in no way. If you do not wish your image to end up deleted, make sure you put it on a page straight away. If an editor deletes it, check the history of the page to check why is was deleted, failing that, ask the editor to explain. If no explanation is provided you can revert, however please remember it is more important to avoid an edit war by getting a suitable picture.

Duplicate Images

Like with unused images, duplicate images are also at risk to be deleted at any point, like with unused images, without question. If the image already exists, there is no need for a copy, it simply takes up space. Check the page and related pages to make sure the image doesn't already exist. Also note images can be used on several pages, not just one. Also, likewise check the Unused files page to see if the image exists there.

When a duplicate image is found, the Duplicate Template can be added with the original file as an argument.

To avoid duplicating images, it is worth to make a quick research first, by:

  • Looking in the Wiki Pages related to the image object
  • Making a research in the Special:Search page with File option checked
  • Looking in the Images Category and its subcategories
  • When a new chapter or episode comes out, check in the New Files page if the image has not been already upload by another user. A lot of duplicate images occurs a these moments.
  • Searching for them at the Special:FileDuplicateSearch page by entering the filename without the "File:" prefix

Remember that it is better to upload a new version of the file than replacing a link with a new one since it creates unused files. After all this verification one can safely upload the image (remember to add eventual Images Category since it can help the users research).


As stated in our rules, animations are allowed, however only single events are permitted. When it comes to Youtube, several other issues arise that are not clear in the rules. Firstly, as it is a copyright violation the Youtube staff may delete any related videos as they see fit. This could potentially be a problem for the wikia if such a video is deleted as not only does it mean we need to track down another copy of the video (which there may well not be so), we also have broken links. On top of that, an owner may replace a video as well as delete it themselves resulting in more potential headaches for editors. On the wikia, we have control and can regulate our images better, reverting a image back to its original format if need be, on Youtube, these things are out of our control and we cannot replace or revert lost videos. On top of this, Youtube videos also prefer to stay their specific sizes and often led to problems with the page layouts. They are not as simple to insert into a page as normal images are.

Also, please remember even if you own the video, youtube owns their site and thus every image on Youtube carries the Youtube watermark uploading the images also breaks another rule.

Game Sprites

While screenshots are allowed and once again, likewise animations, be aware of a few issues related to games. First, most sprites are ripped by a single person and while various people may rip the same set of sprites, they between them have their own conditions for usage. For most, a simple "Thank you" for using their sprite n your project and maybe a link to the site you got the sprites off of is enough. Some will directly require you ask them first before using their sprites.

Most animations of game moves will use sprites borrowed without permission or referencing back to the original owner, so some citation is needed when approaching them. The majority of sprites will also have no background, thus they can never been truly considered "direct" from the game or represent the gameplay of the game. To date in order to also use a sprite to prove the existence of say a move a link to notify all editors on the discussion page is a better idea then to upload one of these animations. Regardless, stick to screenshots to back up text rather then a single sprite and do not use them over the manhwa and anime representations.

The most notable problem with sprites is they are very easily faked. Fake screenshots, sprites and animations have been around for many years and even in fandom they exist.


Sometimes, despite editors' best efforts, there is something that simply cannot be described between either image or text, and an animation can often aid the subject of the article. Having a animation simply of two people talking is an example of animations which do not belong on a page, as a single frame and text can describe this action without any problems. However, when it comes to things like a battle move, which can often be complex, then an animation can often provide a better demonstration then any text or single frame.

Be aware that there are a few things to consider before you upload an animation.

Firstly, animations are much larger files than images and larger files take time to load on a page. If there are several animations or a particularly large animation, then lag may occur on the page in some form (be it page loading time or just image loading time). The image may not even load at all leading to the a box with a red "X" appearing.

To prevent that, the restrictions for animated gifs are as followed:

  • The animation shall not exceed 4.000.00 byte.
  • The total size of all animations combined on a page shall not exceed 12.000.000 byte.
  • The pixel size can vary between 100px and 240px, but not more or less than that.

Next, there is a consideration that too many animations on a page may not be a good idea. Animations can make a page look busy, having a dozen things moving at once can be somewhat off putting to a user but can also led to the usual image related problems of large white gaps and page layout problems. The text they supported was also often just a few sentances, leaving the page with layout problems and/or large gaps of white on a page.

To avoid possible overload:

  • Animations are only allowed in the Abilities section of an article or in articles devoted to fighting styles or powers.
  • The maximal number of animations used on a page is restricted to three.

Lastly, we have decided to only allow animations that are:

  • Free of fan translations.
  • Free of editor credits.

Give it a Good Name

When uploading, you get a chance to rename it, it is advisable you give it a suitable file name. A picture of Shi-Woon attacking, for example, may have the name "Shi.png". Be careful! If the uploader mentions you have giving it the name of an existing image, don't overwrite - rename. You will be taken back to the uploader if you choose not to attempt another name for the file.

Unsuitable names may be renamed by the members of the wikia as a decent name helps classify the categories, find it easy as well link to the image. Long random letters and numbers for names is hard for all editors to work with. Undescriptive names such as untitled, screenshot-xxx shall also be avoided. "The-breaker-728501.jpg" is not really a good name either, if you are not able to give a proper name to your file maybe you should question yourself if it is necessary to upload it. You are not limited by the length of the name so abbreviations shall be avoided. In all cases the clearer the better.


It can be useful to add a category to an image as it can help to find it more easily. However, only categories belonging to the Images categories shall be added.

Only images used in articles shall be categorized, image from user's pages or talk pages (or even worse unused images) shall not be categorized. That also means that if an image is removed from an article for whatever reason, its eventual categories shall be deleted.

Note that pages which have a prefix such as Template or File are classified by default at the letter of the prefix (T for Template and F for files). If the category contains a table of content it is useful to redirect the category name by using the pipe character (|). For example to categorize 0180302.png one can add [[Category:Action Images|gatsattack]] so that the file appear at the letter H. If the file has been properly named (Cf previous chapter) one can use the template variable PAGENAME [[Category:Action Images|{{PAGENAME}}]]. When you edit an article, you can see if the category has been redirected by clicking on the Code view link in the category section.