Hu-Cho is the term used for the mind games used by the Murim-ins in a fight.



The fights between Murim-ins are not always decided based on strength. It is important for them to used their minds. What this means is that a fighter attacks the opponent in a way to lead him/her into a trap. It is a series of feint attacks, not meant to hit the opponent, but to distract him in order to create a blind spot and take advantage of it. This will give the fighter the chance to use the real attack to decide the fight.


Use of such mind games enables Murim-ins to defeat opponents stronger than themselves.


There are two main limitations in the use of mind games. One is the ability of the user of these games to hide them and gap of power between the user and the opponent.

Skill in Mind GamesEdit

It is important to make sure that the opponent does not realize that one uses such methods otherwise it will be meaningless.

  • Case: In the fight between Shi-Woon Yi and Yong-Hyun Yan, the later used the only weakness of the Ki-strikes in order to make Shi-Woon use up his Ki reserves and lose the fight. However, Shi-Woon realized and trapped him in his own mind games, pretending to strike the same way again but instead used the Focus Stomp.[1][2]

Power GapEdit

Also, if the gap of skill and strength between the opponents is too big then mind games will not be effective since the opponent will be fast enough to counter even if caught off-guard.


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