Not much has been revealed about the Hogi Clan but their Munju was present and complacent in the death of Un-Wol. They are also the traditional holders of the Seat of Dragon Staff.


The clan seems to place a lot of value on tradition and respect but must have some unique circumstances to have a Munju that dresses as theirs does. 

Martial ArtsEdit

Style DescriptionEdit

The Hogi Clan style of martial arts seems to be based around using ones enviroment and blocking to dodge and confuse opponents combined with quick burts of offense.


  • Sun Technique: This technique has not been thoroughly expounded upon but it seems to be an offensive continuous technique that creates a super heated layer on the users body.  The effects can seemingly be transferred to an object by holding on to it. 

Staff TechniquesEdit

The Hogi Clan is known for its staff tachniques shown by its traditional dominance over the Seat of Dragon Staff. 

  • Dragon Staff Strike: This is one of the Nine Arts that are competed for in the Shinmujengpe. The technique itself has not been seen so far.

Known MemebersEdit



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