Hak Jang Song
Hak Jang Song
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Murim
Martial Arts Alliance
Song Clan
Previous Occupation Ganju of the Song Clan
Personal Status
Student Kang-Sung
Gijoo Song
Status Deceased
Martial Arts
School Song Clan
Fighting Style Song Style
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 49 (The Breaker)
Hak Jang Song was an elder of the Murim and former master of Kang-Sung.


He is a elderly looking man with wrinkles and a ponytail. His facial features included eyes shown to be very tightly squinted and he has a long beard. He has only been seen in a traditional martial art clothing so far.


During a conversation with Kang-Sung, Song Hakjang has been shown to be very wary of Un-Wol and his former disciples. As he believed that Un-Wol reason for taking on a new disciple was to get revenge. So far he has shown no other types of characteristics, but it may be implied that he seems to be willing to take in any student that he believes needs saving, in this case Gijoo Song.


When Un-Wol became a dangerous threat to the Martial Arts Alliance, he and the other elders wanted to kill Un-Wol, due to him being too dangerous.[1] However, the Chief of the Martial Arts Alliance stopped them from doing so and decided to isolate him in a cave for his entire lifetime. Later on in his life, Hak Jang took in Kang-Sung as his first disciple. Hak Jang is later seen with various elders who went to confront Un-Wol about his new disciple. This resulted in Un-Wol's death, the removal of the Iron Fist Munju's eye, and the apparent death of Chun-Woo from falling off a cliff. He then told Kang-Sung about Chun-Woo's supposed "death". Sometime since then he took in Gijoo Song and Hyuntae as his new disciples. Later he's killed by Goomonryong's, Soul-Crushing Strike.[2]


After he's was killed by Chun-Woo all three of him disciple have fought against Chun-Woo with the latter defeating two of the three along with killing Gijoo Song. The only one of his disciples that can fight one on one with him is the former leader of the Martial arts Alliance Kang-Sung. After 6 six months have passed Chun-Woo defeated Kang-Sung as well.

Techniques and Abilities Edit

Abilities Edit

Real Master Martial Artist (Song Style): Though he has not been shown fighting, it should be noted that as the former Ganju of the Song Clan and thus an elder of the Martial Arts Alliance his skills are no doubt masterful. This is shown where his various disciples were able to challenge Goomoonryoung while he himself was killed by the latter. His first two disciples, Gijoo Song and Kang-Sung were capable going of one on one against the latter though the former's case was when Goomoonryoung was severely weakened and Kang-Sung went to become the Danju of the Martial Arts Alliance after the former one was stripped of the position which speaks volumes of Hak Jang Song's martial arts skills and teaching abilities.

References Edit

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