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Hae-Jin Kwon
Hae-Jin Kwon


Hae-Jin Kwon




Sun-Woo Clan



Manhwa Debut

Chapter 15 (NW)

Hae-Jin Kwon was the daughter of Jae-Kyu Kwon and mother to Jin-Ie Kwon.



Hae-Jin loved her father and wanted his dream to come true and did things that made her like a traitor in his eyes and earned his resentment just to make sure that the dream he dedicated his life for don't crumble due to internal conflict in the clan.


Hae-Jin Kwon was orginally supposed to marry the previous clan head. A few days before the wedding, she decided against the arranged marriage and left the clan cutting off all contact. Afterwards Hae-Jin had a child from an unkown, now possibly deceased man and raised her alone in America. Then she passed away in an airplane crash, leaving behind her child Jin-Ie.[1]

Later it's revealed by Ha-Ill, that it wasn't her who annulled the marriage but the previous clan head, who was in love with another women. To prevent a confrontation between him and her father, which could have lead to the end of the Sun-Woo Clan, she decided to leave her clan.[1]


  • Jinie Kwon: Hae-jin loved and care for her daughter very much.
  • Jae-kyu Kwon:her father who resented his daughter for her supposed betrayal for him and this resentment would extend to her daughter. However, after learning the truth this seems to have changed.
  • Jang Gyul: former fiance who broke the engagement as he was in love with another woman. Hae-Jin never hated him and wished that he find happiness with the one he loved.


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