Nickname Thousand Face
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Black Forest Defence
Previous Affiliation S.U.C.
Previous Occupation Captain of S.U.C.
Personal Status
Status Active
Martial Arts
Fighting Style Appearance & Bone Techniques
Whip Martial Art
Rank Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 61 (NW) (Shadowed)
Chapter 84 (NW) (Full Appearance)
Ha-ru (Chunmyungrang) is one of the five S.U.C. captains. She is known by her nickname "Thousand Face". it was later revealed that she was in fact a double agent working on behalf of Kaiser.


She has long curly hair as well developed and curvaceous-frame. These traits seem normal amongst the female characters in the The Breaker universe, but she appears to be one of the especially blessed ones.


Ha-ru is very intelligent and clever, and uses decisive plans in order to accomplish her mission. She is a cunning and bold person who speaks her mind without caring of what others will think. However, she seem to fear and respect Ryuji for his skills and ability, as his anger was enough to frighten her into silence.



Not much is known about her past, Sometime ago Kaiser of the Black Forest Defence recruited her for her skills in undercover work. After the events of Chun-Woo against the Allaince and the beginning of the S.U.C Kaiser sent her on an mission to find Shi-Ho Lee.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Shi-Woon moving back into the center of Sun-Woo..!Edit

Ha-ru is seen with the rest of the S.U.C. captains discussing about the Nine Arts Dragon and his request to give him Seoul if they want him to join them. They conclude that they agree on these terms.[1]

Punching the Encirclement is for the Last Fight..!!Edit

Ha-ru is introduced watching over Chang-ho fight against his comrades. When she is visited Jae-gal. As Jae-gal greets her, she says she heard the commander is not doing so well lately. Jae-gal tells her his mentally personality is the problem because of that, Cool Guy has been excluded plans this time. Ha-ru asks if she should give it a go. Ha-ru then pulls out her iPad from her bag, besides her and gives it to Jae-gal. She tells him he's told her some interesting things and because of that she's figured out that the past disciple has some surprising weaknesses. Jae-gal questions that on the iPad is. Ha-ru then smiles and tells him that's. That's the person who could totally disarm their dear past disciple. If they use her, she believes they can take care of that headache quite easily, and asks what he thinks.[2]

As Shi-Woon Yi returns to Nine Dragons High School, Ha-ru watches from afar. Then later informs So Jung Chan of it. [3]

As Ji-Gun Yoo and Sae-Hee meet up outside Nine Dragons High School, Ha-ru and Ji-Woo Li watch over them. Ha-ru tells Ji-Woo she got it right and don't go crazy around here, as there's people from the Mil-Yang Clan watching that kid 24/7. Ji-Woo asks Ha-ru then what is she suppose to do currently. Ha-ru tells her the stage is set. Just go wait some were. Ji-Woo tells her Smiling Sword is hers, so don't no one touch him. Ha-ru tells now that she thinks about it. She then throws her whip around her neck and tells her. She has to be respectful to her elders.[4]

She took the appearance of Sae-Hee's classmate to lure her towards the infirmary by acting sick. There she used her Appearance and Bone Techniques to take Sae-Hee's form and after she was taken to the roof by Jin-Ie Kwon (mistaken for Sae-Hee) she attempts to lure Shi-Woon Yi away from Jin-Ie and take him out. Shi-Woon finds her behaviour strange and when he is about to realise who she really is Jin-Ie attacks her. Her plot is found out and her disguise is revealed. After her position and name as a S.U.C. member and her techniques are revealed she fights with Jin-Ie. After some time she throws Jin-Ie of the roof and strikes her twice in mid-air before leaving Jin-Ie to fall to the ground, only for Ha-Ill Gang to save her. After that, Shi-Woon and the Computer Guy attempt to escape only for other members and Chang-ho to join Ha-ru and surround them.

Ha-ru observes as Shi-Woon fights those members and compliments them. When Shi-Woon attempts to reach the door after using Gyuk to immobilize everyone she seems surprised to see Ryuji appear on the roof to stop them. She stops him from fighting saying that they have already started a fight and comments on him being late to get there. She seems scared at him getting angry at her but at the end he stands aside with Ha-ru to watch the fight. After Chang-Ho's and Shi-Woon's fight Shi-Woon tries to explain to everyone that their bodies would break like Chang-Ho's. Ha-ru says that they didn't force anyone and after Shi-Woon's provocation she attacks him but is stopped by Ji-Gun Yoo who came to help. She is seen admiring Ryuji's martial arts when he attacks Ji-Gun commenting on the secrecy behind them.

All S.U.C. members and the two present captains stand in front of the door showing that they won't let anyone escape.[5]

When Shi-Woon attempts to jump of the rooftop, Ha-ru runs after him in order to stop him. Until she is attacked by Ji-Gun but the attack is blocked by Ryuji. Looking at Shi-Woon running towards the side of the roof she realizes his plan and counts on him stopping when seeing the height and not jumping. She is surprised to see that he jumps without hesitation and although she is surprised she comes to her senses and attempts to catch him with her whip which Shi-Woon repels with a Soul-Crushing Strike. After seeing Shi-Woon being safe on the ground and Ji-Gun laughs at their supposed failure she reveals a mechanism that is connected to bombs in their cars saying that this is where it all starts. After pressing the button they watch the S.U.C.'s cars around Shi-Woon and Jang-Il Jeong explode.[6]

Seeing as Jang-Il Jeong died protecting Shi-Woon, Ha-ru comments on him having the devil's luck. She is then ordered by Ryuji to take out Ji-Gun, while he finishes of Shi-Woon. She observes and is surprised to see Shi-Woon taking a strong attack from Ryuji but still standing.[7]

When she sees Kwon-Young's body unconscious, she becomes sightly terrified. Ha-ru then starts retreating before the police can arrive at Nine Arts School. After Ryuji hit Shi-Woon with the Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike. Both she and Ji-Woo were shocked to see Shi-Woon get up and continue to fight. After he was stopped by Jang-Il Jeong they look confused but the sirens of the police are heard and she retreats along with the rest of the S.U.C.[8]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Master Martial Artist (Whip Style): Her fighting style seems to be long range like Ji-Woo Li's with the difference of the weapon being a whip instead. Her level is also higher since she could instantly use her whip to grab Ji-Woo Li's neck from a distance of several meters before she could even react. Ha-ru also entangles her opponents in her whip to pull them near her for an attack or attacks with the whip itself. Her whip lashes have shown to be powerful and versatile as Shi-Woon had a hard time dodging her attacks and she can also use it to block attacks as well when Shi-Woon attacked her. Though as it's not a defensive weapon she was unable to block all of the power as it still managed to damage her clothing.

Heightened Agility: During her brief fight with Jin-le Kwon on the roof of the Nine Dragons High School, Ha-ru has demonstrated enhanced agility where after pulling the former towards her with the use of her whip she proceeded to deliver a powerful kick while simultaneously doing a back flip that was several meters above the roof.

Intelligence: Although Shi-Woon came in contact with two of the five captains of the S.U.C. none of them managed to find his weakness. Ha-ru, however, knowing that there is a relation between Shi-Woon and Chang-ho, used Chang-Ho and found out that using Sae-Hee, she would be able to "disarm" Shi-Woon.

Disguise Expert: She was able to disguise herself as Sae-Hee. She is able to also mimic the behaviour of others. Differences in the behaviour can be identified from people close to that person just as Shi-Woon was close to Sae-Hee. Her ability to disguise so effectively comes from her "Appearance and Bone Techniques" that are famous.[9]


Appearance & Bone Techniques: It was revealed that she knows techniques that help her change her appearance and body structure to match anyone she wants. These techniques however are not for fighting purposes but for infiltration. The method of these techniques, however, is not well explained.

Equipment Edit

  • Poison Bladed Whip: Ha-ru's main weapon where she uses it as her martial arts style. The whip also has a bladed top that can make slash attacks in the lashes which is also coated with a poison that she tried to kill So Jung Chan after he was defeated by Ryuji.


  • So Jung Chan: It is implied both she and Jung Chan have a loving relationship. However, this was seemingly a facade as she betray him to Ryuji and even try to kill after he was beaten by Ryuji.
  • Ryuji: She seem to fear and respect him for his strength and skills.
  • Ji-Woo Li: She seems to be one of the few individuals capable of frighten the Dark Princess.
  • Shi-Woon Yi: Due to Shi-Woon being a threat for the S.U.C they are enemies. Unlike the other captains who confronted Shi-Woon directly she waited and observed to find his weakness. Once she is done with that and switch places with Sae-Hee. She was not happy that Shi-Woon managed to figure out that she was not his friend. Despite that she is seen flattering with Shi-Woon calling him pretty boy. After Shi-Woon manged to land safely Ha-ru activated the bombs that killed the Elder Jeong which lead to Shi-Woon entering the Black Origin Threshold. Seeing Shi-Woon in that state and he was was more than a match to stand against Ryuji she became surprised, but after seeing another one of the five captains getting beaten by Shi-Woon she became terrified of him. After the return of The Nine Arts Dragon and Shi-Woon heading to the tower of Seoul Ha-ru with the Dark Princess and Cool Guy tried to stop him. There she was shown to flatter with Shi-Woon again. Shi-Woon tried to talk to them, but the three refused for different reasons and they fought where Shi-Woon was more than willing to hit Ha-ru. Due to the arrival of Ji-Gun with his friend the three captains surrendered, but Ha-ru stated that they are too late and was not affected after learning that Shi-Woon knows about there plans. However, when Shi-Woon wins Cool Guy to his side she was shown to be shocked and angry. When Shi-Woon and Chun-Woo were fighting Ha-ru managed to escape and prepared a Car for her and Jung Chan. While turning back her head and seeing Shi-Woon's face she got some shivering, surprisingly she licked her lips declared that it looked good and she liked it and stated that she will see Shi-Woon again, calling him sexy boy indicating that she become interested in him.


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