Ha-Ill Gang
Ha-Ill Gang
Korean 강해일
Romanized Gang Haeil
Nickname Lightning Heel
Age 26
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Sun-Woo Clan
Occupation Sun-Woo Clan Retainer
Personal Status
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Sun-Woo Clan
Fighting Style Sun-Woo Style
Rank Advanced Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 23 (NW)
Ha-Ill Gang is a prominent character and member of the Sun-Woo Clan, being a close friend of Jin-Ie Kwon. He is a top master of Sun-Woo and a skilled fighter, as he had been hailed to be quickly recognised in the Murim World.


Ha-Ill Gang is a young and talented Murim, and despite his youthful appearance, he is at least in his mid to late twenties or early thirties as he was seen to be presumably around ten years of age before Jinie was even born. This mistaken impression may also have been helped with the style of fashion he employs.

So far in the series, he is seen wearing a black fedora, vest, and baggy skater pants. Ha-Ill accessorizes with checkered suspenders and a matching wrist band as well as two chains, a black collier and multiple earrings (two rings and a stud on each ear). He also has a tattoo on his face under his left eye, a lip ring, and has light colored hair.


Against enemies, he has seen to be quite sadistically twisted to the point of generally leaving opponents brutally dead. He hates those who do not see his perspective for enemies, as shown with Shi-Woon Yi, where he might have been brought to the point of actually killing him simply because of their difference in thought, despite the latter being his future Headmaster.

With Jin-Ie Kwon, he has been shown to have a more playful and teasing side her, mocking the assumptions that she has feelings for Shi-Woon, saying "The Ones Who Love Usually Die First," pushing the latter to scold at him in denial. A while later after that scene, though, in a conversation with Big Mountain, it may be implied that his feelings towards her being "playful" is much deeper. Big Mountain had asked about Ha-Ill's possible loving feelings for her, in which he denies, simply saying, "There's no one as interesting as she is."

Also, it has been shown that he incredibly and deeply cares for Jin-Ie's safety, as he had been shown in ridiculous irritation about her disappearance and eventual conflict with the S.U.C. to the point of possibly killing Shi-Woon for killing him, and actually attempting to attack his elder, Jae Kwon, when the elder defies the thought of helping her.



As a child he had witnessed Jang Gyul breaking off his marriage with Hae-Jin Kwon. Before Hae-Jin Kwon left, she told Ha-Ill never to tell her father, Elder Jae-Kyu Kwon, about this incident, instead reversing it, in order to keep balance and peace within the Sun-Woo Clan, as there may be a conflict with her father and her ex.

It has been assumed that he has had quite an extensive history with Jin-Ie as a close friend who gave him for her father's hat.

The BreakerEdit

Ha-Ill Gang appeared along with Dae-San Han and Jin-Ie Kwon in front of Shi-Woon's hospital bed. Gyu-Bum Yi took them there to introduce them the new head of the Sun-Woo Clan while complimenting his spirit.[1]

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Heading Towards the Murim... the Boy's Splendid Debut!Edit

Ha-Ill is introduced along side "Big Mountain" Dae-San Han, arriving shortly after the fight between Mil-Yang Clan and Shi-Woon Yi had started. Along with Big Mountain, he fends off several attackers, starting with one cocky person who had claimed his strength was the top of the group, he smashes his head with his knee.[2]

Before being able to kill a number of them after single-handedly after beating them, Shi-Woon wakes up, telling him not to kill anyone. Irritated at his perspective of his enemies, Ha-Ill actually threatens to kill him, telling him that "letting off an unwanted future Headmaster can ease the current situation." Jin-Ie and Sera Kang successfully stops him, with the latter ordering her Clan to stop attacking, and to let them go. Before leaving after dropping Shi-Woon at his house, he then teases Jin-Ie about her growing attraction towards the boy, causing her to scold in intense fashion to deny such beliefs. At the car with Big Mountain, he then asks Ha-Ill about his feelings towards Jin-Ie, Ha-Ill responds claiming "no one is as interesting, as she is."[3]

After Jin-Ie runs away from the Sun-Woo Clan, Ha-Ill suddenly breaches into Shi-Woon's apartment, believing that he had caused her disappearance, only to be stopped by Sera, who arrives to tell him that she had received information during a "date", and that Jin-Ie is being chased by S.U.C. Hearing this, he goes to Elder Kwon for assistance, in which the latter greatly denies, instead, is angered that his granddaughter did not kill Shi-Woon like he told her to. With this, Ha-Ill is then enraged on the fact that he does not even care about his own granddaughter, thus, making him attack the elder. Instead, Elder Kwon's skills were too much, using a technique that knocked Ha-Ill away in powerful force to the point of losing consciousness.

Later, he wakes up much earlier than Elder Kwon anticipated, being in a car driven by Sera, who had escaped her confinement from Elder Kwon, now in pursuit to help Shi-Woon before Elder Kwon kills the future Headmaster himself. Now knowing that there is no other way to stop Elder Kwon's pursuits, he calls him, to tell him the truth about his "daughter breaking off Jang Gyul's marriage." With this, it has been revealed that he witnessed, as a child, Jang Gyul breaking off his marriage to Hae-Jin Kwon rather than the latter doing so. Hae-Jin Kwon ordered Ha Ill to never reveal this to Jae-Kyu Kwon as this would fracture the Sun-Woo clan. Despite shocking the elder of the truth, his efforts were apparently unsuccessful, though it did help the elder later on in his decision to keep Shi-Woon alive and help him instead. He is later seen with Sera who nursed him.

During Shi-Woon and Sera's peril against the S.U.C. Ha-Ill tried to stall time with Gyu-Bum or any of the Sun-Woo from learning of their situation, as that would get Ilwulmoon into trouble with the Sun-Woo, as asked by Sera to do the job. He would eventually give in.

While waiting for Shi-Woon and Jin-Ie to finish school, Ha-Ill is approached by a man who begins conversing casually with him. After some heated words, the two begin duelling after Ha-Ill is told the school is under attack by the S.U.C and he correctly guesses that the man is a member. The mysterious man is revealed to be Kwon-Young, the Western White Star of the Supernovas and a S.U.C Captain. As they fight Ha-Ill notices Jin-Ie in danger and saves her leaving her unconscious at a safe place. While fighting with Kwon-Young he gets injured in the leg but is saved by Jin-Ie who had just regained conciousness. He asks her to get to the School gate where members of the Sun-Woo Clan are supposed to be and he continues his fight with Kwon-Young after telling him that he will use some of the Sun-Woo Clan's swordsmanship. While they fight Shi-Woon breaks through a door and appears in their fighting place after being hit by Ryuji. Kwon-Young uses this chance to take him hostage seeing as he loses against Ha-Ill and Ha-Ill calls him a coward. He is the surprised at the attack-combo of Shi-Woon on the Supernova who is sent flying unconscious. Noticing something strange with Shi-Woon he gets closer and is attacked by Shi-Woon twice. He dodges the first but is hit by the second and is knocked out.[4]

Hae-Ill was seen among the members of Sun-Woo Clan, mourning over Jang Jeong-Il's death. [5]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Advanced Master Martial Artist (Sun-Woo Style): Ha-Ill is a very powerful martial artist and is considered a rookie expert that's been getting more attention since the fourth sage of the Sun-Woo clan. He possesses great agility and dexterity, and questionably remarkable stamina, as even Elder Kwon was surprised at his awakening after getting attacked by him. He has attained the nickname "Lightning Heel" as he is extremely fast using kicks that confuse and devastate his enemy. He utilizes his kicks to disable his opponent with the heel of his foot making it incapable for them to effectively react or use foot techniques. His strength is further demonstrated by the fact he can fight on equal ground with Kwon-Young, one of the Murim's Four Supernovas. With his second fight with Kwon-Young he was able to defeat him.


Swordsmanship (Sun-Woo Style): He knows swordsmanship of the Sun-Woo Clan's martial arts.[6]

  • Lightning Sword: A technique relying on a foothold from above to deliver a fast vertical sword strike.[7]


Friends and AlliesEdit

Though they generally not seem to get along with each other, he still holds onto the fact that they are old friends, .

  • Jin-Ie Kwon: The two seem to have an extensive bond with each other, having Ha-Ill actually act differently than he usually does in other situations, being depicted to be more playful around her, teasing her to extents that makes the young girl rage at him. He was close to Jin-le from the day they met due a close relationship with her mother. He is protective of the hat she gave him when she was younger.
  • Dae-San Han (Big Mountain): The two seem to get along, as they have been shown to fight alongside one another, and converse with each other.
  • Sera Kang: Sera helped Ha-Ill find and save Jin-Ie, while she under attack by S.U.C. She has even healed his injuries. Ha-Ill found a trustworthy ally within her.


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  • Although still young by many's standards he is one of the top 5 fighters in the Sun-Woo Clan
  • His hat is a memento given to him by someone special to him.  Because of this he takes great care of it even altering his fighting style to allow one hand to hold it on his head while fighting.


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