Gyu-Bum Yi
Gyu-Bum Yi
Korean 이기범
Romanized I Gyubeom
Nickname Southern Red Star
Sly Fox
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Sun-Woo Clan
Previous Affiliation Martial Arts Alliance
Occupation Sun-Woo Clan Retainer
Previous Occupation Unspecified Services Head in the Martial Arts Alliance
Personal Status
Master Min Sa-Oak

Jae-Kyu Kwon

Jang-Il Jeong (Former)

Status Active
Martial Arts
School Sun-Woo Clan
Fighting Style Sun-Woo Martial Arts
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 53 (The Breaker)

Chapter 1 (NW)

Gyu-Bum Yi is a retainer of the Sun-Woo Clan. He bears the title of Southern Red Star as a member of the Four Supernovas.


Gyu-Bum Yi is a man of average size and height. His appearance is at all times impeccable, much like his infamous slicked-back hair, and he is almost always seen sporting a pinstripe suit. Reserved and analytical, Gyu-Bum Yi has his eyes narrowed most of the times, most likely a byproduct of his cautious attitude. Finally, he is extremely polite and expressive, addressing everyone according to their proper titles, a trait that tends to surprise most that have passed premature judgment over this debonair member of the Sun Woo Clan.


Gyu-Bum usually is shown to be a polite person. He would usually be talking to people with honorifics and tend to talk them out of things before resorting fighting. However, if the situation calls for it his demeanor changes and he becomes very angry.

Gyu-Bum is also very loyal to the Sun-Woo Clan. When it was mentioned that the Martial Art Alliance lost So-Sul he immediately stopped working with them and notified the elders of the Sunwoo clan. He was willing to change his loyalty to Shi-Woon too when So-Sul ordered him to obey him, for he was then new Sun-Woo leader.


The BreakerEdit

Gyu-Bum first appears when Chun-Woo Han and Shi-Ho Lee come to the Koa Business Tower. He lets them pass but stops all other Murim-ins from entering.

When Shi-Woon Yi attempts to enter the tower, Gyu-Bum, uses Ascending Blue Dragon Strike and knocks him out. Shi-Woon blasts the door away and the two engage in a fight which is stopped after the arrival of Mun-Gi Ma, another of the Four Supernovas.

After Mun-Gi reveals that Lady So-Sul was taken by Goomoonryong, he helps Shi-Woon and uses his security clearance to take him to the floor where Chun-Woo and Shi-Ho were fighting. He also informs the Alliance Chief that because Lady So-Sul is no longer in the Alliance's care, he and the rest of the clan's retainers are not obligated to follow the Alliance's orders.

He joins the rest of the spectators on the Koa Business Tower's roof and watches the fight between Chun-Woo and the Alliance's Chief.

A few weeks after the fight, Gyu-Bum and other members of the Sun-Woo Clan, arrive at Shi-Woon's high school and as per Lady So-Sul's request recognize Shi-Woon as the new Sun-Woo Clan leader.

Yi Gyu-Bum was a devoted fan of Goomoonryong, and along with others tried to reform the Murim. After Goomoonryong disappeared, they became the targets of the Alliance's hatred. His martial arts school was apparently destroyed and he became a wanderer until he joined the Sun-Woo Clan.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Although Shi-Woon declines the leadership of the Sun-Woo Clan, a week later, Gyu-Bum visit's Shi-Woon at his school and warns him that his master's enemies might attack him and that he must come with him. Shi-Woon declines the help and leaves.

He keeps trying to convince Shi-Woon while at the same time assigning a secret protector to him. When Shi-Woon finally became the clan leader of the Sun-Woo Clan, Gyu-Bum became one of his personal protectors.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Gyu-Bum Yi Attacking A Helicoptor

Gyu-Bum attempting to retrieve Lady So-Sul.

Real Master Martial Artist (Sun-Woo Style): Gyu-Bum Yi is a a very powerful martial artist who can use a variety of formidable techniques. He is recognized in all of Murim as a member of the Supernovas, bearing the title of Southern Red Star. His strength makes him a top master in the Sun-Woo Clan. So Jung Chan, Heavenly Way School Master and leader of S.U.C., refers to him as a "monster". It is also hinted that, among the Supernovas, he is one of the strongest based on Mun-Gi Ma, who stated that with his skills he cannot defeat him, and Kwon-Young, who is eager to win against him hinting that he has lost in the past. Also recently he has shown the ability to fight on par and eventually force Ryuji, the strongest captain of the S.U.C., into the defensive (albeit the latter was unwilling to fight at the time)

Hightened Agility: Gyu-Bum has shown several times that he has super human agility. He has managed to jump onto the ceiling of the Koa Tower lobby and even onto a low flying helicoptor.


His fighting style is focused on the Sun-Woo Martial Arts:

  • Descending Thunder Fist (Nak Rwe Gwon): is a technique in which the practitioner jumps in the air and uses the height of a high surface to launch himself towards his opponent for a devastating punch.
  • Double Dragon Chain Dance (Yeon-Hwan Ssang-Yong-Moo): The practitioner kicks the target in the air and deals the opponent a multitude of devastating punches from multiple angles.[2]


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