Gijoo Song
Chapter 12
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Martial Arts Alliance
Song Clan
Occupation Song Clan Ganju (former)
Personal Status
Master Hak Jang Song
Status Deceased
Martial Arts
School Song Clan
Rank Advanced Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 7 (The Breaker)

Gijoo Song was the head of the Song Clan before being defeated by Goomoonryong. He was the first real Martial Artist that Chun-Woo faced in the series.


Gijoo Song is a man of average height with the feel of a "bad guy." He wears a suit without a tie and seems to be a fashion conscious individual. There is a diagonal scar across the left side of his lips that adds to his crazy demeanor and this demeanor is made stronger still by his high spiked hair.


He seems to be an all around hard person who invests all of his loyalty to his master. This slightly insane devotion pushes him so far that he is willing to forever cripple, or even kill himself to take revenge. However, he does have a soft spot, as he helped his fellow disciple Hyuntae pay his school fee.

He is remembered as the most troublesome disciple ever taken on by his master. His fellow disciple, Kang-Sung, is very worried about both Gijoo and Hyuntae.


The BreakerEdit

Soul-Crushing Strike

Goomoonryong's punch

Before rising to leadership in the Song Clan, he was just a street thug, until he soon met Hak Jang Song who took him in and made him his disciple. Gijoo viewed his past self as trash that his master took out of the alleys and made into a person. This act of compassion made him eternally grateful to his new master. After his masters death at the hands of Goomoonryong, Gijoo set out to take revenge on him by any means.

After constantly searching Gijoo finally finds and challenges a weakened Gomoonryong into a death match. Gijoo leads him to a building scheduled to be demolished. After arriving several floors up Gijoo reveals to Goomoonryong that he has planted bombs through the building and that they will explode in ten minutes. They begin to fight and at first Gijoo seems to outclass Goomoonryong due to his weakened body and lack of Ki, but eventually Goomoonryong realizes that Gijoo is not a true master of the Strong Metal Hand. With this and the reminder of his own motivation Goomoonryong feints around Gijoo and manages to deliver a devastating punch to his face.

Even with his possibly fatal wounds Gijoo uses Strong Metal Binding on Goomoonryong and a metal cable running through the building floor trapping them both. Goomoonryong is later revealed to have used the Focus Stomp to "cut" off Gijoo's arm and flee.

Abilities & TechniquesEdit

Abilities Edit

Advanced Master Martial Artist (Song Style): As the head of the Song Clan after the death of his former master, Hak Jang Song, Gijoo is a master at martial arts capable of taking on the likes of Goomoonryong (albeit he was severely weakened at the time). He also demonstrated enough skill to catch a Soul-Crushing Strike with his hand and using his quick reflexes to pacify the attack.[1]

Techniques Edit

  • Strong Metal Hand: He was able to achieve the 10th rank of Strong Metal Hand in a month. Though the method which he used to achieve this is dangerous, foregoing the strengthening drills normally used to make the hands capable of handling the stress brought on by the Strong Metal hand. Although he was never shown demonstrating the ability to tear steel plates he did seamlessly rake through concrete several times as well as performing Strong Metal Binding on a steel cable.[1]
    • Strong Metal Binding: Strong Metal Binding is described by Gijoo as "a last act of desperation" where the practitioner will not let go of what they have grasped even if killed.


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