Gale Wind Destruction Strike
[[GWDS attack|255px]]
Korean 게일 바람 파괴의 일격
Romanized Poong Cham-Myul Gyeok
Other Names Gale Annihilation Strike
School Black Heaven & Earth School
Classification Offensive
Type Internal
Execution Instantaneous
Style Ki Strike
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 101 (NW)

  Gale Wind Destruction Strike comes of the school of Black Heaven & Earth School.


It is a Ki-strike with a whirlwind like effect that sends the receiver of this technique flying while whirling around in a spiral pattern. A successful direct attack with this technique is supposed to make the internal organs explode ensuring the death of the target. According to Ryuji it is the strongest Ki-strike. It is one of the techniques that belong to the Black Heaven & Earth School's martial arts.

Known UsersEdit

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