Former Alliance Chief
Chapter 58
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Previous Affiliation Martial Arts Alliance
Previous Occupation Alliance Chief
Personal Status
Master Un-Wol's Master
Student Shi-Woon Yi
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Black Heaven & Earth School
Fighting Style Black Heaven and Earth Style
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 7 (The Breaker)

Chapter 139 (NW)

He was once the Chief of the Martial Arts Alliance during the The Breaker.


His stature is relatively short in comparison to people like Goomoonryong and Kang-Sung.  He has short and straight hair that seems to be gray or white but as there are no colored pictures this cannot be confirmed.  His style of dress is unlike many other Murim.  He is seen exclusively in some sort of traditional korean outfit consisting of hanbok like shirt, pants, and shoes with a patterened coat over it that hangs to his ankles.  


The F.A.C. does his best to maintain the guise of a kindly old master but when pressured he reveals a very different side of him, that of a jealous and vengeful fool. He does not care much about others feelings which has been clearly shown through his treatment of both of Un-Wol's disciples and has show no problem with lying to and about others.  He also seems to care little for his underlings as shown when he waited in safety while the rest of the Martial Arts Alliance risked, and in several cases gave, their lives. When came near attaining the Black Heaven and Earth Technique he grew impatient and gave up his facade in favor of force. In the end, all that counts to him is to get what he wants. He is willing to train Shi-Woon in Martial Arts to the rank that stand above Nine Arts Dragon.



Although little is know about his time as a martial arts student it is revealed that his master was the same as Un-Wol's. He holds a grudge against Un-Wol because of their master decision to pass the Black Heaven and Earth Technique to Un-Wol instead of him.Until becoming the Alliance Chief, not much is known of what he did, or how he even obtained the position.

When Un-Wol learned how to enter the Black Origin Threshold he was called by great martial arts masters of the Murim to present the technique in front of them. In the process of using the technique, Un-Wol killed all masters that were present. The Alliance Chief played some part in exiling Un-Wol in a cave forbidding him to ever leave or take a disciple. Un-Wol's student at that time, Ryuji, made a deal to bring the secrets of the school to the Chief in order to be allowed to see his master. However, Un-Wol never intended to teach him the Black Heaven and Earth Technique and thus Ryuji didn't hold the secrets of this technique only. Unfortunatly for Ryuji, the Chief's only intention was to take that technique.  As he didn't care about the anything else he broke the deal and chased Ryuji away telling him to find another school.

In later years, during the Shinmujengpe, Chun-Woo Han appeared and conquered the Nine Seats of Power. The masters that witnessed him along with the Chief went to the cave that Un-Wol was supposed to be to ask for an explanation since it was forbidden for him to take a disciple while in exile. That is when Chun-Woo arrived there, proud of attaining the title of Nine Arts Dragon. Taking advantage of the situation the Chief used Chun-Woo to threaten Un-Wol in order to get the information of the technique. However, Un-Wol committed suicide after revealing that Chun-Woo knows the technique. Chun-Woo managed to escape but the Chief kept looking for him since then.

Sometime between these events and the events of The Breaker the Chief took the current head of the Sun-Woo Clan, Jang So-Sul, into Alliance custody and began using her to control the Sun-Woo Clan.

The BreakerEdit

When Shi-Woon Yi started learning martial arts he came across So-Chun Hyuk and Jang Joonho who were looking for the Nine Arts Dragon, sent by the Chief, but Shi-Woon resisted them and was beaten brutally until Chun-Woo Han arrived to save him revealing himself again after many years. Information about these events were not given to the Chief but another search party discovered Alex and through him, found Chun-Woo Han. He was almost killed but was saved by Shi-Woon. Upon finding a connection between Chun-Woo and the Nine Dragons High School he personally went there to search and they discovered Shi-Woon. The chase started creating chaos in the Murim.

Seeing as the chase had no results, Chief decided to ignore Shi-Woon as his main target and by leaving only a small party after him, he passed false information that Shi-Woon was captured in order to lure Chun-Woo to him. Chun-Woon in the meantime entered the Alliance's building to provoke them resulting in the move of the Iron

The F.A.C. and some masters following his lead

Fist Munju who was killed in their fight.

Setting the "trap" in Koa Tower the Chief tried to lure Chun-Woo there while all masters were together. However, some of them (such as, Yae-Won, Te Ul and Jang-Mung Kwon) went to face Chun-Woo separate from the Alliance making the Chief uneasy. Chun-Woo new the info about Shi-Woon was false but went to the Koa Tower willingly. There he was set to fight in a room with all top martial artists of the Alliance and although he seemed to be doing well he was trying to protect Shi-Ho Lee who was with him. When the Chief was pleased to see the fight closing to an end Shi-Woon appeared and took them out. The Chief had put Gyu-Bum Yi in the door of the tower to prevent anyone from getting in. But since his was member of the Sun-Woo Clan, upon learning from Shi-Woon that So-Sul was no longer under their custody, he didn't have any obligation to obey the Alliance any longer and helped Shi-Woon reach his master.

The next phase of the trap was set on the rooftop. Using gas in the building to prevent them from healing, they pushed the three of them to the roof where the masters were wating along with the Chief. Unable to replenish his Ki, Chun-Woo was no match for the Chief alone. But when Shi-Ho transfered Ki from Shi-Woon to Chun-Woo the tides were going to change when Hyuntae injured Chun-Woo and later Shi-Ho twice with a gun. Using this chance the Chief said that he would allow them to take her to a hospital only if Chun-Woo were to give up and give the Black Heaven and Earth Technique to him. This is when So-Sul, Alex, Takeshi and Dimitri arrived via helicopter to rescue them. In the confusion of trying to escape Jung Lae Won shot Shi-Ho, under Kaiser's orders to make Chun-Woo enter the Black Origin Threshold.

The tides changed and no one could stop Chun-Woo who killed the other masters and was stopped by Samoonryong before he kills the Chief as well. After being brought back by Shi-Woon, Chun-Woo is hit by the Chief who was pretending to be unconscious. Using Shi-Woon as hostage he threaten Chun-Woo in order to take the technique he wanted all along. Chun-Woo, trying to avoid making Shi-Woon feel as he filled when he lost his master, he decided to hit the Chief through Shi-Woon and break his Ki-Center at the same time in order to get him out of the world of Murim. This fatally injured the Chief who begged for mercy before Chun-Woo tried to kill him with the Focus Stomp. The attack was redirected by Kang Sung but the fear of the attack left the chief in a "broken" state.

Per-New Waves Edit

After the events of KOA, He lost he the leadership of the alliance to Kang-Sung. He went into hibernation leaving everything to his successor and moving into the mountain to live waiting for he change to take back he rightful seat and getting Black Heaven & Earth School strongest technique Black Origin Threshold.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

He reappeared with Mun-Gi Ma talking about it whats been happening for the past couple of weeks since Chun-Woo attacked the Alliance. And how Kang-Sung has been holding thing since becoming Chief.

After the everts of Chun-Woo's attack against the people of Seoul and Martial Art Alliance and hearing the story of Shi-Woon's and Chun-Woo's fight. The former alliance chief later shows up rescuing Shi-Woon Yi from Jae-gal's assassination attempt and offering to teach him the Black Heaven and Earth Style Martial Arts.

Techniques and AbilitiesEdit


the F.A.C. uses a Ki-Strike against Chun-Woo


Real Master Martial Artist (Black Heaven and Earth Style): Even though his skills was never explained, the majority of his movements rely on redirecting his opponents movements and striking in the created opening. Even Chun-Woo is taken in by this maneuver albeit he was exhausted from fighting hundreds of masters of the alliance prior. He is a master of the highest level martial artist along with being a skilled politician serving as the Alliance Chief. He is the brother disciple of Un-Wol in the Black Heaven & Earth School before being expelled but didn't learn the strongest technique, the Black Origin Threshold. He is very confident in his skills to be able teach Shi-Woon the complete form of Black Heaven & Earth martial arts to become stronger then his former master, Goomoonryoung.


  • Soul-Crushing Strike: During the events on the Koa business tower the Alliance Chief revealed that he is capable of using it. His use of the technique is strong enough to repel Goomoonryoung's own Soul-Crushing Strike and break his left hand which also sent him reeling back.
  • Walking Techniques: During his rescue of Shi-Woon from Jae-gal's assassination attempt, the former alliance chief is shown to be able to appear out of nowhere and landed on Jae-gal's head to perform the focus stomp on him before any of the witnesses noticed him.
  • Focus Stomp: The practitioner uses one leg to stomp their target. The technique is capable of literally crushing concrete and cutting through flesh and bone. Unlike Chun-Woo and Shi-Woon, He knows the True Focus Stomp that belongs to Black Heaven & Earth Style.



  • Un-Wol (Deceased) He would banish him to live the rest of his life in a cave, after the massacre of the previous Martial Arts Alliance Members. He also had a hatred towards him as during their time of students under the same master. He was never tought the Black Heaven and Earth Technique.
  • Chun-Woo Han: He has greatly hated Chun-Woo for his displayed disrespect and for being the disciple of Un-Wol with the knowledge of the techinques of Black Heaven & Earth Style (Black Origin Threshold).



  • Shi-Woon Yi: In the beginning as Shi-Woon was the disciple of the Nine Arts Dragon, he was an enemy to the alliance chief. The chief would then order his forces to capture the boy believing him to be easily captured but was proven wrong until Kang-Sung stepped in. During the fight on the Koa Tower, the alliance chief would hold Shi-Woon hostage in an attempt to force his master to give up the Black Origin Threshold which failed. Later after Chun-Woo's attack on the martial arts alliance and Seoul along with Elder Kwon's death and funeral, the former chief returned and saved Shi-Woon from Jae-gal's attack and asked him to become his disciple and learn the Black Heaven and Earth martial arts to stand above his former master in skills. Though given the former chief's devious nature and power hungry attitude, this is most likely an attempt at gaining the power of the Black Origin Threshold that Shi-Woon now has in his possession however nothing decisive has been determined yet.


  • Kuhuhu . . . Waiting till the end was all worth it.
  • Are you ready to learn Hyun Won-Moon's arts and stand above the Nine Arts Dragon?