Focus Stomp
Korean 진원각
Romanized Jin-won-gak
Other Names Focus Step
Seismic Step
True Seismic Step
School Black Heaven & Earth School
Clan Song Clan
Classification Offensive
Type External
Execution Instantaneous
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 17
Part II Chapter 80

Focus Stomp (Jin-won-gak): Is a stomping technique that, when utilized by a master practitioner, is capable of cutting through flesh, bone, concrete, and stainless steel.


This technique comes from an unknown school and has been used by Chun-Woo HanKang-Sung and Shi-Woon. It focuses the three energies to the practitioner's source. The practitioner then focuses that concentrated energy through one's arteries to their feet. The technique can break an opponents bones upon contact with the kick.[1]


True Seismic Step Edit

The True Seismic Step is a more focus step in a point of a opponents body point.

Double Focus StompEdit

While fighting in the Koa Tower Chun-Woo used the Focus Stomp with both of his feet at once while standing on an opponents shoulders.  Needless to say it decimated his opponent.  It is unknown if this is a technique that Chun-Woo developed or if it is a further step in the Focus Stomp Technique.

Focus Stomp & Rupture Point StrikeEdit

The Rupture Point Strike is actually the same technique as Focus Stomp. It had the same Kanji in the original. When translating to English however the technique that Shi-Woon Yi utilized was named Rupture Point Strike. This might originate from the large swing Shi-Woon used before performing Focus Stomp to break Cool Guy's hand.

Known UsersEdit

  • Chun-Woo Han used this technique on Gijoo Song's left hand to desperately escape Gijoo's Strong Metal Binding and to kill the Former Chief of the Martial Arts Alliance.
  • Kang-Sung demonstrated the technique.[2] He later used it to divert Chun-Woo's attempt on the Former Alliance Chief's life.
  • Jae-Kyu Kwon perhaps used a similar stomping technique or the same focus stomp when he landed on Ji-Woo Li's convertible car door that tore it off and sent it spiraling towards the edge of a tunnel entrance during their fight a few seconds after landing on it. It's much similar to the way the Former Alliance Chief used the True Seismic Step where Elder Kwon steps on his target and stomp on it after a few seconds.
  • Shi-Woon Yi uses this technique in conjuncture with an axe kick. When he used it against Yong-Hyun Yan it was not as strong as when performed by Kang-Sung and Chun-Woo Han. However, it was strong enough to break Yong-Hyun's hand even through his special gauntlet.[1] Recently, Shi-Woon used this technique in his fight with Jung Lae Won . While Jung managed to dodge the attack, it seems to have become more powerful as it left an Impact crater about half a meter in diameter and a fourth of a meter deep in the ground. [3]
  • The Former Alliance Chief used a Black Heaven and Earth version that he states is the true version of the technique to save Shi-Woon from Jae-gal's assassination attempt which also killed the latter and destroyed the concrete ground they were on while on top of his head.


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