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  • So-Chun Hyuk with four of Five Protectors
  • All Five Protectors.
  • The Protectors Three-Walled Trap Formation


Five Protectors: (Ho Bup, literally meaning Five Protection Methods) is a group of five martial artists that are part of the Heavenly Way School.


One of the members (the chubby man) blocked the people who were trying to approach So-Chun Hyuk in the Diamond Hall of The Westin Chosun; an formal Martial Arts Alliance's meeting.[1].


They excel in using their ability to fight together to take out opponents using Strategic Formations (Jin-Shik): methods of either offense or defence, using a set number of people under a certain strategy I.e. a trap.[2]

  • Three-Walled Trap Formation (5am-byuk-Gyul-geum): One of the deployment skills of the Heavenly Way School.[2]
  • Suprasternal Notch (Jugular Notch):

They are all capable martial artists being able to fight Chun-Woo Han while he was in the Black Origin Threshold.

Known MembersEdit

The group consists of a large, chubby man, two light haired men, a man with dark short cut hair and a beard, and a woman who has her hair tied up.[2]


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