Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation S.U.C.
Occupation S.U.C. Soldier
Personal Status
Status Alive
Martial Arts
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 27 (NW)[1]

Fattie is a member of S.U.C.


Fattie is fairly large obese guy. He wears a dark buttoned shirt and wears glasses. His hair is long and somewhat shaggy and he has a very pig like nose.


He has a very arrogant and proud personality, which lead to his downfall by Shi-Woon Yi's hands.


After hearing of Shi-Woon's victory against Ji-Gun Yoo, the S.U.C. sent him as a scout to capture him so he could fight one of their members. However, Shi-Woon was able to trick him to open the shed he was being kept in. After a brief chase Shi-Woon, remembering his master teaching him strategy and the Soul-Crushing Strike, was able to use his own weight against him, to defeat him with a single punch.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Gravity Pressure Sphere

Gravity Pressure Sphere

Gravity Pressure Sphere: Using his massive weight, he forms a body slam with the force of 0.1 ton. He is able to do this repeatedly without losing momentum.


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