Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Black Forest Defence
Personal Status
Status Active
Martial Arts
Fighting Style Hand-to-Hand
Rank Pracitioner
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 43 (The Breaker)

Dimitri is a member of the Black Forest Defence. He is confirmed to be Russian when he warned his partner, Takeshi, of danger when the Alliance Chief attacked.


Dimitri is a tall muscular man with sunken eyes and, for the most part, and expressionless face.  His exact measurements are unknown but he is show to be at least a head taller than Chun-Woo Han and with significantly more mass.  He has thick eye-brows and a short scruffy beard. His hair is cut short and spiked on top with the sides shaved down.  He also has a stray lock of hair at the front that is surprisingly long hanging down past his eyes.  His dress so far has been practicable work clothes consisting of boots, cargo pants, a tank top, and gloves.  


He is a calm person and does not act recklessly always analysing the situation in order to make the right movement. He was calm enough to hold Takeshi back from attacking Chun-Woo since he knew that Takeshi had no chance from winning. He seems to be the voice of reason between him and Takeshi. He convinced Chun-Woo Han to retreat from a serious confrontation with Kang-Sung, saying that there's always another day.


The BreakerEdit

Death Fight...!! A firm commitment for someone special!Edit

While Shi-Woon was chased by the Martial Arts Alliance and Chun-Woo, Shi-Ho and Alex were waiting for the boat from the Black Forest Defence, Dimitri appeared along with Takeshi to escort them. He stayed silent listening to Takeshi informing the others about Shi-Woon Yi and stopped him before he attacks to Chun-Woo after Chun-Woo kicked him.[1]

He reappears during the fight with the Martial Arts Alliance. He came along with Takeshi, Alex and So-Sul with a helicopter to rescue Shi-Woon, Chun-Woo and Shi-Ho.[2] 

They tried to slow down the former chief while Chun-Woo would take Shi-Ho to the helicopter. Although Shi-Ho was shot by a sniper. After Chun-Woo came back to his senses they left leaving Shi-Ho behind.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

Hand-to-hand Martial Artist: While trying to slow down the former chief he showed a fist attack. Although the attack did not find its target it is clear that his style is hand-to-hand.[2]


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