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Dae-San Han
Dae-San Han
Korean 한대산
Nickname Big Mountain
Immovable Steel Wall
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim, Sun-Woo Clan
Occupation Sun-Woo Clan Retainer
Personal Status
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Sun-Woo Clan
Fighting Style Sun-Woo Martial Arts
Rank Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 69 (The Breaker)
Chapter 24 (NW)

Dae-San Han is a member of the Sun-Woo Clan.


Due to his size, he is nicknamed "Big Mountain" and "Immovable Steel Wall". He has medium-length wavy hair and wears dark sunglasses.


Dae-San tells people that he can not hold back when he is fighting. Telling them that he is sorry if he hurts them to much.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

S.U.C... a New Power That Defies the Murim World's Order Makes Its Appearance!!Edit

Dae-San Han is first introduced confronting members of the Mil-Yang Clan, who were trying to escape. As Jin-Ie Kwon seemed happy to see him, he tells her he's late and cleaning up outside was a pain. As the Mil-Yang Clan question if their allies have perished. Dae-San tells them he couldn't hold back, so they could be dying. A Mil-Yang Clan member then runs towards, and attempts to strike him, Dae-San grabs his hand, stopping his attack. Dae-San then grabs him by the face, lifts him up and begins to crush his face, breaking his mask in the process. After crushing him, he drops him then apologies as he couldn't hold back again.[1]

After the fight with the Mil-Yang Clan is over. He takes the liberty driving his fellow clan members home.[2] After dropping Shi-Woon Yi home, Jin-Ie thanks him for saving them. After leaving Jin-Ie with Shi-Woon, and returning back to his car. He asks Ha-Ill Gang if that is ok. Ha-Ill then asks him what about. Dae-San tells him he's worried about Jin-Ie. Ha-Ill claims off course he is, as there's not a person interesting as she is.[3]

Better to Die Here and Now Than to Leave Behind my Friend and Escape!!Edit

Dae-San Han later comes to the aid of Sera Kang, taking out a man stood up in the room, were she was being held. Entering the room Sera says, she had been expecting him. After leaving the room Sera informs him, she had asked to her subordinates’ to contact him, if she didn't contact them within a pre-arranged time. Asking him to hurry, as she worries about Shi-Woon Yi’s fate, Dae-San tells her it's useless. He explains Elder Kwon is the Sun-Woo Clan's highest master regardless of who goes after him, so it'd be hopeless to try and stop him. Sera questions about Elder Kwon planning to kill Shi-Woon. Telling her if that's his intention then he'll die, and suggests there may be a way to convince him otherwise. After informing her of the clans complicated past, a man approaches him questioning what's going on, as he's acting independently when the clan elders aren't present, which is an act of treachery against the clan. Dae-San then passes his car keys to Sera, telling her he left his car by the exit. Saying he'll handle it, he suggests for her to escape on her own. When two men go the peruse Sera, Dae-San takes them both out with a strike, claiming it's hard for him to hold back his strength. Telling everyone it'll be alright as long as they stay put and go no further, he asks them to relax.[4]

Dae-San Han is seen in a car park, approaching Gyu-Bum Yi. After doing so he tells him he's done well, as he didn't want to send him out without saying thanks for everything he has done. When Gyu-Bum says he must leave, he tells Dae-San he'll leave the Sun-Woo Clan in his care until he returns. Bidding him farewell, he tells Gyu-Bum to take care.[5]

Techniques and AbilitiesEdit


Inhuman Strength: Dae-San is a powerful martial artist known for his great strength. He is able to easily lift a full grown man off the floor with one hand. He often apologizes for his lack of restraint when he fights against his adversaries.

Master Martial Artist (Sun-Woo Style):


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