Cry of the Phoenix
Cry of the Phoenix
Romanized Bong Hwang Hu
School Unknown
Clan Unknown
Organization Unknown
Classification Offensive
Type External
Execution Instantaneous
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 63
Part II Chapter 191

Cry of the Phoenix (Bong Hwang Hu) is a sound technique used by Goomoonryong and his disciple, Shi-Woon. It is the only known sound technique so far. This may speak to the difficulty of using them or simply to the small amount of the Murim world we have seen so far in the series


The specifics to this technique are never discussed but it seems to be, essentially, a scream loosed with little or no preparation. The mind set of the user could be a condition as Goomoonryong was enraged over Shi-Ho's apparent death when he let it loose and Shi-Woon instinctively used it when he was distraught over Elder Kwon's death. It can be assumed that it requires Ki circulation around the respiratory system. This is shown when both users subconsciously gathered a large amount of Ki towards the area of their lungs before screaming towards the sky to unleash the gathered Ki as an enormous shock wave.


When used it sends out a shock wave that is capable of shaking nearby helicopters and shattering glass windows and solid concrete. It also caused many Murim of varied degrees of power, including masters, great discomfort causing many to even cover their ears in pain. 

Known UsersEdit


  • Both of Chun-Woo Han and Shi-Woon used the technique after witnessing the death of someone important to them as a sign of their overwhelming grief and entered the Black Origin Threshold after using it.
  • Both of them had also undergone the Black Origin Threshold that made them almost unrecognizable immediately afterwards similar to how the Phoenix is reborned from its ashes.
    • Kaiser commented that both Goomoonryong and Shi-Woon were reborn as Demon Kings when they used this technique thus further emphasizing the reference to the Phoenix.
    • Shi-Woon's body was wreathed in Ki taking the form of flames after using this technique and activating Black Origin Threshold that led the Black Forest Defence to believe that he was on fire which greatly emulates the reference of the Phoenix's rebirth.



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